Mitsuboshi Colors

What is she so smug about?

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Why does she sleep like that?

Could have prevented 9/11 but didn't.

Are we all ready for Blue to be best girl again next episode?

She saw the size of you penis

The power she has over men

With no survivors

If by "best girl" you mean "most absolutely annihilated girl ever" then yes definitely.

Being on the receiving end of the bullying only makes her cuter.

Maybe her butt hurts

At least she's still the most /fa/.

For you.

Sorry, nothing top Red budget annihilation.

From what?

Tama-chan = Yui
Other girls = Other girls
Animators = Animators

Being bad at videogames.


is this Non Non Biyori for city dwellers?


Cute. Maybe all lolis should have facial hair


To the Newmanium!

Episode soon.

1 hour and 30 minutes left

To the Kramanium!

Hara hara harapan!

I'd rather do harakissu.

Man of culture.

I rather do haratickle!


This anime needs more cute shots like pic related, if you know what I mean

Which Color is the biggest masochist?

Yui has a big bum

I'd cutely like to shoot that right in the you know what I mean, if you know what I mean

1 bong 14 bings

Kotoha torturing Sacchan while Yui watches is canon

She has a penis.

Is it blue?

Which Color would enjoy harapan the most?

>the lolis are voiced by these ladies
How does that make you feel?

>all streams are showing idolshit


My seiyuufu voices best color so pretty good

Doesn't make me feel anything.
And 3D women look all the same.

They're very good at making loli voices. I want to fuck their vocal cords.


The show has usually been vivid as fuck so it's so weird seeing it with a much muted color palette this time around. I guess Yui really is the blackest Color.

What would be Yui's reaction if I hugged her from behind and started touching her everywhere?




>Blue's leg


Probably Sacchan. She might have some issues from growing up without a father.



This is what made Kotoha Best Girl. God Bless, Yui.

I want to suck their navels.

Oh boy lolidomfags get pandered to again.

God I wish that were me

Living the dream

Me on the left in the truck.

What color are they?


I want Kotoha-chan to step on my dick while insulting me.


And of course they don't forget about the Scat-fags.

Why is blue best?

9/11 averted

Strong front while soft deep down

Which Axis power would each color be

Someone please make that into a webm.

Kotoha is clearly Germany.
Which means Yui is Japan.
And Sacchan is the worst one.



Why is she so shit at video games if her hand eye coordination is so good?

Quick Sup Forums. Kotoha just got hit with the heart rending realization that she's garbage at video games.

Now is your chance to gain her favor. What do you do?

Let her vent her frustrations on me.

So we get smug & despair Kotoha at the same episode, while she wear the best cloth. Yep, SL is Kotoha-fag.

Split her 3DS and bottom in two.

Devilishly smug.

Lick her cunny to cheer her up.


Would be funnier if she accidentally hit his balls.

I mean, can you honestly blame them?

They are so flat.

Whisper sweet words of comfort into her ears.

You make it sound like it's bad thing.

All I want for Christmas is Blue!

That's the best part.

That only makes me harder.

I thought this was a loli show. Why did this episode have so many dapper gentlemen with such fine mustaches?

You mean deliciously flat.

subs out

>Mitsuboshi Colors - 06 480p

What matters is the loli on the inside.

Distraught Kotoha is also incredibly cute.

What about the inside of the loli?