One Piece

Nami is a miracle of the universe..
A Goddess, Angel and a Princess

Luffy's queen

I agree 100%

Wake me up when Katakuri wins and becomes buddies with Luffy.

Is Momo the only character Luna and Sana shippers would cooperate together again?

Will we get a Hancock flashback next week?

pls no. I'd rather just focus on fight and cacao rather than another flashback

I knew that was going to trigger you.

Did it?

Will we get cover stories with her trying to find a new husband or will she just show up being married?

Was the hype worth it?

Why would anyone ship Nami with Luffy?
She is a cunt and doesn't deserve him.

Self inserts as Luffy.
Or normies who just ship the main hero with main heroine. They give the best salt though so it's all good. We will win in the end

t. luffy

Nami is a slut

>hasn't been shown to sleep with anyone
>a slut



Where was Namie in the actual special Opening? It was just a shit clip show reminding me of all the bad parts of the first half of this arc.

In two weeks it will be.

LITERALLY nami with lipstick


This. The only person that has been nside Nami is Sanji

LITERALLY FLAT nami with lipstick

But the anime is on break in 2 weeks?

LITERALLY who is this?

Then 3 weeks after the Bege episode.
We gonna get pic related.

so a month from now

who cares

Which Nami pretty much hated

Artist who sings the current Opening.

That's just Luffy saying someone must have balls to marry her. Which Luffy does and showed it to everyone two arcs later. Lanji on the other hand doesn't even have the balls to fight a woman. You just played yourself.

lmao do we need to go through this again user? Last time you got btfo pretty hard

Luffy said this because he knows she is crazy and he doesnt like that. Sanji is the only one who actually likes her and he will get her EoS.

>thinking either of the two will end up with her

0% chance for either. You're both stupid

Muh first girl. Good thing there will be no romance between the SHs, so two shit pairings will never be (LuNa and SaNa).

>Nami is a miracle of the universe..
>A Goddess, Angel and a Princess
But does she know why kids love the sweet taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Law is already Luffy's edgy buddy so Katakuri will remain on the respectful rival level I believe.

That LuNa nigger is a nigger so his iq is low user. He will never understand.
He thinks the white MAN is holding him down

>implying barto doesn't like her
>implying the entire crew didn't get nosebleeds from her

Show me one panel of Sanji looking sincerely at Nami like he does with Pudding.

Why is it so easy to bait you guys into talking about shipping?

>no romance

But two of them have already gotten to third base together

>Show me one panel of Sanji looking sincerely at Nami like he does with Pudding.
>Thinks that scene had any other meaning then btfo Pudding for mocking him earlier
SanPu is dead too user

>shipping a slut with her beta orbiter
Why do people do this?

Oda said no romance in general fag. LuHan and SanPu is not more likely

He was talking about her eye for plot reasons. Sanji ignores her because it's nothing serious. Just another chan

So are these guys all dead? Why did they just leave them there??

Why do people ship a slut with a limp dick cuck? Who eats too much soy?

>Luffy finally found his rival
>He belongs to a faggy ass sweets/dessert-themed pinky rainbow pirate crew

Monkey's paw.

>Sanji is cool and composed around Pudding
>Sanjj is pathetic and spergy around Nami

>describing getting ignored as cool and composed

they'll get washed away by the tower falling as a cake the day after

Go back to your own board, child.

she's going to sellout the crew once the bounty reaches high enough for her greed to overwhelm her

how lame is nami when she had a filthy rich prince proposing to her everyday. but she's too dumb to know

No, Sanji is cool and composed. That's how you ought to be around women, not the pussy repellent he is around Nami. Is it no coincidence she seems to genuinely want him more when there's distance between them? As soon as he's close again, it's back to the friendzone unless he cuts that beta faggot shit out.

>subtle hint of his future sight
Definitely. It was a nice little scene.

>a man likes a woman
>therefore said woman must go out with desperate man
I can tell you're a beta.

Did greenbull or weevil chop off katakuri's arm?

>Italian mafia character
>Special move's name is in German

What did Oda mean by this? Please explain without using the "h" word.

Did you forget this was a manga?

I JUST realized that Luffy eating Sanji's damaged food is suppose to mirror the scene when his mother ate his ugly food.

Why didn't Smoothie just grow giant and wrestle Capone Ultra-man style?

good for you user

Rebecca is the best

"Because Oda is a hack" is what someone will say sometime from now.

because Big Mom was taking care of it by herself

>You will never pay to fuck her after a shameful defeat
Why live?

Yeah, best at crying and ruining every scene she's in

You're in in Sup Forums we all know you a big soft, marshmallow, cupcaking ass nigga. So shut up

>"The Undefeated Woman"


>Sugita got in One Piece finally

Nakamura when?

>be a "pirate wrestler" from Japan
>prefers Naruto over One Piece

What did Kairi mean by this?

Hence the "never".

CTE, probably.

You're right, pink haired Namiface -2.0 is best.

Being the undefeated woman, she's top dog in the arena. That means she gets her pick of fresh fuck meat. You will be dominated by her.

This is alright with me.

>she's top dog in the arena
>Lives in a prison under the arena

And she's king of that prison. She gets to rape any other prisoner because she's the toughest there. Haven't you seen Prison School?

I can't wait for Snakeman to be unveiled. Its obviously going to look goofy because Oda and the massive storm of butthurt that will cause in these threads for a week will be something to behold.

That one LuNa shipper who is obsessed with SaNami who feels the need to reply to even the smallest things like Sanji and Nami having their Nami in the same sentence.

If he feels THAT threaten by Sana then he must see the same hints we do and just refuses to accept them.

They all look goofy. It won't surprise anyone.
People will whine and bitch because they enjoy it doing so.

Nami is a slut who would sell her own body if you paid her enough.

So, was the new OP so horrible that we prefer not to talk about it? Cause it surely was.

Will Sanji win Robin's heart?

As an anime OP, it's mediocre. The song alone is pretty good, though.

but we havent seen her in so long. I miss her and the nips love her too.

Who is the best female character in one piece? Which one kicks the most ass?

esto es el fin, colmillo

Will Hancock's love for Luffy ever be requited?

Imagine thinking that Nami is a virgin

She is the only option

Why was Bellemere poor when she was a Marine?




It's just going to look like Orochimaru


How could you forget perfection?

Daifuku, Smoothie and Oven are all easily undefeated in terms of battle too. Hell, Oven got back up from being shot and run over in seconds.

Try again

>Who is the best female character in one piece?
Perona, if only because that one doujin where she gets fucked when she's unconscious

>Which one kicks the most ass?
Big Mom obviously, what other woman is that egregiously strong?

>what other woman is that egregiously strong?
If they had promoted Gion to Admiral, she would have led the charge into Tottoland.