We're never going to see this dorky, impertinent gem ever again. There's barely any original material left

We're never going to see this dorky, impertinent gem ever again. There's barely any original material left

>There's barely any original material left
What are you talking about; the anime didn't even adapt half of the manga. But there's no decent stopping point once the ride starts going with no brakes.

I mean of her body

Original Phos is worst Phos so I'm fine with this.

All Phos-y things are precious, but some are more precious than others.

Dem gembutts though


I like new phos. She's a monster and an angel.

There's still the torso and that's where the only holes that matter lie there.

Can we have her original hair back? Short-hair phos looks like shit

But the series will end with actual Phos dying and original Phos being reconstructed and living with Cinnabar in the happy world his old self created.


>being so scared of homosexuality that you have to change the pronouns used in japanese to fap to your rocks without guilt

they are rocks, who gives two shits

Shit taste


Will she never return?


We can rebuild her.

We have the technology.

i think no, because she on the way to become a real human

>We're never going to see this dorky, impertinent gem ever again. There's barely any original material left

Thats a large point of the show/manga itself. How forcefully changing yourself to better yourself can be both productive (legs), harmful (arms, losing antarctica) and even changing your personality as a whole (Phos losing their cute dorky attitude)

they are genderless

Say the three post-human species manage to get transported back to twenty-first century earth. How would each of them react to and interact with their predecessors, and vice versa?

>tfw 10/10 waifu material
>it's genderless
>turns into a bishie halfway through
Damn you, anime. Also, why do these rocks have such shapely feminine butts?

What are you talking about, to me, they have perfect boy butts.

Which gem has the finest butt?

That's some weird boys you've been looking at.

You have a good point. The main theme of the series is clearly that of personal growth and development.

However, Phos didn't change just to better herself. Phos changed so she could better serve those around her.

Only upon experiencing the fear of loss, did Phos begin to understand the other gems. The fear of loss instilled in her a purpose. However, she could not yet fulfill this purpose as she had no idea how to fight; no idea how to serve.

Characters such as Bort were already self-sustainable in terms of purpose. Bort fought because she loved fighting.

Phos was always fighting to protect somebody or something. Phos fought to serve. When it wasn't clear to her why she was fighting, she usually floundered.

why dont they have boobs

its like trannies

They're not male or female
They don't even have nipples or genitalia, they're moving stone manikins

Sensei is an ass man.

I love Euclase!
Euclase is the hope of gems' bright future!

>the hope of gems' bright future!
Where have I heard that before?

wtf is that ugly thing

the 2D version looks way better than that ugly shit

This. I'd be okay with the change in personality if it weren't for that bishie hair cut

I'm gonna cut you nigga

Old Phos can be revived, if original pieces are recovered.

let's not forget her

i won't forget her

It seems unlikely that the arms or legs would ever turn up again unless the admirabillis somehow found them and kept them. Over a hundred years in seawater can't be good for them, though, and LaPhos is still holding onto the torso and everything. Maybe her head is on a shelf somewhere on the moon, but that's not very useful on its own.


I miss that QT.

oh hi i didnt see you ;)
t. ll

Didn't know gem dust can still talk.


> Didn't know
not surprised ~
free advice to you
when you silent you look better, my dear ;)

Oh Yucklace, you might be harder but you're far more brittle

Why do you hate Cirno

How many more days till next chapter?

Every day is despair


Since this looks like it's the HnK thread now, I'm gonna dump some stuff I drew since the last time I posted here

This master scholar is dead forever

Truly suffering.

You think you're big, kid?

Ok that's it
These two aren't even a pairing, why did I draw them together?


Euc and Jade together makes my hart jump forever.

OP is a faggot
And you like to get bummed by him

What's your favorite Euc+Jade picture?

OG Phos was annoying

delet this

Old fucks.

Would you let her experiment on you?

I don't know, would you help me to find my favorite one?

She will always be in my heart.


Jade may be sturdy and hard, but inside Jade is pure and can't think badly of others, Jade is to pure for it's own good, I wonder how Jade will developt in the upcoming chapters. Regarding Euclase, we have been getting a little bit of foreshadowing regarding his intelect and all of that, I wonder what rol is Euclase going to have in the upcoming chapters.

Also, thx for the pic, it's pretty neat.

cute mengele

We need more arts with Obsidian.

Would you polish Obsidian's swords?

I think Rutile and Jade have something going on between them.

I dream about it

Something sexual.

Leaks are usually the Wednesday before 25th.

Bit off topic but I'm trying to do some fun shit for a campaign I'm running. What are the 'treasures' that Phos has slowly been reconstructed out of?

Since we have the cgi models, season 2 will be a lot cheaper right?

Yeah, CGI is the future of anime whether you like it or not.

I think that by 2030 it will be the new standard, kinda like when digital animation replaced the traditional animation because it was cheaper.

no its not you retarded faggot

animation cost more then model created on template

What a cute

>CGI is the future of anime whether you like it or not
For making cheap shit yes.

Let's just hope that it will improve so we wont get more berserks

>CGI is the future of anime whether you like it or not
Thats exactly why they hand draw over it right.

Its already there, have you not seen FFLR? The issue is that anime characters can not be depicted in 3d. And that everything looks better hand drawn. The solution is not cg its more self sufficient studios and more manpower.

I'll just leave this here.

It's Over Anakin! I have the high ground!

You fucking samefag. You couldn't bait anyone with saying that the cg looks like shit, so then you start false flagging to derail the discussion on to the art style.


Well, you failed.

>You dont understand, Obi Wan... I AM the midichlorians! To be more precise, a colony of them giving life to this carcass of a human body!

that wasn't me you prick WTF

>From my point of view Sensei is evil!

>jedi are like salarymen

And this too.

new precure?


oh God

What the fuck, Black Jack's still a thing?

This won best animation of the year over Bones, Kyoani and Trigger. 2Dshit BTFO

Half of it is 2D. Retard BTFO


Benitoite > Cinnabuns > Diamond > Phos > the rest