Does anyone else find Cocoa obnoxiously extroverted and clingy...

Does anyone else find Cocoa obnoxiously extroverted and clingy? She's probably crying here because she hasn't talked to anyone for 30 seconds. She's the epitome of the queen bee socialite, with all the baggage that entails.

No, because I am not a heartless monster like you.

I don't know man. The only thing I want is to fuck her

>wanting to fuck the alpha, super popular prom queen

Where is Ama Usa An?

pretty sure people have to like you for you to be prom queen

That's just what she wants you to think, brainlet.

People don't like Cocoa? Isn't she the super popular ESFJ girl everyone loves?

it makes for a good protag

Oh? So what is the true Cocoa like?

Chino is the one nobody in-universe likes.

Well Chino wets the bed and smells like pee so thats no surprise.




She must have been sexually abused as a child.

I find you to be lowQ.

by me

m e t a


the studio suddenly made all the eyes super pretty for some reason in episode 4

every episode before and after #4 they were just normal

I want Cocoa to be my daughter

The doujins have twisted my mind too much to enjoy this show anymore.


I want to be your daughter

What the fuck is up with jap releasing BDs of their movies ages after release