FLCL seasons 2 and 3 will be called FLCL: Progressive and FLCL: Alternative

FLCL seasons 2 and 3 will be called FLCL: Progressive and FLCL: Alternative
We SAO now, boys

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Any more info? Because that's not saying much.

Just what I wanted, a "progressive" Americanized sequel to FLCL.

Should've called it uneeded and redundant

More info at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo on April 6th


So, the pillows are going to play progressive rock in one, and alternative rock in the other?

That's what I thought too.

I can only imagine how badly they will fuck this up.

Can't be much worse than Diebuster.


it's not the pillows who'll fuck up this shitshow

Honestly, I think it can.


>Japs catering to US SJWs or politics
I highly doubt it

REALLY apprehensive about these sequels. Where can the story even go? To space with pirates and stuff? That doesn't seem like FLCL to me.

from what i gathered, season 2 will focus on a new female MC, s3 will have everything and everyone

>April 6th is only more info
>They showed the trailer in july of 2017

Why the fuck they did even bother if the anime is not released in march, i bet they already have the whole season ready

Pic related is the MC of season 2, complete with meme headphones.

>female MC
>Cat ears
ohhhh no no no. So were going to get lots of pussy innuendo instead of dick innuendo. That art style doesn't look like anything special either.

>Adult Swim
>making anime
Dead in the water, boys.

How do you go from this
to this?

Western producers.
This is the beginning of the end.

It's not 2000 anymore, damn shame too because I like the old artstyle

it would be cool if the artstyle changed to the old one as the story progresses but obv that would never happen.

I'm glad I expected nothing. That artstyle is stale as fuck.

>co-produced by adult swim

They were also involved in Space Dandy and Space Dandy was great.

i thought they just simulcasted it

The artstyle is what really kills me. It looks like any other fucking anime this season.
Compared to pic related.
I'm just hyped for more Pillows. Hope they play some of their older stuff.

Just realized this is Lupin reference.

Diebuster was great, you pleb.

This looks like something crapped out by A-1.
The blandness, it burns.

Alright, just reajusted my expectations after seeing the art, I just hope to be pleasantly surprised now but i don't expect anything of value
Some new stuff from The Pillows would be nice though

how the hell did you miss that? Kamon even mentions the red and green jackets.

This truly made me sad

what a mess. She kinda looks like she's drawn in Sadamoto's style but not the style used for FLCL. Haruko still looks the same which is even dumber.

I think those titles are fine as long as they're references to rock.

I didn't think of that, that sounds much cooler now

Just like "Netflix Originals"

they should call it: FLCL: Nostalgia Cashgrab Season 1 and 2 instead

>it would be cool if the artstyle changed to the old one as the story progresses
That would literally be groundbreaking.

season 3 will also have a different cast

Why this long of a torture?