Saten is high maintenance

Saten is only for girls!

Saten is my wife

Not really, a spoiled slut like Misaki is what I'd consider high maintenance. Saten is just happy to hang out and have dinner together.

Let's create a girl more powerful than Black Maw?


Birdway veri sexi

>a lesbian is your waifu

Hail Saten!

/u/ need to go back


I want to beat Itsuwa up.

>implying I like yurishit
Saten and her harem is just /u/ bait.

>Thinking Saten is important enough to have a harem

don't disrespect the queen

Junko is as irrelevant as you can get and she has a new girl wanting to fuck her every chapter.

Whatever you want to call it, Ruiko has 3 potential girls that she will probably end up with.

The only Queen I know is Mary Ann and she's shit anyway.
This whore ain't a queen.

Other than Uiharu, who?

Junko and Frenda.

Frenda is dead

Shame, they would have made a good couple

Fre and nda are a pretty good couple already.


I want to fuck her

not for lewd.
for spins.

fuckoff kyousuke, stop being a shitmonger.

She can spin on my dick

But Saten needs to be paired with someone, and it can't be with a guy because she doesn't like men.

Kick Maika

Sure she does. For a right price.

She likes dicks though.

Source: your /u/ imagination

How many old men does it take to please Saten?

I see a worrying lack of Best Girl in the thread


Solution found.

"Doesn't like men" is wrong, since she gladly helps Mikoto with her efforts. It's more accurate to say that girls get her going more.
Honestly the most delusional ones are those who think Saten was interested in Touma during the Daihaseisai. Might have been a side effect of all the Kamikuro memeing.

Maybe in your Touma X Saten doujins.

>misses the all the times she wanted to look at Uiharu's pantsu

I mean she isn't attracted to men.

STOP Uiharu bullying


That's a very nice flatsaka

credit ひびぽん @ponchohibi Vitual-on Mangaka

credit: ひびぽん @ponchohibi Vritual-on Mangaka

Not happening.

I like to flip skirts and look at panites but that dosn't make me gay
Saten just has Patrician taste


Who is this?


Saten best wing man confirmed.

I've been out of the loop for a couple weeks, anything interesting happen?

A character that has been irrelevant since Touma defeated Oriana Thomson

Which will all be for naught, considering Index will win the Touma bowl.


Saten makes a good dog.

Nope. She'll get her memories back and remember Stiyl loves her.

>sora ga kiringu baitsu da

No way they can reverse the damage caused by the magic, same thing happened with Touma.

"Index will get her memories back" is just a coping mechanism for people who unironically believe Touma will end up with anyone not named Index.

Also dumb Stiylfags.

>obnoxious Indexfags again insisting that they know 100% how the series will end
Well, it is somewhat understandable since there isn't anything else for them to cling to, but I still find it hilarious.

>obnoxious waifufags again insisting that they know 100% how the series will end
Well, it is somewhat understandable since there isn't anything else for them to cling to, but I still find it hilarious.

I was waiting for an asspained response like this. I don't give a shit about Index, I'm just one of the non-delusional people who will be laughing on the sidelines as Mikoto/Othinus/Misaki or the slut of your choosing doesn't get what she wants.

Is there really people here who believe they'll still be alive when the Kamachi bot end the serie?

>It's another episode of someone getting buttblasted about ships
And nothing of value was lost.

I'll be laughing when Misakafags will have to accept the sloppy seconds of Kuroko X Misaka ship. I'm not even an Indexfag, I'm Kanzakifag

"Index will win because her name is in the title" is the same.

Your post sure reeks of secondary.

How many deuteragonists and first girl lose the MC bowl? Here is hint: its very low.

>wahh my anime only boogeyman


I'll be happy when Misakafags accept how inferior she is.

>t. one guy

Go fuck yourself

>It's a "Raildexclowns debate which of their steaming piles of shit they call 'girls' is better" episode

Why would a x-fag accept that x is shit?

Antimagic seems like a pretty obvious example off the top of my head.
Actually Index ending like that would be pretty hilarious.

You kidding? Kanzaki is both cute and badass at the same time. I eagerly await her return in the main story.
By the way, baseball scene was fun, I genuinely smiled. These moments really shine when the tension is at an all time high. Really digging the atmosphere of OT 14

Oh, so you're still here, an anime-only Indexfag who thinks he knows how the series will end. I certainly won't stop you from making a clown of yourself if you wish.


I can't be happy until I see Mugino hang. There was no valid reason to let her live.

Is it really true? Did Lapis win
Fuck, the world is literally destroyed. Why does he take only ONE?

There is no valid reason to let a ton of former antagonists live, but since Kamachi is a hack there is nothing you can really do.

Yeah. The whole thing seemed to be setup for Ouka to win from the start, but Lapis won instead due to unfair advantage of UNDERSTANDINGS, except she kind of had to ascend to a higher plane of existance to keep the world from destroying itself and is only able to meet Takeru on his dreams now. He eventually gets together with another girl and has a kid with her, but it's never actually revealed who is that other girl supposed to be, and in any case he'd probably wishes he could stay asleep longer than with her anyway.
Imagining the reactions to Index ending with an unrevealed winner like that makes me grin like a madman.

I hope Kamachi watches Franxx so he can learn how to write a good female lead.

>name of the series is To Aru Majutsu no Index
>Misaka some how being the deuteragonist and MAIN supporting heroine for Touma
I can't want to see how salty you will be when average looking waifu loses.

All the boys in Academy city bore my mind. Not even a single one is slightly interesting

If you've been paying attention, Junko, Misaki or Kongou are better ships with Misaka if you want her to be a lesbian.

>Good female lead

Misaka was the first girl by appearance and Misaki the first by canon, so Index doesn't stand a fucking chance.

I thought it was more set up for a harem ending. I seriously thought it was a done deal once the world was destroyed.
Monogamy creeps it's way in even when the world is destroyed. All of them should have won desu, I liked all of them except the bunny, whom I could tolerate

hamburgler Japanese Version.

Did you forget that touma lost its memories?

He will get them back one day

Why is Saten so sneaky?

No one will be salty when Index remains a pet.

Kamachi already wrote Mikoto.

Kamachi already wrote the White Queen

"People die when they are kill-" Nope, asspull.