Darling in the Franxx

There is no way she actually meant this, r-right? She definitely cares for Hiro, r-r-ight? She only said these things to spite and hurt Ichigo because she was ostracizing Zero Two and treating her differently from the very start, right?

She's an evil whore, just like Asuka.

Or she's actually really worried about him and try to distance herself


She just hides her emotions from other people. Some user made me realize that. I disliked her character but it makes sense, she lets her vulnerability show when shes around aids-kun

She clearly cares about him. You have to be stupid to take what she said to Ichigo as complete 100% fact thats what she thinks.

And what she said there isn't wrong. If he wasn't meant to be her darling he will die, either by piloting with her or piloting with another or because he can't pilot at all end up like fertilizer like Naomi.

I dont think its an issue of being right or wrong but just being an asshole. And she wonders shy people hate her, for example her comment to that guy who said because of her shenanigans he lost a partner.

>he doesn't know how women work

Is this the post?

She's an amoral bitch with animal-like instincts and behavior. She has no real social understanding and obviously can't grasp feelings like consideration and love.

She's not

Yeah. On the one hand, it's natural not to care about gaining the approval of bigots. On the other, when you respond to their fear that you're strange and inhumane by acting -even more- strange and inhumane, of fucking course the situation is going to escalate.

You're entirely missing the self denial. She's not trying to goad the guy, she's trying to duck out from her responsibility and the consequences of her actions.

As long as she doesn't remember the death, she doesn't have to acknowledge she let her die.

I hate her now

It's probably partly her trying to prepare herself for him potentially dying.
But it's also her simply putting on her "I don't care" mask whenever she talks to anyone but Hiro. I don't think it was about hurting Ichigo and more about the fact that if she opens up to anyone it's them who can hurt her.

She meant exactly what she said. She's merely stating a fact. The weak die, the strong survive. What is so hard to get here?

The fact that it takes a post made by someone else to make anons understand this goes to show how min0numingly stupid the average watcher is.

>It's probably partly her trying to prepare herself for him potentially dying.

Demo totemo kirei desu.
She know about the growth, she knows what it does, she's more than likely familiar with the process and given that she calls it beautiful, it must be some sort of onificiation.

Can i get a list on the staff for this episode?

When you share your emotions with someone you make yourself vulnerable. She doesn't seem to have made many positive experiences with people so obviously she'll try to avoid that.
Just look at how differently she acts around Hiro and everyone else. When it's with Hiro she shows genuine emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement and so on.
When it's around other people it's completely indifference, so just the absence of emotions. Her body language, facial expression and even the coloration of her voice all turn neutral as to not reveal anything. She didn't goad the guy, she just tried to end that discussion as quickly as possible by not giving him anything he could use to continue it.

> She awakens his potential that lies dormant just how she described it in episode 1, so she helps Hiro to make his wish come true

> She showed interest in how he lives and brought everyone closer together at lunch

> It was the rain that stopped her immediately and as we know she wrongly wants to believe that Hiro is causing the rain. So Hiro essentially stopped her from doing anything in her unchained state.

There are plenty of neatly placed things that show that the exact opposite of what this episode seems to imply ( ironically it's mostly through the eyes of others who see her as a monster anyway )


Asuka is not evil nor she is a whore.

Idk, she seemed pretty happy about 'defeating' Ichigo. That doesn't scream vulnerability to me.
You can't have both someone who shields herself with apathy and someone who shields herself with false bravado and hedonism. If 02 is lying to Ichigo, she's really going the extra mile to make it as suspicious-sounding a lie as she can. She doesn't just 'feel'/act about Hiro piloting, she actively says she enjoys it. That unnecessary, showy addition to her façade has to mean something.
Maybe it means it's the truth.
>She awakens his potential that lies dormant just how she described it
Conveniently omitting any mention of how it would happen.

>You can't have both someone who shields herself with apathy and someone who shields herself with false bravado and hedonism
Those aren't mutually exclusive at all not that I'd know anything about that

>Idk, she seemed pretty happy about 'defeating' Ichigo. That doesn't scream vulnerability to me.
Because that's not an emotion you could urn against her. Worry about Hiro or guilt about that one pilot dying would easily work for that though.

bruh you can talk all the shit about 02 you want but you should take those hot opinions about asuka and stuff em

>Ichigo got pulled by 02 unintentionally

>There is no way she actually meant this, r-right?
She meant every word.
>She definitely cares for Hiro, r-r-ight?
>She only said these things to spite and hurt Ichigo because she was ostracizing Zero Two and treating her differently from the very start, right?

The strong live, the weak die. That is a truth of life, especially for parasites. If Darling is weak, then he dies, if not, he lives. Getting sentimental about it won't change that. Weak men can't be Darling, and Darling can't be weak. Whatever happens,

Doubt she meant that, doubt she even wanted to say that, but why miss opportunities for more Ichigo bullying?

One is doing what they have to do to endure pain. The other is shitting on/ignoring anyone going through the same pain.
They may be facades by the same person, but they are morally distinct. And it's not like someone has no control over which façade they project to the world.

>Yet Ms. Ichigo herself is tormented by feelings of inadequacy. Her kiss with Hiro failed to produce the "magic" he shared with 02.
Ichigo spent the entirety of episode 2 not caring about Hiro's feelings or appreciating his relationship with 02, that was why she pressured him to pilot with her.
That did not magically change after the kiss. She meant what she said, that -she- didn't enjoy it and it was her pleasure that was important to her.

Shes a red oni and he has a blue tumor.

Is he going to become a blue oni?

It was obvious by the name of their mecha already, user.

>The strong live, the weak die. That is a truth of life, especially for parasites.
Yes, I'm sure anyone with enough muscle was immune to the Black Plague. /s
But seriously: knowing someone will die soon doesn't make them fair game for you to kill however you want. It's fallacious to treat bleeding out in an alley when you're 21 the same as passing away contentedly in one's sleep at 90. 'Might die' =/= 'will/should die' or 'is dead', especially since mortality has never stopped humans from achieving shit while they're alive.

Imagine slowly teasing 02’s horns while you’re spooning in bed together. What if they’re as sensitive to her as the glans of your dick? Wouldn’t it be nice to wake her up in the morning by gently sucking one horn to start with, only to dial up the pleasure by stroking her other horn with a tight, gloopy onahole? She’d make confused moans while squirming against you until she cums noisily and ungracefully, groggy yet aroused from the sensations. The next morning, she’d try her best to get back at you for the lewd surprise you gave to her, diving under the covers before you wake up and slathering your morning wood with a generous helping of honey while happily sucking on it. You’d wake up to a sudden jolt of pleasure much like what she experienced the day before, and lift the covers only to see the cutest grin before being overwhelmed by the thick stench of honey, sex and her morning breath that's been building up down there as her tongue continues working its way around your throbbing erection. Afraid of cumming too fast from how intense it all is, you’d pull out of her protesting mouth and rub your saliva and honey-coated dick against her horns in an attempt to hold back your orgasm, forgetting it’s an erogenous zone and inciting a surprised yelp out of her. The friction from rubbing your sensitive body parts against each other would prove to be too much for you, leading you to accidentally soak her face, horns and the blankets with lots and lots of hot semen much earlier than you wanted to, as she teases you for being such a quickshot.

>My best friend has this huge blue growth coming out of his chest
>better not tell the doctors about it even though he's clearly in huge pain
what the fuck is wrong with Goro? Hiro should be in a sick bay or at least on meds. Do the higher ups know about the growth or just that he's got a lot of yellow blood cells? if they know why are they just letting him wander around?

>strong = hurr muscle
nice. who said anything about anyone killing anyone? i don't see what you're getting at.

Hiro said not to, and he trusts him


Goro understands Hiro better than Ichigo because Goro understands the desire to be manly/stoic in the face of the coming war.
He can get Hiro's desire to fight to the death. I bet you Ichigo would have ratted him out.

She's just being insecure.

>Hiro explicitly asked you not to tell anything to anyone because he has to fight and everything is at stake
>be faggot and tell medical personnel
>Hiro is hospitalized and latter shipped off to some deep hole where APE scientists pick him apart to study his unique case
>Strelitzia cant fight
>tomorrow everyone dies
Good thing Goro isnt a faggot.


are translators autistic?

How is Goro supposed to know Hiro would even live to see the mission in his condition, or that it might cause him to die during the mission because Goro kept it to himself and Hiro wasn't treated beforehand, and then everyone plus Hiro and 02 are dead

You fucking bet.

02 can be kind of comfy sometimes.

>vat grown soldiers
>get sent to the farm if they can't pilot
>raised solely to fight, euthanized if they can't
>some even employed as consumables(02's partner's)
you're a little slow, aren't you?

Hiro has "the polar opposite" reaction compared to others. She's going to die isn't she?

Will Ichigo go down in history as the female Bizon?

Say it with me boys

He can't fight if he's fucking dying, Ape being advanced as it is should have something to at least slow the process so he can fight longer.

he's evolving into a sexual tyrannosaur



>Hiro turns into blue oni after his third ride
>015 has now truly lost him forever
>Ichigo bullying intensifies

Did blue drawfag accidentally predict the future?

She's batshit insane this whole scene lad.

>She definitely cares for Hiro, r-r-ight?
Welcome to the first stage of grief user.

She's always comfy when she's with Darling

She's batshit insane in every scene she's in

are you retarded? the rest died in 3 runs, so obviously they don't. and he's having a unique reaction so they haven't even seen this type of shit before.

>Did blue drawfag accidentally predict the future?

You mean the horn edit fag.
The original picture doesn't have any horns on Hiro.


Can't tell if Ichigo or 02 is supposed to be the main girl.

Who's gonna win the bowl?

>you will never have your own oniwife who loves you very much

002 is nothing like Asuka. For one, 002 just ignores people, while Asuka went out of her way to step on Touji's hat when they first met, and then slapped him when everyone saw her panties due to the wind.

Reminder that A1's capabilities of this show are being bottlenecked by Trigger.

Why would 002 die because Hiro's physiological reaction was different to her other partners'?

>The rest died in 3 runs,
for completely different reasons, and if these yellow cells are so important APE would definitely find some way to change them medically so this kind of thing doesn't happen

She is super comfy

>Can't tell if Ichigo or 02 is supposed to be the main girl.

Ichigo stop posting

>lusts for Kaji's dick
>kisses Shinji
>goes on random dates
Yeah, Asuka is a slut and a bitch alright.

02 is the red oni with red hair.
>The Red Oni is associated with passion, wildness, and defiance
Ichigo is the blue oni with the blue hair.
>The Blue Oni is associated with serenity, control and observing authority.
Ichigo is already playing the blue oni part and getting fucked over by her role.
Whatever Hiro is becoming it is not the fucking blue oni.

SHe looked really happy. It's not fair, bros.

This has way too much effort put into it for what it is. I like it.



>Hiro has a giant blue thing growing on his chest
>Hiro is the natural partner to Red Oni
>Strelizia has a blue horn

If you want to understand Ichigo's talk with 002 in episode 5 rewatch the scene in episode 2 when Oni licks Ichigo's cheek. She calls her "sweet", i.e. innocent and naive, and she says that she doesn't dislike that about her.

You're forgetting the part where red and blue oni are supposed to be friends.

save for the little detail that he's the only fucking one who's had this reaction, so how the fuck do you expect them to have developed countermeasures to something they haven't even seen before and are visibly surprised is even possible?

>finally spend some time with your closest childhood friend
>he's happy being around you too
>suddenly his wife walks in, holds his hand (which you've never done before) and takes him away without even glancing at you

Goro is a bro. Do you have a vagina, perchance?

It's always like that, anons keep complaining that anime doesn't follow the "show not tell" rule but if it actually does then it goes completely over their heads.

What will come out of this i wonder

No bulli the coconas

The squad isn't entirely useless, so it's likely they'd live and Hiro die protecting them; he likes charging into battle taking the burden solely on himself, Goro can bank on that.
And if things happen that way, then his rival for Ichigo is eliminated. /s

>being happy that someone loves you so much they're willing to die for your sake
>hurr durr she be crazy


I was worried Mitsuru was going to hurt Kokoro there.

Didn't one of the characters offhandedly mention Ichigo being like a sister to Hiro?


Retards don't realize Ichigo will win in the end. The way the anime has set it up is 02 reveals herself to be a villain, and Hiro realizes Ichigo was there for him all along. It's a classic "side girl becomes best girl" twist.

002 already won. Since episode one.
There is no contest.

her seiyuu told us something was up between those two

what on earth am i looking at

This post is so dumb.
>serene, in control and observing

>If you want to understand Ichigo's talk with 002 in episode 5
Usually, someone licking a total stranger's neck is not a good sign. I don't understand what you're trying to say.

>Hiro knew where to look for her in the morning
>dying of oni cancer but still madman enough to ride with her

She was touched.

If Hiro is the Blue Oni, then 02 x Hiro is doomed.

>Long ago, beyond the woods, through the forests and the pass, in the deep mountains of Japan, there lived 'Aka-Oni'; a red Ogre, and 'Ao-Oni', a blue Ogre. The red Ogre liked human children very much and he was always thinking about how he could make friends with them everyday.

>The Red Ogre wanted to become friends with children in a village nearby. So, the Red Ogre invited the children to come to his house to play.

>But no one showed up, and the red ogre grew puzzled, sad, and angry. "I'm such a kind ogre - why would nobody visit me?"

>Moved by his friend's feelings, the Blue Ogre said, "Look, I have a plan." The Blue Ogre's plan was for him to pretend to terrorize children and then have the red ogre chase him off, "rescuing" them from him. The plan went without a hitch, and the red ogre became the most popular creature among the children, and all came to play with him.

>After a happy day of enjoying the children's company, the Red Ogre found a letter from the Blue Ogre. The letter said, "My Dear Red Ogre, if people find out that you are a friend of the Bad Blue Ogre's, they will not let the children come to you any more. So, I'm leaving. Please live happily with the children. Goodbye. Blue Ogre."

>The Red Ogre cried out, "Blue Ogre is gone! A dear friend of mine! He is gone!" And he wept. The Red Ogre and the Blue Ogre were never to see each other again.