What do these girls have in common?

What do these girls have in common?

They're all in a show so shitty they have you as a fan.

They're all cute


Don't know about the other 2, but middle looks like a total semen demon. I bet she rapes like 12 men a day.

All their fans should be in jail

they're all meant for breeding

They all have baby holes.

They're all my basement daughterwives.

They’re all the best.

bone disorder, hard life ahead.

They all crave cocks.

my dick

I love the Yamas.

She rapes Aoi 12 times a day.

They love dicks.

What is the purpose of this scene?

They're getting a new season in a couple of months.

they don't exist

Why is it that everytime there's a nice, comfy show with cute girls in it to watch and relax over.
All Sup Forums can ever think of is their dicks?

>HURR their pussies DURR MUH DICK hurr

Like a bunch of brainless fucking animals.

They're all delicious.

I kind of enjoyed this show. The background art was good if the characters are generic, it was just comfy adventures. The fanservice was an annoying distraction from that.

They all take shits in the outdoors regularly.

To remind me how much I love Hinata.

I need to finish this show. It has some good heartwarming moments
I think reddit is more of your speed there, lad

What's this show called?

Climbing Bitches

Pico no Susume

Yuru Camp


Indeed, it is tiresome how the fine art of sublimation is entirely lost on such anons


Which loli would you mount?

make my penis feel weird


I really like girls with puffy fluffy hair.


Those are some fine armpits. Post the other mountain lolis.

none of them are virgins



I want.

They are NOT lolis.

But how do they feel about you?

Does the fanservice get toned down in S2 eventually? I didn't finish it but I think I remember it being a bit much

I'd lick all their armpits?