What the hell is Hiro scheming?

What the hell is Hiro scheming?

Probably selling Sup Forums to the Chinese

>a protagonist that actually wants to get in the fucking robot to the point of insanity
>episode 5
gonna be a wild ride lads

Wants dino powers for himself

Become Oni. Claim Oni wife. Ride robot together forever.

To die like a Hiro.

>you are expendable cannon fodder
>you can just die anyway or you can die riding this
Implying you wouldnt.

Have you ever had sex?
I have, it felt great
It felt so good
When I put my penis inside her

This isn't like Eva or a lot of post-Eva shows where the protag is someone plucked out of a relatively normal life and told to get in the fucking robot but would rather go back to their normal life. Hiro was raised from birth to get in the fucking robot, he grew up with his squad that he doesn't want to leave to die, and the life he'd go to if he walked away would probably be shit from what little we've gathered. His only real path forward is to ride 02 and he figures that if that kills him it beats the alternative outcomes.

Imagine being so cucked that you can only connect with other people who are cucked by the same person

yeah right

I'm pretty sure he's posting song lyrics.

I'd go deep into that all 3 times. Consequences be damned.

Crashing this website

First post was more entertaining than the actual show.

can't argue with those trips

>2 cour season
what the hell are they even going to do for 19 more episodes

They're going to end up in space.

The inevitable turn from fighting monsters to fighting the oppressive establishment.

>he lost his way

But the Japs hate the Chinks

>yet another anime about a loser guy (so the loser audience can self-insert) who has his life purpose reenergised by meeting a girl

havent started but am i right?

He's not a loser, he was just in a slump when the show started.

Only for the first 3 episodes.

The OP is really good except when it kills its own momentum with the dumb enrigsh line

confirmed didn't watch

>confirmed didn't watch
Well duh, he literally said that.

He's got more cojones than any of us.
Would still ride 02 to death.

no user, YOU are the dumb

They're gonna dick around until episode 18 and in classic Trigger fashion they'll punch you in the balls with plot until the final episode when Imaishi blows his load on your face.

"Trigger" isn't writing nor is imaishi directing anything other than the action scenes

He doesn't scheme anything. He lives for piloting and is willing to die doing just that.

You know your old when people don't know this song.

literally me


Realistic paths

hiro becomes oni
>onis have fun adventures with dinos

Hiro dies and new MC is cuckona
>hiro is the kamina and inspires cuckona to become GIGA cocona
>the chad cocona hunts down and kills oni for her crimes

Hiro dies and new MC is oni
>oni goes crazy and ra ra fights the power by taking down the adults

Hiro almost dies and we get a gurren laggan timeskip to when he wakes up
>hiro wakes up just in time to save the day

Some gay shit about the power of love curing his blue cancer
>fukking gay

>asshole cunt 02 sucks yellow blood cells from beta fuckboys
>meanwhile hiro is alpha he sucks yellow blood cells from asshole cunt 02
How alpha can you be when you out-alpha the alpha character?

Has a BLUE horn!

and that turns him into a witcher because...?

Just noticed this guy did another pic from this episode.

so imaishi is still gonna blow his load on your face last episode. Also:
>in classic trigger fashion
never said trigger was writing anything, it will just follow the usual flow, because they're co-producing it.

>Symbolizes mantis mating process

Pretty much. He mans up after a while, but he's still obsessed with the main girl and considers her his motivation for everything he does.

Thread about to blow up

It's beautiful!

meant for

I feel bad for bullying 015 now. She's the best girl. 02 a shit. A SHIT!

Next week is the conclusion to this arc so from there I think the show will focus on developing the other pairs for a while since episode 7 might be a Miku and Zorome episode. I'm imagining the show will end with Hiro and Zero Two taking down APE so the first half will probably end with Hiro and Zero Two running away and learning how the world really is.

How do humans reproduce in the FranXX universe?

those arent cat eyes crossboarder

The absolute state of anime.

I kind of think that both Hiro and 02's relationship is predicated on a mutual, burning, need to be desired and belong.

Hiro these past two episodes has more or less said in his concluding monologues that he gives no shits about how brittle, or sharp, the wings he grabbed are. If he can fly with them he'll take it even if it kills him.

While originally I think he ascribed flying to piloting a Franxx, I think that's evolved to mean something closer to love. He needs 02, and the consequences be damned.

02 likewise is very emotionally damaged, but her need of Hiro was almost claustrophobic in how pressing it was this episode. She badly needs to believe Hiro is her Darling, to the extent she's loopy about it. She's behaving like someone whose known thirst all her life only to finally encounter what could either be an oasis or a mirage.

I think if Hiro failed her here she would break entirely.

>Hiro has a literal blue tumor growing out of his fucking shirt
>"It's so beautiful"
Fucking hell

>realistic paths
>its just different characters doing TTGL things

is this a jojo reference?



do we know what yellow blood cells do yet?

"Till death do us part"

>implying everything trigger does doesn;t have the exact same polt

02 seems to be more stable than that. If he dies, then he was weak and there was no point getting worked up about him anyways

The episode refers to it as a "badge", she sees it as the embodiment of her affection for Hiro.

And in a way, it kind of is.

>implying all anime isn't all just the same
nice post user, here's a (you)

Now I'm curious to see how this is going grow on him.

I have a boner for corruption.

>If he dies, then he was weak and there was no point getting worked up about him anyways

She says that, but then she also spent all night huddling in the rain after Ichigo called her a monster for it.

You can see in the way she averted her eyes from the 26th squad team leader when she derided his fallen comrades as weaklings that she doesn't believe it. Not really.

But she needs to in order to distance herself from that hot pile of turbulent emotions. She has to dehumanize the dead, the amount of death she's had to deal with would destroy her otherwise.

>implying there is more then one anime in existence
I bet you honestly thought naruto and LOTGH were different animes

I'm pretty sure she's just referring to it as "beautiful" in a "going out in a blaze of glory" kind of way.

>when Darling is just as crazy as you are
Perfect compatibility!

Will Milkman spend the rest of the season sulking in the background till Ikuno cucks him?

He's going to bang Kokoro.

Obviously, eventually fighting the adults

But what about Fattie!?

Nah, I predict he'll die at some point. Either that, or the stress will become too much and he'll just quit, meaning he'll die that way. I don't really see any other path for him.

What about him?

>She says that, but then she also spent all night huddling in the rain after Ichigo called her a monster for it.

Don't forget she also retreated to the place she and Hiro first met for comfort. Hiro means a lot to her, she wouldn't have pulled all the shit she has otherwise.

Imaishi is going to blow his load in the next episode.

Remove mantis

Next Saturday can't come quick enough!

I can't believe how many people miss the rain symbolism (actually, not even symbolism, the point is that she was out there all night crying) but then still just ignore all that and call Oni a complete bitch anyway

You're reaching.

Are you sure that's the case and not just your headcanon? In episode 4 she essentially says she doesn't care about anything in plantation 13 except for Hiro ,so her saying she doesn't care about the others isn't exactly new.

02 is evil!

Does anyone have a webm of the Strelizia transformining in the OP? It's really satisfying to watch

He has a simple choice. Get into the Streliza or go into the recycling tank.

I can't believe how many people miss that these threads have some retarded shitposting topic after every episode.

this fucking guy

This show is so good. At least it portray human emotions in a very realistic way. The way Ichicuck approached 02 in the confrontation and the way 02 laugh when Hiro confirmed that he wanted to ride with her after the confrontation was so good.

I love this demon

02 is cute!


What does "become an adult" mean in this show? What does Zorome want?

He wants to retire.


he wants to put the benis in the vagoo :DDD

He wants to have cuddles with papa.

>beta MC
>domineering female lead

no wonder japan is cucked

Sure but who cares

No, I think Hiro's tumor is unique to him alone.

She thinks that it's proof of their love, she thinks it's beautiful because it makes Hiro different from all the rest.

To be taller.

>What does "become an adult" mean
It means you getting off your lazy ass. You need to stop watching those god damn fucking chinese cartoons and get a job like a real man before I kick you out of this house.