What was she thinking, Sup Forums?

was it soemthing along hte lines of "lmao, who gives a fuck if hiro dies, it just means he's a worthless pussy" or something more serious?

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She sees weakness. She doesn't like weakness. She doesn't give the same look to Hiro.

I'm pretty sure she see the act of worrying as a weakness. She's already gone on a few times about how weak people are a burden so seeing so many of them worry probably makes her feel disdain towards them

She's disparaging Ichigo's lack of faith in Hiro.

Then later

>lol bet that hurts like hell huh? lmao sure you don't wanna bitch out?

She's thinking about how cute Hiro will be when his transformation is complete

is hero the bottom of their franxx?

Ichigo said they needed Strelitzia though. She was staring at Goro.

She wanted to make sure he had faith in himself and her too.
Fuck you're right; I got that scene mixed up with the one later in the episode where 015 confronts her and asks if she'll suck him dry.

>b-but she likes Hiro
My sides

The fatty and Kokoro are really cute together.

Too bad To Aru Hikuushi e no Koi Uta taught me that no fat guy can score a cute girl and live


He doesn't have faith, dying from this is better than living being bored according to him. It's just something to do.

I don't think that the reckless emotion he displayed in episode 4 manifested from a mere evaluation of his potential boredom.

Fatty will be fine.
Goro's the one tripping death flags left and right.

>yfw hiro was a false flag by trigger and after he dies next episode it will turn into a story about Ichigo hunting down and killing oni kill la kill style

How hard will she be cucked Sup Forums?

Well, do you?

It's a shit test. All you losers would fail hard.

Well, as → pointed: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedgehog's_dilemma

She does fear for him, but consider showing it a weakness.

She is faking it. She wants the PTSD dick.

>to goro

I will if she kills Goro.

I swear to god, I will buy a plane ticket to Nipville and cuck the entire production team if that happens.


You better get prepared.
The way it is going, Goro is destined to die.

"The only one I see is when I take off my pants."

Hiro dies next episode, ichigo/beta boy spend rest of cour trying to kill 02 and go rogue, rest of the parasites start to revolt as well after having seen the destruction and recklessness caused by 02. turns into a full-on revolution