What was Sup Forums's favorite Urusei Yatsura episode?

What was Sup Forums's favorite Urusei Yatsura episode?

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>implying nu-Sup Forums has seen anything older than 2007

>That's not DB or Bebop.

IDK I'm on episode 24. and most of the last 5-10 episodes I've watched have been pretty bad. I keep seeing clips of the show that looks great, but It seems like I have been in a rough patch. Episode 1 still stands out the most to me.

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Summer Christmas Party was possibly one of the funniest.

haha, this.
Personally I watch all of my anime through crunchyroll.
I do wish they added some 80-90s anime, i see some recommendations on the MAL forums for shows that look like these ( i dont know their names), really wish i could watch them tho

The show only starts having a budget starting from eps 40 or 50. You'll start noticing Oshii's touch then, too.

Among the first batch, episode 10 really stands out as something amazing.

>it's a "Lum vaporized the jews who gave her darling a high interest loan" episode
Geez, I guess the japs never really left the 40's...

Either episode 10 or that one where they are on the island and try to drive Ataru insane.

the first becasue i still had hope that itd improve.

106: Ataru explains his love for Lum, and saves her with the help of his friends. Mendou does everything in his power to stop him.

Special mention to: After you've gone, the ghost girl episode, christmas episode and the last episode of the anime.

You don't decide what stands out, retard.



You don't need any context.



Cow episode mom episode and ghost girl episode are pretty good also an underrated one is when lum forgets how to speak japanese


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