Would you rather fuck Astolfo or be fucked by Astolfo?

Would you rather fuck Astolfo or be fucked by Astolfo?

get fucked by, i bet he has a really big, melanized dick and it would be an honor to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

how can a cute girl fuck a man?


I want to jerk off to Astolfo fucking voluptuous women with his heroic dick.

I want to be Astolfo.

Is the BD better? My god the QUALITY was awful.






Can we just be friends?

What was the question again?

What I would like is for Astolfofags to fuck off.

A relationship is about giving and taking. So I suppose so. I'll view it as a necessary evil, much like sorting the trash for recycling, mall shopping on a saturday and having dinner parties with co-workers.


I'd rather just be acquaintances.

I'm dying to find out.


Her puffy vulva is so cute!
I can´t stop lick it.

why not contort to fuck each other at the same time?

Why would you choose to be the shitty quality version, though?

Look, the Ambiguously Straight Duo

God I wish I could be friends with Astolfo.


I want to hold hands with the Stolfo


Why does astolfo wear a bra and panties if he's a dude

>she's a dude
you need a bra to hold your padding and a gaff to keep your tuck in place

Why wouldn't he?

How many times has an MC got a trap? There's this and Prunus Girl.

I choose a superior girl(man)

Fucked! I bet all the testosterone went into growing his dick.



Oops, meant for

Alright man time to fap I guess

How so? It's only natural for guys to be cuter than girls.

I'm not gay user.






I want cute girls to kick me in the balls!


>all this happens
>dick remains huge
>balls remain firm and pendulous
>still manly af
How does he do it?

Can his dick beat steel?

Prunus Girl is the best trap manga until now

remora works style sexfight


how to astolfo mode

i hear girls really like him


Boys and Girls like him

Almost exactly this happened to me when I was younger. I was bleeding from my ballsack.

Stop with the Astolfo has a huge dick meme, you know it isn’t true, porn logic is never real. He might have an average penis which might seem bigger than it is in contrast to his body, but that’s all. There’s no evidence of Astolfo being hung.

Another shitty Astolfo flooding. I can't stand no more of this shit.

I'd suck Astolfo's dick, but only if it's a cute feminine penis



...and what happened to steel-kun? (who won?)


Is that seriously based on Astolfo from Orlando Furioso!?

Seriously. I really want to be friends with Alstofom

Neither. I'll just fap to him like always.

Fap to him doing what?

This guy's about to drop all his fucking ice cream, what a waste.


You'll have to lick it off his femboi tummy, user.

>first encounter is with the trap and not one of the other 9 women
What did the author mean by this

>user is so incapable of empathy he can't self insert as himself in an imagined scenario
>user has to fap to him getting cucked (as a bottom) by himself
Anons are so... interesting unless you're someone else

user meant he fapped to Astolfo doing him I think.


cut his hair already pls

i would like to be friends with him, nothing more

>tfw want this but realize I'd look like dogshit after 28

Get fucked. I have a hypersensitive prostate (I can cum just from taking a shit) so it would feel good.

Why would you not want a hot body at 28? You don't want to get borked past that age? You realize as you age your fuck bracket ages along with you, right?

Prove it tough guy

>not becoming a fat rich guy so you can become the sugar daddy of an unending flood of young blood
This is the natural end of all traps. Around 28 is when all of them have realized that this is all they can ever have again.

This user is right nothing beats trap on trap

You'd still look better than you would without doing anything, that is unless you actually try to become a tranny in which case you are fucked from the get go.

>tfw just started down the trap aesthetic path and I'm 26
I have a boy face unfortunately, but I don't see the harm in having smooth skin and a nice tummy and bum.

But I started getting /fit/ so I could be a non fat

Don't give up user, I'm 26 as well and it works. Maybe we won't get to look like a 3D trap, but at least we'll age very gracefully, which would be amazing. People who think they should give up on looking cute after a certain age are complete losers.

I'd rather be a girl and be fucked by Astolfo

>MC fucks everyone including the trap
Does this happen anywhere else?

Neither. I'd rather take Seig away.

I'm not gay, so fuck.

Yes to both. I'd also like to hold hands with him.

I'd rather be Astolfo and be fucked by a girl

I'd rather be Astolfo and be fucked by Astolfo

i'd like both

33 here and still not given up

Makoto in the true path of Cross days

I will fuck Astolfo but I require her (him) to have some nice tits for paizuri fun.

Is that fucking Alex Jones?


What? He has a ass like a girl, thighs like a girl, hips like a girl, dresses like a girl, why not add tits to make it perfect?