Cakes only

cakes only.

motherfucking lolicons not enjoying cakes



>has a daughter


What if the daughter is a clone?

Is this what they mean by having your cake and eating it too?



Demi-chan I believe.

Fucking witchcraft.

>people still don't get that asking for source is against the rules


Satou-sensei is the best cake in the bakery.

That looks fuckin gross

nice, you're fitting in and gatekeeping and a valued member of the tribe

Its more about not being retarded, any of the available image search engines would have answered the question.

Oh, it's this thread again.


Hebe lesbianism shouldn't count.

fucking newfags, here's a cake teacher with a lesson just for you

well i cant argue with that


We need more cakes winning.



Watching this gave me diabetes. White chocolate is disgusting.



you faggot have made me feel sorry for them

my new favorite cake at the moment

Things are progressing well for them


japan must be really gay if she can't find a guy

Reminder to brush you're cake's tongue.

valentines day soon, fellow cake enthusiasts,

Shes not a cake, cakes are 30+ years old.

do you even know why they're called cakes

>cakes are 30+ years old
They are 26 and over.

I believe you don't know why they are called christmas cakes

Would you anons accept a broken cake?

>They are 26 and over.
She isn't one then.

since I am so desperate, I would accept almost everything


Yes, because I'm broken too, you just can't see it on the outside.

Sometimes, going for wizardry is the better choice.

I want to hold those claws.

Soon. Maybe.



I got stalked by a woman in her late 20s when I was a teen. I met her when she was a supervisor at a summer camp I went to and later kept wanting to meet up with me, pried me with alcohol, visited me at school, came to some parties my friends organised (my idiot friends allowed her to come because she brought alcohol). She was from some insane broken home of trashy alcoholics but seemed normal enough at first glance. Eventually my father made a big fuss and got her to fuck off.

Now I'm about her age back then and feel lonely.

Dumb senpai doesn't have a chance at MC-kun's cock.

Hey look, we got up to 50 posts before a 3DPD blogfag showed up. Improvement? I think so.

should have let her get you drunk and molested when you had the chance.

I want to become her arms and legs~

>still gives him a (you)

Is anyone translating this? It's cute as fuck

Did you fuck?

woah too far past expiration date. throw out.

>you will never be able to hold her hand

Fuck this gay earth.

I'd let her ride my broomstick
while the cat watches
the later is the important part

>manga has b-plot about cake falling in love with a teenager
>she ends up getting impregnated by him


>how to create cake
>ingredients : cake

This is your cake for tonight.

Jesus Christ


I want to fuck this cake.

Japan is dysfunctional society.



lol. sure you could say that but the west is like 1000x more disfunctional at the moment with all the gender and race stuff.

I wish I were 25 again.


>married centuries ago
>has "loving" grandaughter who works with her
>great grand children on the way
>bonus: weak to cakes and sweet things

Nourin's depiction of cake sensei was pretty spot on and hard hitting.

Pic unrelated, that's no cake

*cake sensei bekki (same voice actor as becky from pani poni dash....)
The one surprise about it was that she never managed to get knocked up by at least one of her pupils considering her thirsty personality...

who's that?

Can I trade that cake in for another? Not that there's anything wrong about that one,
I just have different tastes.

Lmao just buy a white chocolate bar. So disgusting.