Saaya is an angel!

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>>And people say Hime doesn't want to get raped.

wtf I want to rape Hime now

I've seen villains who could stop time with their powers, villains who controlled time or sought to control time but this is the first series that I know of where the villains master plan is to stop time permanently.

Which raises a huge question: What happened in the future that made the villains think that stopping time permanently is a better solution than actually trying to change the past?

That scene painted a very poor picture of Hime. If you're handsome, wealthy, and ride a horse, you can fool her into going to the woods alone with you. She was even willing to give a man she just met her first kiss! Very poor judgment from her part.

I like how the villains already won in the future


I think the question is to what extent does their stop time cover? Because going back in time to change the past means that time is still moving to some extent. But, if their time stop does cover that (like Hagutan is one of the Precure in the previous world the villains conquered but escaped at the last moment before her own time is stopped/frozen which resulted to her turning into a baby after crossing into the current world), then that theoretically means the main big baddie did try to change the past many times (like Homura of Madoka fame) but got so fed up with failures that he gave up and just settled to the easy way out of stopping time (no movement in time -> no mistakes -> no sufferings).

I've never tried an anime with a baby mascot before.

What did they mean by this?

I hate Saaya because she reminds me of Rikka.

Saaya is beautiful and pure.

I don't think they've won. If they won, they wouldn't be trying to stop time
This is an interesting theory.

They already stopped time in the future. I think hug-tan can undo time stop or something

If they already stopped time in the future, then why are they trying to stop time in the past?

Unless the time stop in the future is temporary and they need to stop time in the past to make the time stop permanent.

This is really sad kinda

me on the left

Saaya is a literal Goddess

This is so creepy!!


Mainstream: Yell
Plebeian: Ange
Contrarian: Etoile


>/pc/ grabbing Hime's hand to take her for a walk in the forest.
So what are we planning to do with her after?

Yeah, at least give her a bowl of rice.

Have a test of courage obviously

If they are from the future, why just don't find badies as little babies or their mothers and murder them.

They're probably from another planet like Labyrinth

Don't worry, one day technology will have advanced to the point where we can make babies with Rikka.


I loved the scene where Blue hugged Megumi and she blushed and got flustered. Then realized she had a crush on him.

Seiji did not deserve any of this.

>[StuPIAK!] Hugtto! Pretty Cure - Episode 02
Are they any good?

I love this part so much

I wish I was Megumi right now.

Hana is strong!

Is Ange okay right there?

What did she say?

Just download every sub release to generate demand on every sub group. It is more likely that they will continue subbing precure thus less likely that we will end up without any subber.

Saaya-shi kawaii.

subs are subs


True, downloading now.

Heart Feather

Pixiv is going to overflow with Saaya art this week.





My soul feels violated but it feels so good.


I love how skeptical the bird looks.


Go back to tumblr

This. It's pretty annoying already.


The Stu-PIAK subs were bizarre at times, so I recommend waiting for user's or someone else's release.

Aren't they joke subs? CStar's TL is away for work until Tuesday so you all might just want to wait until user

>It's actually cures themselves saying "gyuu" during the transformation
>mfw imagining Homare doing the same

They didn't seem bad enough for joke subs, unless "make the subs just good enough to trick people into watching them" is the new form of comedy. Which it might be for all I know.

I didn't like how Blue did the furefure thing even though she's not a cheerleader cure.


This better be a running gag.
A Sailor Mercury for the new age.

It's that memeface again

Definitely me today.


Is she seeing the future?

Return of the Rhombus.

What if hug-tan is actually Hana



I know who hug-tan is. It's me!

Sayaa is so cute! I didn't know Ange can be this cute!

I want cure yell to swallow my cum

I get a lot of joy from watching the hair bangs.

Hana and father.

That brings up an important point. The episode was good, but where was the buff dad?

In the gym, getting huge.

I guess Saaya was this week's power character.

Buff dad makes me want to get a membership at the 24 Hour Fitness that's right near my house.

He's the national table flipping champion, no day goes by without someone challenging his title.

Meanwhile Hana and her mom are desperately trying to protect their tables from his rage.

Look how delicate Lulu is.

Don't awaken the sleeping beast.

>Japan is well-known for very limited living space
>all the cures live in separate houses or at least spacious apartments
Goddamn 1%-ers

I want to explore the depths of Kotori's anus.

You can't be a Precure unless you can afford Precure toys, you filthy commie.
Aiko is the only working class magical girl I can think of.

They probably stopped time by draining all of the world's asspower. If Hugtan goes to the past and creates more of it there, that additional amount will be left over in the future, which means it takes longer to drain everything.
If the bad guys are trying to stop time before some specific event, they can't afford that delay, so the only solution is to go to the past and get rid of the newly created asspower before it becomes a problem.


The anime industry is saved once more.

What is it with Toei and shadow penises.

You should stop thinking about dicks all the time, user.

Oh boy I hope the soccer moms don't have a field day on Twitter with this.


The only Saaya that matters.

We must cure Homare from her edgy ways.

>Mother Teresa
She bamboozled millions.

>Did an animator draw this?
GoPri's character designer


It looks upset.

So this is what their home looks like. I guess the little sister has the room connected by the balcony and the parents the other room on the front face of the house. There's one corner left on the top floor, could be a bathroom, and another one right below it. There's a garage, but it doesn't really look like you'd fit a car in it, maybe Dad's a biker. The bottom floor might have a small room behind the kitchen, and the far corner probably has two rooms, a bathroom and a room with washing machines and shit, maybe connected so you can sneak in and steal some underwear. Probably no basement. Practically no yard and what they have is in the shadow of the hedge or the house meaning they can't grow shit.