Season 2 could have focused on these two

>season 2 could have focused on these two
>instead we got darkness fanservice and pervert jokes went to eleven
and they wonder why season 3 is happening never

Just turn it hentai and having it all about eating Megumin's ass.

exactly, they picked the worst possible girl to give fanservice to

Season 3 is happening never because people didn't buy enough LNs and they stopped production and the authors is a metaphorical Jew.

>metaphorical Jew
a hwat?

It's been confirmed that there will be more, why do people still keep repeating this shitty meme?

So more of the Dust LN spinoff is out. So far, the writer doesn't really capture the charm of the series, considering it's a different writer. Dust comes off as even worse than Kazuma overall as a person. He lacks the idiotic charm Aqua has for that matter. Also, Rin/Lyn is totally a princess isn't she?

>stopped production

Poor phrasing. I mean they put S3 on hold.

>Dust comes off as even worse than Kazuma overall as a person.
he's always been portrayed that way hasn't he?

A happy merchant. A pincher of pennies. A grubber of money.

doesn't make it better

>acting like S2 was bad
your the reason were not getting one yet faggits like you

going to need a sauce on that

I haven't followed the LN. Did Megumin won already?

She is set to win, they just need to fuck to seal the deal.

S2 would have been too early though. if anything they'll get really going S4ish, since the megaman route seems to be a scenic route

it's consistent at least

Guys hear me out
What if Megumin
But 4 years older?

Literally Wiz

>implying season two is in any way bad and not better than the first

but then they'd lose that fetish to use as fanservice

wiz would be older yunyun

Well S3 would focus on her. Who the fuck knows if that "new anime project" is S3 or a spinoff though.

Is there any chance of Aqua winning the Kazumabowl?

Kill yourself.

She was older in the WN, everyone was. The dynamics didn't change that much. She still won.

Nobody won.


>we might not even get a season 3
just the thought is depressing

Konosuba is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of story and characterization that isn't very well done by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive shipping faggotry and DARKNESS.

Megumin doesn't wear bras.

If Deen is making it then I don't want it.

>a clusterfuck of story
Look who watched Konosuba wrong and yet still thinks he's enough of a badass for his hot take to matter.

no one cares about your loli waifu

user that's pasta, watch the banners for a bit it should show up

Uh, no you?

>season 2 could have focused on these two
It should die a thousand deaths both forward and backward in time before that cancerous shit idea ever happened.

My waifu who art in 2d...
Loli be thy frame...
They explosive will be done...
On Earth as it is in Australia...

Season 2 was ok. The reason is simple it's yet another LN advertisment in form of anime. There are and will be anime like that. I hate it because I don't like LN but that's just how it is.