I like how whenever i draw anime they allways look like they have down syndrom


good thread

>those legs
user I...

The trick to drawing humans is two fold. The first part is to study anatomy. Take a biology and physiology class over a summer break. You don't have to worry about passing, just learning the ins and outs of the human body.

The second part to it is to realize that you don't actually have to, or even should, always try to make it realistic. Often times you might have to make it more perfect or abstract it to get the point or emotion across. Some of this is in the face, but a lot of it is in the action and movement of the body.

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At least you're aware of it.

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thank you i will try to learn about human anatomy

failed attempt chan..legit i just have a book of anime characters i try to draw and i use referance images


This, OP. You're not supposed to start off trying to draw anime or QUALITY will ensure. First learn how to draw human anatomy and only then adapt the style to anime.

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ok i will start drawing with irl images for referance thank you for the advice :)

You should legit study the human body. The internal skeletal and organ structure tends to dictate a human's posture, something you might not get a strong grasp of without the knowledge.

okay im watching videos on the human skeleton and how it works rn

Is this thicc?

yah are thicc anime girls with down syndrom your fetish?

ONE is that you?

no its my dream gf..lol

Its good to see you getting some good advice, post some more art man

ohh dude i have like 8 of these down syndrom drawings i will post all of em to give u guys some laughs

learn from the pros

Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.

well im not pretending to be an idiot i just suck at art


Keep trying user. Maybe one day you'll be drawing anime girls that thousands of guys bust nuts to.

Get an internship with Kyoani.
Don't give up.

If anyone ever feels bad about their art, just remember that this shit was actually published in a book.

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