Name 1 (won) character edgier than Alucard

Name 1 (won) character edgier than Alucard

this dude is pretty edgy

who's that

Underage ban incoming

Anyone in Devilman.

Are you Korean or something

are you retarded?
are you retarded?



he's not edge, he's just too powerful and old

the main from Arifureta



Unironically Shinji Ikari.

Akumetsu was edgy af

are you serious? he's always laughing maniacally and is extremely serious
but alexander anderson isn't edgy, he's just perfect :3

Tsukihime is edgier

Heero was pretty edgy, wasn't he?


yes, because everyone is lower than him. edge is when someone looks silly.

>edge is when someone looks silly
That's not what edge means.

Is Sunako edgy or not?

She's also a vampire
She has a higher degree of suffering which would imply an edgier disposition
She is less shit and suffers more, resulting in a sharper edge to her edge
She tries to justify her behaviour rationally which only makes her edge still more acute

But Sunako is a cute who only needed headpats and somewhere to feel safe.

I could try and think about this more and find an answer to my qiestion or I could try to think of someone edgier that who'shisface but im going to spend that time thinking about Gothic-Lolita goth lolis

Are you serious? You don't seem to understand what edgy even means.
Take Shadow the Hedgehog. Extremely edgy game about a powerful black and red hedgehog.
Take Reaper. Extremely dangerous DPS character in overwatch who literally screams DIE DIE DIE.
Alucard's entire design and personality just screams I PUSH MY FINGERS INTO MY EYES. He uses a big ass pistol, laughs maniacally, dresses in a red gothic outfit, and is the personification of "nothin personnel, kid." Alucard fucking has a PENTAGRAM on his HAND. I know you just came from reddit and think of neckbeards doing some act, so I have to spell this out for you

you are edgy because you looks silly while trying to look tough. alucard looks tough and cool. see the difference

no idea who that character is

again, that's not what edgy means.
>alucard looks tough and cool

i think he looks very cool and powerful. he humiliates his opponents without breaking a sweat. you just read the word "edgy" somewhere and decided to make a thread

that's the entire point of his design, to be visually appealing, tough, and over-powered. your fascination with him and just how oblivious you are to what you are even saying makes you impossible to talk to. please respond with anything but "he's actually super cool and powerful so he isn't edgy because edgy people aren't cool and powerful :)"

i want to say that this character can afford to be so OP and stay cool. not many characters can afford it without looking silly

>posts Hisoka

imo he does look silly and his edge level is over the top
hisoka is a sexual clown and completes hunter x hunter

Not really, she doesn't take pleasure in killing people. I mean her status as a vampire is really the only edgy thing about her, other than that she literally just wants a family and a home.

Gentleman I love edgy characters

At least alucard is the good kind of edgy

The Major is just 'insane', not edgy.

Alucard means Dracula in reverse

MM... FOOD is MF DOOM with tossed letters

Dark Schneider?


Girl in elfin lied, can't remember name couldn't be bothered finishing it.

Major and Anderson were pretty much the only 2 characters carrying the rule of cool without being edgy.

>edge is when someone looks silly.
Now let's not adulterate the term. Sup Forums "edgy" is slightly different from dictionary edgy, don't add extra shit on top

Dark "Hold Her Tighter, She's A Fighter" Schnieder

>black hair
>black armor
>Giant Sword
>Missing arm that's replaced with a fucking gun
Guts is edge incarnate.

Also the Hero Killer Stain who's ability is, let us all remember again, paralyzing people after licking their cut open wounds.

Edgy doesn't actually mean anything. It used to mean "cutting edge" but its been diluted into just meaning "dark."


That's like the shittiest power ever created, how stupid are the heroes in this manga that some guy gets close enough to lick their wounds?

>its been diluted into just meaning "dark."

He just has to lick their blood, not the wound directly.

Can't get more edgier than a person made of swords and live a life of swords.

Sir Integra was cool and not edgy :)

god his dub was so fucking good.

yep he wins

only a super christian thinks alexander was edgy

He's one of the earlier villains in the series and the kids fight him by themselves. So it makes sense he'd be weak. His influence on the next generation is what made him a threat though

*stops ur path*