Would you annoy this pretty boss?

Would you annoy this pretty boss?

that translation
>uh, i mean..
rick and morty english wtf. this has to stop.

Go back.

>using the go back meme on a guy complaining about a reddit language in a manga translation kek

If you don't see anything wrong with his post then you should probably fuck off to Sup Forums where you clearly came from.

dude, its just the two of us here. you can tell if you're not a newfag, it fucking says on the page how many people posted in the thread, like i can tell you're op.

saging your reddit tier thread.

Go back

Why are her ankles so fat?

Fuck off

She's a Christmas cake.

samefag. rick and morty reddit samefag

No, fuck off.

Pretty funny seeing OP get btfo so hard so early in his own thread. We can all tell when you samefag noob

Back to redit


Go back.

Every post in this thread was made by me

Should I go back too?

Let's go back together.


kek this thread. op is a faggot.


to where user, everywhere is so shit

Drunk cakes are the best.


>ugly hair accessory
>dress makes her look fat
>ugly earrings
>kitten heels
No wonder this bitch still isn't married

She has an incredibly high paying job though.

>money's not a problem
And she has no manners on top of that.

That is true, women IRL never marry down, a woman making $100,000 a year wants a man that makes at least $200,000
A damn shame honestly

>tfw no megumi gf