What are some good shows to help get me out of my "edgy" phase and into some real anime?

What are some good shows to help get me out of my "edgy" phase and into some real anime?

stop watching anime and read manga like a man

Yuru Camp

I would rather kill myself then consume manga online, and I'm not buying a bunch of books.

download it retard

Kemono Friends if you can get past the visuals and have fond memories of childhood.

The problem is still the same, reading and looking at it through a screen.

i was the same way, but you get used to

You know there is some "mature" anime that has a lot of "edgy" stuff and doesn't fall on that "edgy" category

It doesn't have to be shitty. I use ComicRack and set it up so I have a black wooden background. It's really easy on the eyes. Then I turn on realistic shadows like a book would cast, and I set the paper to an actual paper texture instead of flat white. It's very easy to read 1000+ pages without eye strain. Only control you need is the scroll-wheel so you can really relax.

What exactly is the 'edgy' phase even supposed to be?

I guess he loved shit like Mirai Nikki and though it was cool as shit

currently my favorites are shit like akame ga kill, elfen lied
Realy edge shit, basically anything should be a step up

If you are self aware about how edgy you are, you don't need anime to get you out of it, user.
Overcoming your edgy-ness is as simple as calling yourself out on it and stopping yourself from acting edgy. Being aware is the first step to fixing the problem.

I'm aware of the problem but i still think edgy stuff is cool, and i cant enjoy other stuff

Go deeper down the edge-hole. Marathon Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate.

if you like it, like it. nobody gives a shit what you like. be your own person

already done it twice

im running out and need something new

I should've known.

>request threads

There's nothing wrong with thinking edgy stuff is cool. As long as you're aware of it, don't let it affect how you act, and you don't shit on people for liking non-edgy things, then you're fine.

This guy gets it.
If you genuinely enjoy it, you shouldn't make yourself not to. Accept your tastes and be proud of them.


>Anime three stooges

Azumanga Daioh



Boku no Pico