My Hero Academia


Can't have breast cancer if you don't have breasts.

Yeah you can. Even men can get breast cancer.

I was making a joke at Jirou's expense, user.

Can't take advantage of your breasts if you don't get any screentime.

You don't make jokes like that user, its offensive to chiken. They can't even get cancer because their life expectancy is so damn short.

Not like Mina gets a lot of screentime or anything.


>be a key in Kirishima's character arc endgoal
>still be put back to C-list

Because this series is fucking SHIT

What killed the hype?

Dont lie to yourself user. MHA is shit. So shitposters will come.


No Shinsou.

Oh is it fanart sharing time? I can oblige to that.









Relatively weak, slow-moving manga arc concurrent with a long wait in the anime coming right after the tournament anticlimax. Anime fans are waiting for the arc after the coming arc, manga fans have nothing in particular on the horizon.

That and we already have discussed everything there is. You can talk about Video Killed The Radio Star only so many times.


it's hard to make theories because to a certain degree this series is still young we're not even at 200 chapters yet

Alright, so who has the best costume and who has the worst? And if you could have any 2 characters exchange costumes, who would you choose?

200 is plenty! I think the [unnecessary] length of the 'Big Three' has distorted expectations in that regard.

But the fast pacing means a lot of threads get resolved as soon as they turn up and the series kind of lacks charismatic mystery bait characters. We know the quirks, we mostly know what they want, there haven't really been a lot of 'imbetween' characters who aren't heroes or villains. The mystery traitor is really the only open element.

We'll hit 200 chapters this year, right? That is gonna be exciting.
Bakugou (bar the awful gauntlets), Kaminari's second outfit
Tooru. She's literally naked. What the fuck.
>exchange costumes
Kaminari and Todoroki, just because I wanna see how /fa/ Todoroki looks with Kaminari's costume. Between the girls, Jirou and Mina.

best: unironically i find ochako's to be the most practical and well-designed, suitable to her personality and quirk

worst: kirishima's first costume. what was he wearing, gears around his armpits or some shit? i hated it

switch: Mina and Bakugo just for keks. in fact im surprised no one's put him in her outfit yet.


I'm going to marry Kyoka.

They should really start selling mha shoes. They are pretty tight not gonna lie.

Weird theory here: What if Gentle won't join the VA. What if, in truth, all of the villains are villains of the arc designed as point of growth for both heroes and main antagonists?
I was just thinking of that because Shigaraki went like "Next time you and I meet I'll kill you".

This exists. Someone felt the need to make this.

t. Kaminari

That's how I feel about pic related too. Holy hell. I also just waded through a pixiv log of Deku/Shigaraki just for one nice Shigaraki fanart and am weirded out, what the hell kinda ship is that.

>36 posts in
>still no Invisitits lewdposting
man this general went to shit

One that shouldn´t be.

You're right, but now that I've seen the possibility of Shigaraki kidnapping Deku, then pissing off Bakugou and ruining his career as a result of Bakugou not being able to tame his emotions, I kind of want that to happen.

the madman hori poking the hornets nest

Wow, an artist had fun drawing characters from the series dressed up as and posing as other characters from the series. I'm absolutely floored, how the fuck could this happen?

On the scale of 1 to 10 how impractical if this shit?


Im more disappointed of Magne not being the one as Tiger if anything.

A straight 10 if you consider a tablet being way more practical.

The state of WSJ Villains

Honest question here: I just finished watching the second episode of this show and need to know if this kid is gonna be crying all the time for the rest of the show. If me mans up at some point soon I'll probably finish it but I'm sick of shows where the lead character is the least interesting one, or worse: is an overly emotional little bitch.

Most practical bookshelf ever, can slap asses before reading, I'd buy that.

No worries, he does overall improve and actually pulls out some fine madman moments.

Why, does it remind you too much of yourself?

Deku is an emotionally expressive kid. Even the characters comment that his tear ducts are out of whack, but he stops crying as much as the series progresses.
Also I'd switch to the manga if I was you, unless you got a boner for flashbacks.

>we never got caretaker dad Chrono having to humor Eri
why live

Thanks. Ill watch a few more tonight at least. God knows I've got nothing better to do.

I actually like relating to the characters I watch. Also why would it be a problem that the character that people see themselves in is the one that saves the day all the time? My issue was that the meek bullied kid winning in the end is a blatant fanservice and only serves to lessen the gnere as a whole

You'll learn to love Deku.

We didn´t get much Chrono at all.

Can´t be too hard to catch Deku.


>knockoff croix


When will we see some sweet Tokoyami close combat?

>bait Deku with Inko possibly being in danger
>he checks up his home
>she's not there
>go absolutely apeshit and convince Iida and Uraraka to go look for her and Shigaraki
>they and the police force can't find VA
>defeated, they come home to find her there
>"Izuku? Why are you here? Did something happen?"
>turns out she had a nice date with Mr. Kurogiri
>he left a note in her flower bouquet
>"Tell her he's part of the VA and she will never come back"

Classic Kurogiri.

>That Shiggy
Your pic and the convey chapter make me fear the day I stop seeing Shiggy as a man-child, but instead as a villain.

Why do i just know the two bonded over being single parents...

He already is getting there. Just imagine it from the view of this cop: He just saw a Albino, mummy looking fucker jumping like a madman through the window of a driving car. Shit´s terrifying.

post best couple

>Hold on man-child, you and your crew should join me, so I can show you how to be a REAL villain.
>Gets BTFO by a quirkless high schooler despite all him needing to do was touch him once, to kill him.
Overhaul is undeniably shit. SHIT!

>"Sometimes I fear my son will eventually just break himself in his pursuits"
>"You tell me! Izuku always breaks his body and it kills me so much, I feel this right there, you know?"
>"Yeah, I get a headache too"
>"From crying?"
>" could say that"

"And don´t get me started on the kind of friends he makes."

the cutest

I love that chapter it remind me of the highway scene in the deadpool movie

When will he give her the D?

This girl looks just like Ochako.

Was AFO the better teacher

Here ya go.

well yeah. AFO is super fucking old and has had centuries to cultivate his keikaku.

you got it

Gladly, my dude.

Never because Deku will end up to dedicated to Lady Justice.



>checks pixiv log out of morbid curiosity
>finds this
Holy shit.

i still hunger for a fantasy verison

I want a Star Wars AU. I'm still sad the popularity poll result spread literally had "red" as theme, it was so boring.

That was a shame, yeah.


What is his quirk?

That's disgusting user. Birb would never do something like that. Delete this RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

>Midoriya Dekuwalker
>Kylo Shouto
We could've had it all.

Darth Shiggy, Emperor AFO...

She is that crazy artist obsessed with Shinsou

One for One.
he bestowed the quirk factor upon the humans.

No way that's keiid, right? Right?

quirks are for the weak

Not really, the series have plenty of mysteries, especially for a series *not* focusing on mystery and not even close to 200 chapters (still

This is legit the best aspect of the arc. Like when Stain was owning heroes just with his swordplay and the use of alleyways to limit them, best hero gets the rewards for his hardcore training regime against a dude who just leans on his awesome quirk and has no skills. Am totally happy with an arc villain not being godtier just tough enough to challenge MC. Shame about the rest of the writing.

If Deku got Kidnapped instead of Bakugou, would Bakugou go to kamino?
Who else would join, I am sure Todo would still go, but would Kirishima go as well?

>would Bakugou go to kamino?

No, he would rope kirishima into fucking him on deku's bed