Should goth lolis be blonde or black haired?

Should goth lolis be blonde or black haired?

They should be naked.

is that a krabby patty?


Black, except when they're actual vampires.


where did this meme start? lolis are complete dorks.

You calling me a dork fggt?

what if i am?

For some reason I can't get it out of my head that they are conjoined at the tongue.

Dantalian was a lot better than gosick.

Silver haired.
I don't think I can pick a favorite between Dalian and Victorique.

it's more a matter of which one do you want on your dick and on your face rather than pick which one is better i'd say.

I'll go with Victorique then.

Neither. Both are pure and should never be sexualized.

Depends. A goth loli born on nobility should be blonde, whereas one born on less privileged circumstances should be black haired.


both. also red and white. occasional halloween orange.

>Poor Dantalian
Why does this get me hard?


I miss this show.


Vampires blond. The rest black. Claims otherwise are sign of severe shit taste and possibly debilitating retardation.

Black hair
Black makeup
Black clothes
Every thing except skin should be black

Dantalian really deserves more appreciation. It rode the coattails of Gosick but ended up being a better show in every regard
>MC has balls, has opinions and is an actual character
>Dantalian accepts being in bad situations, retreats when she has to and stays smug when she knows she can
>side character have motives, have backstories, and don't just disappear mid season

Its probably the last solid show Gainax put out and no one gave it a shot

But how will you know that they are lolis or even female.

S2 never ever.

I think they should be visibly cakey, for crazy dignity points. It's easy to behave like a spoiled victorian woman if you are also double playing as a daughterfu. Too bad nobody thinks like this

Nah, they should be wearing their goth clothes, only taking them off when they want to be bred.