Why are these middle schoolers allowed to work?

Why are these middle schoolers allowed to work?

Someone has to suck my cock.

JCs are exploitable

Else you'll die with your cock unsucked.

And that wouldn't be very good, would it.

But they're both 18 and high school graduates

They also have penises.

What do you have against Office Lolis?

All cute JCs should be forced to "work."

Where? They can't work in construction or the coal mines. What else is there?

JC OLs and JDs should be used as comfort stations in the workplace and universities.

Nene is 20.

But who will work on construction or the coal mines?

old enough to be my sons mother

How would they comfort you?

They're cute and gay

It's unethical.

Why is this middle schooler allowed to drink?

Your wife's son's mother?

Drinking with Nene!
Getting drunk with Nene!
Having sweaty drunken babymaking sex with Nene while Aoba watches!

Get back to fixing Tsubame's shitty code, Ahagon.

How do we save her?

Why is she allowed to go into a coed bath? You can see a nice hetero couple in the background.

by beating this deranged lesbo until she likes dicks

You have a very unhealthy personality.

shit show, right?

S2 is shit, right.

It's the women's baths but this perverted boy tried to sneak in.

I could watch s2. That shitty fucking drama every episode ruined it.

Sorry about your brain problems.

I watch for the fanservice

So you read about the "drama" in the threads here and never tried to watch it yourself, right?