Yuru Camp

Why is she the best? Discuss.

Isn't she really cute in new her working uniform?

Because of the lip fang

She looks good in everything.

Rin = Chino
Nadeshiko = Kokoa
Aoi = Chiya
Chiaki = Rize
Ena = Sharo

Pretty much

Why is she getting so much porn?



She needs more desu


Boobs duh.

My wife Nadeshiko is so cute.


why have I fallen for a 2D girl

I have failed my ancestors

they're too fucking cute, it's ruined my perception of reality


Your ancestors just missed out on a great thing. They'd all have waifus if they were here today.

Why is she such a bitch?

So I just picked this up recently because of these threads. Which girl is supposed to be best?

She's cute!

>Why is she such a best?

From left to right.

Yakaya Ki doujin fucking when?


A really sexy body and an airhead.


>negative ass curvature
Into the dustbin

Take it back.


She's not.

> man ass
No, thank you.

>when you see it


Son of a bitch.

what does seyana mean

Wait a minute....



> せやな(or そうやな) そうね/そうだな/You're right./You may be right./Let me see...etc.

>tfw I have an ancient original character that looks like her.
>tfw I feel mildly robbed by japan.


Sou desu (sou desu ka)

I want to date this onee-chan and take her little sister and her friends camping. And then cheat on her with Rin.

It could mean slightly different things depending on he context, but the gist of it is that it is an agreement (for the most part). Translated into English, It could be "that's right", "yep", "yeah, that's it", or even "lemme see", depending on the context.
If you're interested more in Aoi's dialect, look up "Kansai-ben".

Can someone edit her without the lip fang


I'm pretty sure she's the type, that won't let it slide.

My favorite so far.

Can someone edit you into a grave

it is kind asking for Rin without "Odango bun"

Quick and dirty edit in MS paint.
I removed the eyebrows that were poking out of her hair as well; thought you might be interested in that.

wakaran ya~

I hope your firecamp causes a total forest burn.

No keep the eyebrows


Here, then.

Literally who?
New character?

You turned her into Nadeshiko

Sup Mugi!

Impact memes are still a thing?

Image Macros 5ever

What was that? Give Nadeshiko a fang and bushy eyebrows?

She comes with a distinguished mustache.


Anyone have the one without the text



>Ena = Sharo
user, my gf is definitely not poor and slutty.

Nadeshiko is the cutest.

All yurus are the cutest

I don't know yet. I'm at episode 4 and Nadeshiko is the one that appeals to me the most so far. Deadpan-chan a cute too.


The world needs more anime girls with bushy eyebrows.

Can I have one without five dorks in front ?

I'm at the onsen episode.
Green-hair's tiddies are enormous. This is not normal for Japan. Is she a mutant?

How big is Aoi's cup size? and the other's, if you can guess accurately...

Here you go

Wait where are the boats ?

The girls got on them.

I like scenes where she is going to have tough training.

The eye brows and also the voice. It's so soothing.

You mean yellow-colored (Aoi).
At least, she has a G-cup

Too big.
And I've heard from 3Ds that the back hurts at that point.

I want to rest my head against her big, beautiful heart.

Boy is the best, when is she joining?

I really hate yurus ear design. Why they look like that?


But who is the more cutester?

I want to be smothered in her soft marshmallows.

Thanks for gathering all her porn in one place for me


My face when I relaize actually:
Soyana = Sore ya na....
Seyana = Sou .. desu ya na

Fucking stupid Yuru Whores.

wakaran ya na

I just realized there are two Aoi threads

Why does the ending give me these feels?
I'm pretty sure it's not about something sad.


I don't usually support lewding yurus, but damn this one is good.

It's just so comfy that everything sensory melts away and your mind finds itself finally able to react emotionally without the burden of conscious thought holding it back.


Ching chong chung ya na~