Dragon Ball Super

>people are still bitching about future trunks

Okay listen up you fucks. I'm about to lay down some truth bombs. You think SSJR is bullshit? You think spirit sword is an asspull? Well you, my good sir, have no understanding of the shonen genre. In the series Dragon Ball, Goku is the main character. What this means is he has special "plot armor" which will always prevent him from failing no matter what the odds. Now you might be asking, "what does that have to do with trunks, user?" It has everything to do with him, you little shit. This is a different timeline and in this timeline Goku is not the main character. Trunks is. He is the one tasked with keeping the planet's inhabitants safe since it is a dimension where the rest of the Z-fighters all died. That means he will achieve any power or technique that's necessary to see the story to its end. The fact that you no-life virgins spend months on an underwater basket-weaving forum sperging out about muh mary sue and muh rubber nen just goes to show the sort of low IQ third-world diaspora this series picks up.

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Reminder that broly is beautiful.

Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful

Toei a shit.

Toyo literally approved by Tori himself.

Healing Trunks >>> Spirit Sword Trunks.

I really don't know how to get this through your thick heads anymore.

i love jiren and all the negativity makes me sad


Jiren killed the evil doer but still felt empty inside.

He's gonna wish him back to life and rape him to see if that changes things. Cap this.

Almost got emotional then I realized he'll just come back the power of the Super Dragon Balls.

Why did El Hermano do it?
tfw jiren is sasuke

No need to use the super db's, the earth dragon balls will take care of that.

Are you retards forgetting that at the end of the Cell arc, Krillin asked shenron if he could remove the bombs inside 18 and 17?

Next week is going to be emotional for Vegeta.


El GP: Goku, you finally beat Geran, the wish is yours.
Super Dragon: What is your wish?
(Goku thinks about all the erased universes and Geran's desired wish, then smiles)
Goku: I wish...
Super Dragon: Yes... ?
El GP: Yes... ?
Zeno x 2: Yes... ?
Goku: for GOHAN BLANCO, you retard
El GP: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo
(El GP rushes to stop it)
(Suddenly Gohan Blanco is born and quickly intercepts El GP)
Gohan: Esto es el fin, Grande Padre
(Suddenly credits roll and a preview of Goku telling people to tune in for the Dragon Ball movie later this year DBS: Resurrection C

>saddest moment

Not using the super dragon balls to bring back every one that was erased, or when goku wins just asks for them to all be brought back by his little buddy's.

Jiren will bow.

Caulibros... assemble!!!

No one cares about spanish you cuck.

no pretty sure he will end Veggie's life.

Get out.

>saddest moment

>writer: Toshio Yoshitaka
Ep. 128 will be good.

>strength absolute
Where have I heard this before...?

every generic shonen ever?

I'm so sad for Vegeta. I wanted him to win the wish :( I hope he at least figures something out with Jiren's weaknesses or does some damage :( Caulifriends and Cabbabros, Vegeta is sorry for failing you

> 17 dealt emotional damage to Jiren

Sasuga Toyotaro

>Super Buu can self destruct
>Perfect Cell can self destruct
>Vegeta can self destruct
>Chiaotzu can self destruct
>Saibaman can self destruct
>Even fucking KAMI could self destruct



It's ok goku will make the wish for vegeta.

They already found out Jiren's weakness. You have to hit him with a really powerful attack while he's not aware of it.

That's his unique interesting weakness, specific to him.

I was confused how he self-destructed too. Did he just pump out a shit ton of energy like Vegeta?

Frieza needs to stop cutting his powers naps short.

If he'd stayed down after his second Toppo beatdown, he'd be at full power by next episode.

I don't know whether to feel upset or laugh at how pathetic Frieza is right now, he literally just showed up for one minute just to get beaten up and knocked out again.

anyone got a gif of #17's rasengan on Jiren?

Well once again, Vegeta has to cover Gokek's pathetic fucking ass because he's too retarded to defend himself. This has happened so many fucking times at this point, Kukarot is seriously letting everyone down. Vegeta is clearly the best chance U7 has at winning this tournament but now he has to sacrifice himself so that U7 can last a little longer in the ring. I hope Jiren destroys Mr. Kissless Wife.

Reminder that Dragon Ball Heroes spoiled the last three contestants way back then

It’s just a foreshadowing of him being forgotten by Jiren

Finally, some backstory for Jiren!

>le evil-doer

Holy shit this writing

I like how they finally gave Jiren some personality and backstory and it turned out to be the most generic shit possible.

Girls without eyebrows are kinda off-putting but SS3 looks nice on them desu


Of course they did, it can matter to the fans.

Okay to make sure that these threads don't turn shit we need to make a few rules.

>First of all no manga Vs anime at this point it's beating a dead horse with how shit the manga is.
>Second no Waifufags in these threads it's stupid how we literally don't know anything about them and Waifufags have already shown up fucking shit up. Besides 18 is the superior option anyway
>Third no Torkansufags or whatever they are called.
>Jobhan fags should also fuck off and stop thinking there boy will do anything other than job.
>Are gtfags allowed? Is it the superior show? NO, HELL NO! Even the worst of super, is still better then the best of gt.
>Furries out!!!
>what about vados and 18 lewd posting? Completely fine and requested!
>Buucucks and Cellfriends should stop shitposting about there irrelevant boys not being in the tournament. If people actually wanted them then they would already be a part of it.
>Copy pasta fags get out!!
>NOBODY LIKES CAULIFLA AND HER AUTISTIC SISTER beacuse they ruined Dragon Ball Super fanbase with public masturbators and femdom fags
>no jobgeta vs lizardcuck
>Don't call all sides cucks and feel superior!
>Finally stop giving these retarded tripfags (You)s
If we all do that then the threads will improve.

The moment Frieza stop seething and composes himself, it's lights out for Jiren.

Frieza's problem is he's tilting like a poker player.

it was fucking incredible seeing it zoom in on freeza during 17's death scene & him grinning deciding not to protect freeza from the blast

Lel. imagine if Hit was still in the ring. Would have fucking mopped the floor with everyone.

>inb4 he only wishes for u6 girls just so he can fight them again


Fuck this show
>goku dies to the spirit bomb and comes back with a new form
>17 gets nothing actually dies
17 should've returned with UI or something

Frieza has gotten noticeably stronger over the course of the tournament.

>jobgeta has to be saved by a fucking robot

Is Vegeta gonna invite Cabba to live with him and Bulma once he's revived?

They waited far too long to give jiren a backstory. Feels too shoe horned in.

Did you not watch it?

They explicitly said exactly that. He exploded himself so as to counter-act the energy from Jiren's attack and cancel it out.

If fucking Kami and Chiaotzu can explode I don't see why 17 can't.

>this is what sHitfags believe
17 is stronger than hit
he actually dealt damage to jiren
>the virgin timeskip vs the chadroid barrier

what if Black killed Jiren's parents?
and he's from a future timeline

>Vegeta uses final explosion, barely survives and unlocks nothing
>17 uses self destruction, just outright dies and nothing of him remains
>Goku falls into a spirit bomb, unlocks the most powerful transformation in DB, so powerful that even GoDs can't enter it properly and he masters it within 20 misn

Hmmmm.... excellent writing Toei

Gohan blanco when?

Jiren's button never got pressed.

Wait until Episode 130, he'll finally hop out of his pocket dimension and fuck Jiren up.

is everyone in dragon ball a fucking voltorb?

/r/ing jiren's meme flip to get down to talk to 17 from this ep

So was 17's death the "terrible thing" that would happen in the Tournament of Power?

Oh shit, I forgot that this whole tournament takes place over the course of a goddamn hour. This is goddamn silly.




Do we know if Vegeta will be knocked out or knocked off next week?


are you blind or brain dead?

He's gonna wish all the universes back don't be selfish.

Jiren is the Master Mutaito of his universe

Almost like goku is the MC or something

There's episodes that take a whole minute off the clock, forget Frieza time we're running on something else entirely.

48 minutes.

There's currently 3 minutes left.

Which means yes, we just got the whole fight between 17/Goku/Vegeta vs. Jiren, then Frieza's little jab, then Jiren's backstory, and THEN 17's sacrifice, all within one minute.

We're cutting it real close to equaling Namek Time.

So let me get this straight:
>17 has 9 eliminations total.
>17 has saved Goku three times.
>17 has saved Vegeta two times.
>17 has saved Frieza two times.
>17 has shown a minor weakness of Jiren's to Goku.
>17 has exposed Jiren's entire backstory by mocking him.

No, Cabba has his own responsibilities.

Hahahahahaha this is the argument EVERY Gokek comes up with.
Fucking autistic retards can't admit when shit writing is shit.

>Vegetacucks dodging this post


he got it before the sky turned green speedwatcher

nigger what? we passed that a long fucking time ago. this was supposed to last half an hour, and now its going on for a literal fucking year.

Calling others autistic and retarded when you make up names of things you don't like.

You sound like the faggots over on Sup Forums with their constant console wars.



Episode 128's title is literally "With Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta Falls!!".

Synopsis of 129 confirms that Vegeta's gone as fuck.

>jobgeta and jobku have to be saved by a fucking robot
remind me why these retards are in the spot light again?

I kinda want Jiren to win now desu.

>it's le joke

Care to explain? One can fall in battle and be unconscious. It's not necessarily fall off stage, though that is a possibility.

Aren't they unable to resurrect someone if they don't have their body anymore? Or was that retconned

What the fuck? Fuck off with that emoticon shit.

Oh my apologies, sorry it had been 25 minutes since he originally got the form! Those 19 minutes make such a big difference.

MVPs don't raise other people's kids

brain dead, got it.


Freeza wins and wishes back every universe Zeno ever erased thus all the multiverse worships him as a God and forget bitch ass zeno

>Those 19 minutes make such a big difference
This but unironically

>He revives the evil doer by doing that
>Everyone was right, Goku brings the destruction of the multiverse by accident

He's the tank with a shield, goku and vegeta are dps. It's the basics.

>Goku gets the Super Dragon Balls
>Everyone: Goku! Don't forget about 17!
>Goku: Oh yeah!
>Goku: I wish for 17's boat
>Series ends with Goku driving 17's boat

Funny how all the people denying this disappeared.

Despite 17 going out with a bang (literally) it's weird to say that out of all the contestants, Roshi still had the best elimination. I love 17 but his was underwhelming as fuck. Don't know if we have awkward directing or censorship to blame for that.

he had to be saved by 17. both him and goku are pathetic and need to be shitcanned.

How many eleminations does Vegeta have? If he has the most it's possible Zenos would give him the wish.

What in the god damned world is this hack writing, Jiren is 2v1ing Goku and Vegeta without even trying at the beginning/middle of the tournament and now suddenly not only does he have to try but his full power he's not even noticeably different from before.

>Jiren putting 90% in
>Sugoiiii Jiren is barely trying