What's the fuck is wrong with the word 'trap'?

What's the fuck is wrong with the word 'trap'?

Retards from tumblr not knowing what it was meant for is what's wrong with it.

That's why I only watch Nii-sama subs. I only got to know about the shit translation by reading the threads.

Implies feminine penis is a bad thing.


Is this pasta?

Same thing as waifu. It's a word normalfags have started spamming in every possible context.
Nice anime & manga thread btw

>Trap makes Transgendered Girls sound deceitful
But traps aren't transgendered girls...

dumb trannyposter

>Nice anime & manga thread btw
It's because otokonoko was translated by CR as "tomgirl" in Slow Start. OP is a faggot and posted what I assume is the wrong screencap.

Transgendered Girls is my favorite band.

Traps aren't the same as trans people, tumblrtard

But yet many people use that term when referring to all MtF trannys. It's how people use a language that defines it, not how it technically is. For example if you're good at something it's you're "forte" however pronounced "for-tay" refers to the musical version of this word, while the skill version is pronounced "fort". Since however everyone uses it wrongly, you'll come off as a big jerk if you correct them, so the "wrong" way is the normal way.

And what a surprise that mentally deficient people would be too retarded to understand what words mean, then feel offended at their own misunderstandings.

This is Sup Forums. We don't care if retards think their wrong use of the word is correct. We tell it like it is.

>But yet many people use that term when referring to all MtF trannys
No, they don't. Post a single example of a character that is actually trans, and not just a crossdresser or someone who looks like a girl, that people call a trap.

>But yet many people use that term when referring to all MtF trannys.
That's their problem, not mine.

As soon as traps became more mainstream tumblr/sjws deemed it offensive.
Unfortunately they are majority in companies like CR or Funi

>what the fuck, how come you call this red fruit "apple" here if back at home everyone calls it "orange"? This is discrimination against me, I'll keep calling it orange and fuck you if you think I'm wrong

There are people that unironically believe this.

It triggers trannies because it calls them out on not being real boys/girls.

Tumblr gets offended by everything. I'd totally own that shit if I was one.

I am one and I own that shit


Why did they latch on trap instead of genderbend anyway? Though trannies are still not genderbend, it's much closer to what they are than traps.

Because genderbending is something that is completely impossible in real life, and even those people know that. Traps are just dudes who look like ladies so that term is considerably more common.


>and even those people know that
I thought they really believe butchering their bodies and taking hormones makes them the other gender.

Show feminine benis

That term is also offensive because it (somehow) implies there are only two genders, and male is the opposite of female.

Link me to a thread your material is in

Only stupid people pronounce it "fort"

And this is what they call "catering to the lowest common denominator."

Society should stop giving retards the time of day. I don't give a fuck if people outside of Sup Forums use a word incorrectly. You're here on Sup Forums so you bend over to our rules.


Men are not women and women are not men


It's just those tumblr types that make a fuss about it.

>society should stop giving retards the time of the day
Entire human history has been a steady lowering of the bar in terms of your health, your skills, and your intelligence. There's only going to be more retards, not fewer.

Let's not ERP here, there are a lot of impressionable future girls (males).


Now post traps.

This is the correct answer. Nothing is wrong with traps; it's the idiots who use the term wrong. Here's an Astolfo as well.

of course the implication that they all have the intent to deceive can be insulting.

Traps are traps and trannys are trannys. If she has boobs, she's not a trap. This applies even if the boobs are breastforms.