Origin of yelling a ability name

Where did the whole yelling an attack anek come from? Like originally. It started in manga I think but which did it first? How did it get so big?

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Probably old japanese theater.

Started with Mazinger Z but only became a thing in shounen with DBZ.

What the hell is that?

>but only became a thing in shounen with DBZ
You serious m8?

It's probably unrelated but in kendo you have to yell out the part of the body your going to hit to get a point
Also if you don't yell with enough spirit you won't score a point

some shitty gundam ripoff
except before gundam

>retards still don't know the answer to this

This seems like it could be an answer. And while generally while fighting you don't really have names of attacks I think it's been pretty common for a long time to yell when attacking as it could intimidate your opponent and I think it's generally believed that yelling can also lead to putting more into what you're doing. It's common in some sports too like tennis.

The narrator of HnK did most of the name stuff didn't he?

In some Japanese martial arts, most commonly kendo, you have to declare the attack you're using for it to count. The idea is to make sure that you're following through with the attack that you meant to, so you didn't just fuck up your attack and quickly change it to something else. Sumos also yell random shit, including attack names, at each other as some kind of intimidation thing or something.

I know they did it in manga so you knew the names but don't know which did it first

>Sumos also yell random shit, including attack names, at each other as some kind of intimidation thing or something.
That doesn't happen. Ever. Never ever. Go watch any basho ever; you'll never see or hear that happen.

I noticed power rangers make this a lot. It always bugged me.

Why do anime faggots yell in everyday life? I've met so many people from Japan and even stayed there for a few months on an exchange program, besides their laughter they were usually really quite and calm.

Where the fuck does the gastric stretching we see in anime come from?

Wasn't it Ring ni Kakero?

It started in Ring ni Kakero

hey look someone who knows their shit

Ring ni Kakero just like every other battle shonen cliche

In the days of sword schools being highly prevalent in Japan (I want to say after the unification but not sure), fighters who would engage in duels in public would yell out their school name and the attack as a way of gaining recruits and notoriety. Of course this only worked if you were successful or at the least had a good fight before a stalemate.

So this was the very first?