The great debate

If you could watch only 1 of them, which one would it be?

Neither, those are shit.

The one that doesn't have the manga I've alraedy been reading for years.
Stupid neo-Sup Forums faggot doesn't even understand the different between an original anime and an adaptation

Trick question.

OP is fucking retarded. I watch both plus plenty of other shows.

YoriMoi easily. I like Yuru Camp but its nothing special.


I don't like either of them

How the fuck is this Sup Forums?

I haven't watched both, but the character design on the left is utterly plain and boring. Yuru Camp design is clearly superior as you can see the cuteness and individualism straight away.

Yuru for consistency.
Sora Yori is all over the fucking place, the writer doesn't know if it's a drama or a comedy.

Yuru, since it is more probable to do in real life what they do.

I love both of them, but since Yorimoi is anime original I guess I would just read Yuru Camp's manga. I would be missing out on that stellar ost though. Ahhhhh I can't pick.


I love both, but I'll go with Yorimoi.

They really couldn't be much more different besides both featuring a cast of cute girls who go outside. Left is on thin ice though since if they mishandle the mother drama it could sour the whole thing. Right is purely a smooth ride.

I like Yuru Camp a but more but autumn's my favorite season so it just might be tiding me over

Yuru Camp because e/a/gle scout.

It would be the Yoris over the Yurus, but I don't have to choose.

One is iyashikei, the other isn't.

I'm only watching one of them already, and it's Yuru Camp.

I like both but it's definitely Yuru by a mile.

I love both.

癒し系 my ass, it's garbage.

That's not a nice thing to say about Yuru Camp.

Eh, If I really had to choose, Sora Yori of course, Yuru Camp is great but nothing special, is something sort of "enjoy the moment" thing and you already know what you will get if you keep watching it, for nothing of the world I would stop watching Sora Yori, I want to know where is it going.

>Being so braindead that a show not being 100% drama or 100% comedy is too much for you to handle
Thank god you're not in charge of writing anything.

Antarctica suffocates me too much with shit I don't care about. But that's not the show's fault, it's just not my cup of tea.

>actually trying to defend the atrocity of LL tier writing
Nigger Sora Yori goes from full drama to full comedy more than once in a single episode. It's retarded.

Both of them. And 20 other this season. Because fuck you.

No one of them.

Yuru Camp.

Sora yori.
It doesn't seem much better than Yuru Camp, but I just want to see the moment they discover MC's mother's frozen corpse.

Good posts. AOTS is Franxx and it's not even close. Sora Yori is overrated and Yuru Camp is only loved by mindless SoL drones who repeat the term "comfy" ad infinitum.

I'd leave the site and stop being a false flagging faggot, but then again i'm not you and i'm not going to do what you clearly should.

How's the DBS general treating you?

VEG is AOTS you dumb cunt.

What is he supposed to be false flagging for?

>His only defense is accusing people of being DBSfags which has absolutely nothing to do with the three shows mentioned
Pathetic. Don't you have some pasta to break in half, comfytard?
VEG isn't even top 5 this season.

It IS comfy though, fuck off.
SoL anime can't be AOTS, but that doesn't make them shit.

You got outted once for shitposting in the VEG thread. Don't mess up again. Franxx is hot trash. Come back after it beats VEG in preorders, then maybe we can talk about Yuru Camp.

Franxx is only good for shitposting.

VEG is top 1.
Your teen fantasy with demonic AIDS is not even top 15.

That's a pretty awful rebuttal since Franxx is currently ranking higher than VEG on stalker and is projected to sell better.

>Kyoanusfags can only measure a show's quality by some sales which Sup Forums has no impact on rather than the contents of the show itself

>Yuru for consistency.
pretty sure yuru was impeccable for its first 3episodes and has gone downhill ever since. so what is it youre referring to? that its consistently getting worse each week?

how the fuck is it a debate when sora yori is just boring ugly cancer. Yuru camp is DESTROYING it in sales so just kill yourself already faggot

>projected to sell better
No it's not. You don't understand stalker. That aside, it still won't outsell even Yuru Camp. And that's the point. See you in the stalkershit threads, nigger.

But I'm not. Doesn't change that you're getting blown out by a better show. Back to your containment threads.

piss off you tasteless faggot

Oh you're just shitposting. Carry on then.

>No rebuttal beyond regurgitating "b-but muh sales!"
I accept your concession.

VEG is AOTD now get lost you fucking spic

Only spics like that awful melodramatic trash.

Tell me which one has no source material and is also banned in china?

>attempt to breath life into feuds by developing one between yuru camp and yorimoi
>gets hijacked by the absolutely ridiculous franxx and veg feud
This thread is hilarious.

You haven't, at any point in time, presented an argument. There is nothing to refute. Now fuck off, retard.

who are you trying to fool you dirty spic? i haven't forgotten about your "pausa"

>>attempt to breath life into feuds by developing one between yuru camp and yorimoi
Yuru Camp and Yorimoi fans generally aren't very confrontational and there's a fanbase overlap so that was never going to work out.

see faggot

>VEG clown gets called out on caring more about sales than the actual quality of the shows themselves
>doesn't even deny it
Comedy gold. VEGfags can't think for themselves and have to rely on random numbers on the internet to form an opinion.

>Yuru and Sora thread
>all is well, kind of
>FranXX and VEG get mentioned once
>immediately derails

>actual quality of the shows
Next you will say i was only pretending to be retarded

Trying to start a feud between Sora Yori and Yuru Camp was stupid to begin with.

oh shit i forgot that this thread was even about yuri and sora

yea because sora yori is dull ugly cheap boring trash

wow when you stop shitposting about VEG and Franxx the thread just dies haha


>wow when you stop lobbing nuclear weapons the world just dies haha



ok bye guys i'm going to re watch episode 5, it was the best so far, definitely gave me the feels

These are my two favourite shows this season. I think I like YoriMoi a bit more because it reminds me of Space Bros.

because of how ugly they both look right

Sora yori. Not only is it something fresh and new for anime, it's also the only form of media the story exists in retard. Yuru Camp manga has been out for a while.

I know a lot of peopple would pick Yuru Camp and I wouldn't blame them, that show is very comfy and feels good to watch.

I'm watching both obviously, but I would go with Yorimoi if I could pick only one though. I'm also adding colors to my 3 girl shows this season

B-best show coming through, a-am I right bros?

>fresh and new for anime
In terms of how dull, washed out and ugly it looks sure user


Not quite on the level of Yorimoi in terms of directing, but it doesn't have retarded writing and melodrama. Not quite on the level of Yuru Camp in terms of healing, but it does have actual yuri. This one's a nicely balanced show. It's easy to pick between Yorimoi and Yuru Camp, not so easy to to pick between Yuru Camp and this.

Can I pick Colors instead?

Fuck off OP, I'm not going to choose, they are both must watch airing shows, both is the only good answer.

stop pretending that sora yori isn't shit

you can kill yourself instead

I find it amusing how you absolutely MUST reply to anyone with a positive opnion on sora yori.

Stop pretending you’re not just baiting

the left one if you can absolutely convince me without doubt that there will either be Shoggoths, Nazis or the Thing (John Carpenter's) waiting for them when they reach Antarctica

Yes but only if you take Scat-chan and leave Kotoha to me.


Also I dropped the camping anime.

Franxx is AOTS? ayy lmao.
i have more fun with gurren lagann and KLK compared to this shit.

you wish, just look at your show

>Franxx is AOTS? ayy lmao.
Kill yourself you stupid shaftfag
we get it you like to watch ugly, boring, monotonous trash

Kimari is very cute, yes

You literally can not do anything wrong for a CGDCT anime, bad news are if you have watched a few you have basically watched all of them and that is what had kept me from watching YuruCamp. Meanwhile SoraYori is an 'original' anime with some nice visual direction, comedy and directing but the drama segments might not be to everyone's liking.

I'd pick YoriMoi, but that isn't to say Yuru Camp isn't fantastic. It's super relaxing. But YoriMoi is by far my favorite thing airing right now. It's very emotional and the writing and direction so far have been amazing. So it's fantastic in a different way that just happens to mean more to me.

YoriMoi's writing is good though. And it doesn't have melodrama, it just has drama.

I want pedophiles to go and stay go. That's acceptable too.

You can absolutely fuck up a CGDCT anime. It's difficult, but Tamako Market is a perfect example of just how hard you can fail at it, if anyone remembers that pile of shit.

and Hinako Note, and Slow Start.

It's kind of nice to be able to talk about both though. Even though they appeal to the same people, they're very different shows and I think they complement each other well. Kind of a yin and yang of pure comfy and some pretty relateable drama.

YoriMoi has better memes

I'd watch the superior series.

I'd watch Darling.