Toji no Miko

>Origami faction is preparing godzilla 2.0 and drugged up super soldiers
>Mokusa faction can casually call up submarines and probably has US backing
Are we going to see all-out war by the end of this show?

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>Are we going to see all-out war by the end of this show?
I'd be fine with this.

Wasn’t the US also cooperating with Yukari? Maybe the US is playing both sides to weaken them internally for them to swoop in and steal all the tech for themselves

Which actually sounds like something we__ would do.

I want to be Yume's girlfriend and go on a date with her...

Japan's gonna get MANIFEST DESTINY'D.

>Are we going to see all-out war by the end of this show?
Yes, and it will be a slideshow.

>the game being about Aradama is just a ruse
>its actually WW3 simulator

>best girl is on the screens in the background because she's actually the real big bad

>darkest hour
>heroine decides to use her desperate ultimate technique
>it's a punch to the gut with her free hand in the middle of a sword fight

Every development in this show is too good, especially given its pedigree and origins as a mobage promotion.

Speaking of Yukari, I wonder what the other Origami family members are up to. If it's just her left their family line is in trouble.
Indeed, it's nice to see the show twisting so many expectations. There's more to each character than what you see on the surface. Except Hiyori I guess, she's a chestlet.

>Except Hiyori I guess, she's a chestlet
She still has a chance to grow!!

>She still has a chance to grow!!
No, Hiyori is perfect.

Nope, Nene knows her chest is barren land.

>final battle
>Ellen finds a message from her grandfather about a secret weapon
>it's an assault rifle with an okatana bayonet

>okatana rifle shoots miniature okatana bullets

>it's a fucking gunblade

Whatever happens just don't have it be a arrogant gajin squads that comes to kill tojis.
I'd prefer evil aradama lolis and cakes as the villains.

>I wonder what the other Origami family members are up to
Manipulating Japan's banks and government for the sole purpose of GREATER NIPPON.

The 4koma makes her and the elites so cute that I can't think of them as being evils at all.

Civil War soon.

>tfw Yomi is the only one who hasn't appeared in a 4koma yet

It's the power of chibis, it's won you over completely.

Yomi confirmed to die.

Yomi ;_;

It's especially true for Yukari.

kanami vs yukari

I don't think Yukari will be the final boss. It's more likely to be that goop she was talking to.

the goop is going to be the metal gear excelsious youll think its the final boss but yukari will take all the noro in and go


Is that a Britbong I see?

>all-out war
That implies someone might die, and I think it's pretty clear nobody is going to die in this series.

The faceless mooks can die (and have already died, in episode 1) instead of tojis. At the very least, they're not afraid of crippling girls.

Mobage promotions always have high potential for being fun, like promotions for other things (cars, card games, etc.) because they have the freedom to do their own story without worrying about having to sell, with still some form of control.

>The faceless mooks can die (and have already died, in episode 1) instead of tojis.
Did they actually die, or just get scattered like the idiot rubber men they dress as?

>At the very least, they're not afraid of crippling girls.
She'll recover. No consequences alowed.


nope just a renpu autist

I want Kanami to crush my skull with her fat thighs.

Nope just a barbarian

I like how the bullying isn't one-sided with these two. I wish the game would release already.

Why is none of these things fucking translated?
Aren't there any translators and editors interested in tojis?


What the fuck is that kitchen knife?

The name is Renge Hudou Teruhiro. I can't find anything about it though.

in the game trailer/opening it seemed like a support-type, casting a spell or whatever the toji equivalent is

Irrelevant swords for Irrelevant girls.

The game is where all the money will be made so they aren't irrelevant.

DOJI no Miko.

No bully

Who are the people on the left?

Irrelevant merchandise characters.

Will they be in the show?

They are in the show.

Will you be in the show? I do so like the show.

Kanami has that goddamn TANOSHII face on by default every goddamn minute of the day I'm surprised she hasn't actually murdered anyone yet.

If you kill them, you can't BATORU them again.

If they are so weak that they die, they aren't worthy of repeat battoru.

What's with the knife fiddlers?

She should pick up Ellen kicking habits. Those thighs would bend steel beams

Why is she so fucking thick lookat those fucking legs holy shit

I like Kanami's thighs.


Her calfs are preety good too

Look at the size of those calfs

Can a scythe be a toji?

We'll probably get one down the line, her being dumb and being paired with a yoyo one is not a guarantee tough

No, only a sword can.

Scythes are just curved swords

I had really high hopes for this show, but it is becomming more and more clear that it will be yet another power of friendship, nobody ever dies show.
I mean... I like the bird and all, but they should have killed her.
Also, Nene can fuck right off. Mascot characters are probably the worst thing in anime.

>they should have killed her.
And bring wrath of Origami on themselves? Or even worse, public opinion.
They are wanted for attempted murder. After killing bird, they will be wanted for real murder. Even if bird was over-juiced.

Dumb little girls useless without their swords. I bet they would act like babies without their pacifier if I took their swords away. They don't deserve such nice swords anyway.

Ellen was quite capable without her sword.

>And bring wrath of Origami on themselves?
What? They already have that. They are not just wanted for attempted murder. They are wanted for raising their swords on my wife Yukari, which has a death sentence on it's own. Nevermind the fact that they are also members of the rebel faction and opposition to Origami.

Just watch. Not a single person will die in this show. Even if they beat Yukari, it will end by them showing her mercy and that will magically make her change her mind and become a good person for no reason.

>I bet they would act like babies without their pacifier if I took their swords away.
No bulli.

I want to give her cookies


Nah. Yukari will sacrifice herself to help them take down the final bad.

Also her cellphone

Did you mix your special sauce in them?

>I bet they would act like babies without their pacifier if I took their swords away
Katanagatari: Rape-Victim Sword Temple OVA when?

Damn, she looks fun. I'm disappointed she'll only be in a game I'll never get to play.

If Hiyoyon's cause is just, how come her chest is flat?

>Yukari and the rest of the Origami fucks are filthy, disgusting, abhorrent abominations full of Aradama
>no let's totally keep them alive they're all as cute and as much of a threat as Nene
Totally makes sense user. Suffer not the Aradama to live.

Flat is justice.

Flat is justice.

Speaking of which, what kind of fucked up laws does their japan have where they can summarily execute a person for attacking the old hag without due process.

Going against the state is haram.

I want Yume to strangle Kanami between her small thighs and mock her for losing despite the size difference!

I can't wait to see Yume absolutely lose it during a fight. I also can't wait for Yume to stomp on my balls until I ejaculate blood and cum.

The sword association is given a lot of freedom as they are the only means of neutralizing the aradama threat. It's basically a parallel government, as evidenced by their direct collaboration with foreign military. They're essentially exempt from the normal civilian government law.
Of course, there's also a non-zero possibility that she's being hyperbolic there. No one has died in the show, nor has there been any mention of others being executed for crimes against the Origamis.

Mihono is the best, just the best.


Do no bully the side girls.

Only thing they're good for.

She looks adorable.

So Heijou is full of dorks?

Cute sword Yukiho.

Is she a yuri fangirl?

Which Miko's pee would you drink?
I would Hiyori's.

Why is she called a barbarian?