The Wind Rises

I just marathoned this Sup Forums. What did I expect?

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What did your wife's son think?

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>marathoned a film

What was this about? I don't remember if I've watched this or not.

Some of the ghibli films kind of blend together.

he needs to eat more fruit

He killed millions.


To save gorillions


Propaganda bullshit


I like how Anno voiced the main character.

It was a bit weird

I wonder, has Miyazaki seen evangelion?
Him and Anno seem to be best friends

damn i wish i could read this

But he failed

Miyazaki doesn't watch anything, he probably just watched trees blowing in the wind and planes taking off for entertainment since the 1970s

>the scene where he holds his wifes hand while hes working just so he could make her happy

He's gonna die making making his movies

I believe I read that he has.

It pissed me to learn thst the whole tuberculosis thing was false.

>t pissed me to learn thst the whole tuberculosis thing was false.

Wasn't it true? it's just that it was his fiance and never his wife.

How the fuck do you marathon a movie?

Watching it without taking piss breaks.

the story is only half true it's also based on a fictional novel "the wind has risen"
there are a bunch of other changes to make it more dramatic as well

>It pissed me to learn thst the whole tuberculosis thing was false.
Wait, what? I thought Naoko died because of her declining health. Am I remembering the film wrong?

Hello r*ddit!



Is there a story behind Anno getting the role instead of a proper seiyuu? Does Miyazaki owe him a gambling debt?

Anno hijacked studio ghibli.

Watch that Miyazaki documentary for more on that but yeah. Literally picked because so beta. Also can't act.


In Kingdom of Dreams and Madness documentary it shows Miyazaki coming up with the idea. He wanted someone that sounded nerdy and introverted or something like that and Anno was the first one that came to mind

He didn't want a proper voice actor because he felt they wouldn't sound authentic enough

i cried on this movie.. i dont know why.. it just hurts for me too see her wife suffering

miyazaki would have made a great kamikaze

I cannot fucking believe that a movie about pro Nazi Japan is loved let alone got approved as ok to make.


It has a very pacifist tone overall.

>no one has made a ‘The Fire Rises’ of that picture with Bane and the plane he crashed with no survivors
It feels like unfinished Banepostibg business, even if the meme is mostly dead.

The war isn't really the focus, actually you don't see any of that until the very end and it doesn't take sides. Miyazaki still got in trouble with the government over it though
that dumb meme will never die

It was shit, too little blame put on Japan.

It's not a pro-facist movie. It's about how a militaristic fascist government is so powerful that everyone under it is complicit and anything it produces will be part of that war effort.

Miyazaki said when he was younger he used to argue with his dad, because he had ran a plane factory during the war. But as he got older, he realised that had he been born just ten years earlier he wouldn't have the luxury of being able to be anti-war, but would have been a good fascist-youth (the Japanese Hitler youth, basically).
I think that's what the movie is saying. All the planes built during that period are doomed to be war planes. Should Jiro still pursue his dream of being a plane designer even if those are the only planes in demand? Do we need to fight against the big movements in society or surrender to them and put our own dreams first?

>He dindu nuffin! The animation

Every other designer of military equipment who has ever lived is not held responsible for anything, only this guy. Why?

he killed millions, that's why

because he's the only one normies know about. It's mostly a joke/meme anyway