Darling in the FranXX

Daily reminder that 02 has AIDS

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Ichigo is worst girl

Ichigo is trash


>Klaxxosaurs are blue
>Half-Klaxx Oni gives Hiro the STD over his heart.
>Apparently this is the opposite of all the others that have rode with her.
>He gets a blue tumor
>Strelitzia's horn is BLUE.
>Male Klaxx's are Blue and Females are Red?
>Blue/Red Oni in old fiction

Just how deep does this rabbit hole go Trigger?

I can't remember the last time I saw a girl cucked this hard


Why do you guys hate this girl so much?

I wouldn’t say that. Originally aids was distributed due to fucking monkeys, I don’t think you can say monkeys have aids. What Hiro has is Dinoaids due to fucking 02 who is has Dino blood. In short fucking 02 is the equivalent of fucking a monkey and getting aids. Ichigo wins

>be named strawberry
>have blue fucking hair
What a disaster

Believe me when I say I honestly have no ill will towards Ichigo at all, in fact I like her quite a bit.

Its just that bullying her is so addictingly fun and the show keeps giving us so much material to meme on the cuckening.

Cause she is getting in the way of best girl

Im starting to think that almost every eririfag is in on this show, and they still have shit taste.

Why does Trigger like to bully childhood friends?

Nothing, she does it all herself. We just laugh.


I'm in the same boat. I think it's understandable to worry for a friend who is seemingly running towards his death. The memes are just too good tho.

She's like a Pepsi next to a Coke.

You're all so mean.


Don't ever compare 02 to this gay sugardrink again.










She hates it!


Ichigo needs to sort herself out. Though she really doesn't have anyone to tell her that or follow in example. Man, people in this show are even more lost than those in Eva. They have like zero bonds to anything.

I though it was some bizarre egg sack at first.

>doesn't care if her "darling"dies
>eats like a pig
>willingly infects her lover with stds
>is a slut
>causes disaster wherever she goes
Why do people like this bitch again?

>user doesn't like crazy girls
are you a fag?


she and hiro are carrying the show.

The girls mentally meld with the machine, right? They can feel everything?

What if they got hit so hard they just started pooping?

Why is she so perfect?


She is gorgeous.

Do all mecha show characters have to have bad parental figures? Hell, even Code Geass's main three had shit parents.

No, I'm a girl

>one of the main characters is named after a Bleach character
>one of the other main characters is designed after a Naruto character
What did they mean by this?

I like her.

Ichigo is cute!

Ichigo, did you poop in the cockpit again?

Would pilot with.

>tfw doesn't bother me in the slightest because I never watched Narushit

Craziness and hotness have a positive relationship. The more of one, the higher the other.

More or less. It's been there since Tetsujin.

>02 is trying to cope with the prospect that Hiro might die
>Has to emotionally distance herself, has to say if he's dead he won't have mattered
>Even when we've been given proof for four episodes just how obsessed she is about him
>Ichigo slaps her for it
>Calls her a monster
>Then flees to be dried off and comforted by a close friend
>While 02 hides in the forest, in the dark, in the rain, until Hiro comes for her again

And Ichigo fags think 02 is unsympathetic.


Darling in the Franxx - Karling in the Franks?

/his/friend here.

I've got this particularly bizarre theory. Darling in the Franxx is based off of the story of Charlemagne and Desiderata, where Hiro is Charlemagne and Zero-Two is Desiderata:

> "Desiderata, or Ermengarda[1], was one of four daughters of Desiderius, king of the Lombards, and his queen, Ansa. She was married to Charlemagne, king of the Franks, in 770, probably to form a bond between the otherwise enemy states of Francia and Lombardy. The marriage was annulled in 771 and this hurt relations with Lombardy, presaging the war of 774. She had no known children and her ultimate fate is unknown."

The Lombards are the Klaxosaurus. Hiro is Charles before he becomes Charlemagne. He "marries" Zero-Two, a Lombard/Klaxosaur princess and eventually throws her away to invade Lombardy/conquer the Klaxosaurs, eventually becoming Holy Roman Emperor/God-Emperor of Mankind.

Furthermore, what we see here are the other three girls in the back of this image who look suspiciously like Zero-Two. They are the other "three daughters of Desiderius".

What we see is that Charlemagne had at least one illegitimate child, Pepin the Hunchback. This may be interpretated as insinuating that Hiro will engage in sexually unbecoming behaviour in the future, siring a bastard child, who, like Pepin will attempt to rebel against him.

Notice additionally, that the Capetians who succeed the Karlings, had a floral coat of arms - we see very clearly the floral symbolism in Strelitzia and Delphinium. Thus Hiro/Charlemagne's successors will also be floral and might have something to do with the fleurs-de-lis.


Thank you for reading my crackpot theory.


As a history major, I approve of this shitpost

Keep trying your poor shitposts. Its entertaining at how low Ichigofags can go.

Why would she lie there when she's been pretty honest the rest of the show?



ahhhh i see now
you don't like her cause she's prettier than you

Everything about her is appealing to me. I regret nothing and would defend her to the death from the world if I had to.

i'd eat her honey biscuit

She is honest to others but she lies to herself I think. I think we should wait until ep6 to see more of 02 though desu

I feel bad for her, but some of it is indeed her fault. Especially Episode 2 where she fucked up all on her own. Similarly here.

is goro gay

that bottom right picture is fucking with me

It's just representing the Torikago.

Which is good
>doesn't care if her "darling"dies
Watch that scene again
>eats like a pig
Which is good
>willingly infects her lover with stds
Never happened
>is a slut
Never happened
>causes disaster wherever she goes
Kids do that themselves


It's not lying. She just has no reason to say more.

I don't think she's afraid of Hiro dying; she probably knows he'll survive. What she's afraid of is Hiro coming to hate her.

delet this

I think it's the opposite yeah. She completely trusts Hiro and knows he's not going to. That scene about how she says "he could die" was basically saying "but I don't think he's that weak, it's nothing but a hypothetical"

this should have been with kokoro

Because she's cute. Cute girls suffering are the best

What does this mean?

>willingly infects her lover with stds
>Never happened
might wanna rewartch the episode buddy.
i ain't no doctor, but that shit looked like some really bad chest AIDS that I can only guess came from one oni.

They never had sex tho...

I don't buy into what Sup Forums tries to sell with its autism bullshit so I'm not going to buy this AIDS bullshit. It's a klax tumor/virus and that's final until it has a proper name.

By the end of this show 02 will have made all of the plantation 13 kids into her personal harem.

They either die in combat, from repeated piloting (ie: the FranXX cause stress on the body), or they're engineered to die early for whatever reason.

That explains why they live in a veritable paradise while the rest of humanity is stuck in their cave city dome.

what does it mean?

>be best girl and qt
>will lose to 02 because she isn't the main heroine
I hate it.

I think 02 and Ichigo partly see themselves in each others.

was my first impression of him
he hasn't done anything to disprove it yet

She's lying to herself. If she was as callous and coldhearted as she claimed she wouldn't have been so upset by the exchange with Ichigo that she couldn't return until Hiro found her.

Well you shouldn't because it's a dumb meme.

Then why didn't she say that? Couldn't she have worded it better?

He took Hiro's shirt off pretty readily

Ichigo a shit

it's not AIDS it's dino cancer you gay

He went inside of her

Yeah but it can get fucking annoying when 546 posts are absolutely sure x has autism like they took psychology.

If you're gonna be like that and take shit out of context then it's pointless talking to you

Do they mean getting old or fucking?

not sure if this was mentioned while I was asleep but Hiro's tumor is probably going to turn into a klaxosaur core
on an unrelated note, could Mitsuru saying that oni slut tried to "take everything from him" have anything to do with how klaxosaurs are attracted to magma energy?

The blue stuff is totally an allegory for STD's isnt it

She straight up has no reason to or interest in Ichigo. She already sees her as someone trying to take Hiro away from her given how smug she's been about things just like last episode. Just like how in Episode 2 she kept her mouth shut even though she knew Ichigo would fail with Hiro.

Of course, it's a mistake on her part since it lead to her feelings being hurt anyway and she waited it out till Hiro came to get her.


Hiro is a faggot and she's too good for him anyways.

>those compression artifacts
gib VP9 pls gookmoot

If I get 15 Ichigo will win.

That, she is afraid, lonely and hurt, but too prideful to show it, for now anyway.

that is one tight strawberry

>muh sour grapes

Ichigofags everyone

>Karlings ruin everything they touch
>Oni ruins everything she touches
How deep does the rabbit hole go /ahis/?

How disappointing for you.