Dragon Ball Super

How can they possibly win at this point?

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I mean if at least two survive they win.

Goku should have been spamming solar flare and they would win.


with retarded dbs heals and powerups of course, haven't you watched the entire arc?

3 minutes 3 fighters

Forgot pic

Instead of power of friendship DB always relies on asspulls.

Be honest, what did you think of 17's sacrifice?

if the preview is anything to go by vegeta can't go SSB anymore
of course goku was fighting as SSB for a little bit in it but he was hit out of it

Because Jiren is too retarded to just throw their lifeless bodies off the stage.

Mastered ultra instinct duh

>unmastered UI can beat someone stronger than Toppo

They need like a minute tops to get their wind back. Been that way since DB

>17: I see. So your wish is...

Ultra instinct Goku of course
but jiren background it's kind of generic, not bad but they should go deeper with the story

this is rediculous
theyve replaced senzu beans with limit breaking because theres no way these fags can just go right back to full power just because
17 had an excuse but he knew how fucked they were and got out of dodge

>Been that way since DB
Because senzu beans were a thing, now it's more retarded

What's with all the Frieza bullying lately?

This episode showed us how
>UI goku fighting jiren
>Freeza attacks Jirens blind spot and badly damages him
>Goku used this opening to knock Jiren off

Goku will master U in 1 minute.I


my guess is they are going to go for a technical win by running out the clock. Either Vegeta will flail around long enough for Goku and Frieza's unconcious husk to take the win, or Frieza will throw a bitch fit before getting nocked off, giving Goku and Vegeta a chance to gain some ground and run out the clock.

Stamina and wounds are non-issues.

Spoilers are already out. Vegeta is out next episode. And spoilers for next one says Goku and Jiren remain and Goku's eyes turn silver.

Why Jiren is so strong?

This show sucks, this was so shoe horned.

Seeing Frieza so butthurt is the best thing about Super right now

frieza paralyses jiren, goku IT himself and jiren.
chadza gets the wish

>Manabe face

Maybe he's not dead, the Xenos didn't marked him in their tablets.

they didnt do that for hit too
atleast on screen

Vegeta won't as the title of next episode implies, Goku will fight and video related will play when it's Frieza's turn.

another character stolen from salagir, XXI is the next villian, i guess they're waiting until salagir explains a bit more about him so they can restart the show ... again

What's the opposite of plot armor?


Oh god, here we go again.

His life story was orchestated by clown because there were no possible successors and he wanted to retire. Jiren's autism prevents him from doing GoD stuff so that's why Toppo was a candidate.

freeza and goku fusion

>doesn't even bother to walk over a couple of feet to comfort his grieving wife
Why is Krillin such a shit husband?

Fuck, you're right.

Honestly, fuck tori, fuck toyopedro, fuck toei, they're all stealing content from Salagir, not even memeing. This was way too much.

The guy who killed Jiren's senpai is even stronger than him.

He's fucking haxing

Do you think Toei botched Jiren?

they better fuck like rabbits and repopulate the world with saiyans

>Jiren's backstory is hamfisted and rushed
>17 tries to take the moral highground even though he's been pretty much a cold non-character for two decades
>ANOTHER episode where U7 fighters are conveniently knocked against rocks instead of being knocked out of the arena
This is why you don't have a committee of multiple disinterested writers, folks.

Reminder that broly is beautiful.

Jiren has to get rid of 17's remains in stage in order for him to be out. 17 just won it for universe 7.

goku finds new powerup, goes ssj3,4,5... combined with ssg. so super sayajin god super sayan 5. "and this is to go even FURTHER BEYOND" he says as he reaches it. then he combines with UI. freeza uses his fusing technique he trained in the afterlife. they become super sayian god super saiyan 5 ultra instinct kaioken gozajita... blanco.

>Jobbing everywhere
>17 died just to stop an attack.
>Frieza jobbed beyond belief again losing miserably like he was going to do something.

The worst was honestly Jiren getting hit by a surprise attack with clearly if not more time to react then shit hes dealt with so far.

I wanna pet that ayyy!


This shit is the worst it's ever been. First we have Androids fighting people like fucking Toppo when, during the Cell saga, they were Super Saiyan strength. Now they're fighting gods of destruction and shit? Then we have all of the bullshit power ups for everyone, not even including Goku's and Vegeta's own bullshit power ups. Jiren has been toying with Goku and Vegeta at their absolute strongest, after said bullshit power ups, yet they still remain in the fight. Jiren is so absurdly overpowered that he could have literally beaten every single fighter by himself when the match first started.

To top it off, we've also had Jiren take on this shitty personality. Before he didn't talk shit like "impudent gnats" and I don't think he would've talked shit to Toppo. But because this shitty series is ending soon, and THANK GOD for that, they're turning him into some generic asshole.

I really fucking hope this shit is flat out done. If we ever get another Dragon Ball series I hope it's without Goku and the others so we can get a reset.

Why am I not even surprised that Jiren has the most generic backstory?

George Lucas could write a better script than this

They outlast him in number before the time is up which is what will happen. Vegeta is out next ep. Goku goes full UI and evenly matches Jiren. Time is up but 7 is declared winner because frieza is still in the ring. 2>1.

You tell me

Reminder that Baba said they were fated to be together.

Well Caulifla is Vegito's bra



His entire life spins around being strong. There's nothing else for him.
Goku would be like Baki and Jiren like Musashi.
One fights because it is fun for him and for the other, fighting is everything.

Hes completely reverted back to how he was against super saiyan Goku

I thought he'd be pulling some bullshit in the tournament but I actually prefer that as soon as the pride troopers outclassed him he went into full chimpout mode

>DBS trying to make us care about 17 dying
I may be in a minority in this, but despite his abundant screentime I don't care about 17 nor care about what happens to him.

>strength is all the matters
>you deserve this for being weaklings
The final dragonball villain is /fit/

>Jirens back story is literally MUH STRENGTH TO SAVE IT ALL with no explanation for why he has the strength he does since its pretty hamfisted and weak even for DB/DBZ since half the cast had awful upbringings doing the same.

So what is his wish? To find the man who did what he did to him and his master/friends? Or strength to never let it happen again I'm guessing.

Are you retarded or something? It had the same ominous figure for Goku black. It can be anyone.

Jiren too retarded to knock them out, and damage and stamina are a complete non issue for any of them. They can't possibly lose.

>some retards thought it was hair and not a hat
Fucking numbnuts.

Litterally no one in canon likes that pairing and it's still more then a bit creepy if you think about it for 2 seconds.

>How can they possibly win at this point?

It may have escaped your notice OP but everyone is just pulling massive stores of energy out of their asses when ever they need it.

Vegeta will find some energy that he somehow didn't use against Toppo making that entire scene seem unimpressive in retrospect. Then he will get fucked up and lose then Goku will master ultra instinct and win

I like 17 but I don't care about him dying either.

Chadlagir does it again, how can japanese KEKS even compete with superior french writing?

This is what happens when writers don't communicate.

It's not really a contradiction. Jiren wants to know what lies beyond force and power, because until now the only thing he knows is power.
Strength is absolute because it is everything for him.

Piccolo is there.
Piccolo will comfort her till her infinite stamina completely fails her and she can't walk for three days.
The doctor knows what's best.

Я хочу лизать оба их кровавых несуществующих желудка

Reminder Piccolo doesn't have a dick

Do Russians like Dragon Ball?

how did they make us care?
I like 17 but death means shit in the DB universe, specially now that there's more gods involved.

>How can they possibly win at this point?
time for the ultimate transformation
gohan blanco

He got the dingaling. Fuck up outta here.

17 couldn't get a powerful hit on Jiren because was aware of this tactic. So 17 made it look like he SD'd in order to get Jiren to drop his guard.
It's all going according to 17's keikaku.

> no one in canon
user what the fuck are you even taking about? Bulma thinks they are cute together since BoG and Vegeta gave Trunks his blessing when he figured out they were a couple. Even fucking Goku was smiling when he saw them together.

Clothes-Beam a Strap-on.

Lol this ending is going to be fucking horrible.

>SSBKKx20 Goku, SSB2 Vegeta, Full Power 17 and Golden Frieza can't do a single scratch of damage
>the only scratch Jiren has received was when he was sneak attacked with a massive explosion
>Vegeta and Goku have literally no stamina left, it looks like Vegeta can barely stand in NEP
>Goku is going to "MASTER" ultra instinct in the span of 2 seconds, beat or at the very least be equal to Jiren and win this tournament

The ending is going to feel so cheap when it happens.

>you deserve to die by my hand 2.0

He never learns does he?

From what I heard a bunch of fucking ukrainian slavic bitches decided to run with romaine and I dread what's going to happen next

The writing is so shit you can't take anything serious.

>Awful moveset with nothing special.
>Inconsistent power scaling being Jiren hits like a baby 99% of the time and its clear Toppo without GoD was winning the beam struggle before Frieza
>Personality is dogshit that shonen trope of 100% calculating and calm even when hes about to die and never see his family again from his perspective

DBZ 17 was leagues better and hes still not notable. He was kind of a dick with ambition to it but that's better then this boring ass cringe shit.

Oh fuck no, we already have enough bullshit to deal with from all the spics

This is what happens when you hire slave labor hacks who were fired from pokemon for incompetence.

Quick post the most ridiculous bullshit asspull ending for this story arc

>Jiren eliminates Goku
>U7 about to get erased
>a third Zeno shows up and says not to do it because it will cause a lot of problems in the future
>a fourth Zeno from further into the future says that it's fine to erase U7
>a fifth Zeno shows up and says Caulifla is best girl
>a sixth Zeno shows up and so on and so forth

>gokek fag seething


He's a mutant warriror namekian, not a dragon namekian user.

He's got a dangalang.

A bunch of nips who take the whip for a bowl of rice a day can't be bothered to come up with anything more than 2-year-old-tier writing because of the contraction of their skulls

That's what Frieza does. As soon as there's somebody who is stronger than him, he fucking loses it. It probably doesn't help that he's been getting humiliated non stop.

>death meaning anything in dragonball

Zamasu returns but in Caulifla's body this time, because if he couldn't beat Goku he is determined to have his child.