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What if he had lived on?

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Yang admits that he would've been killed by him. Alliance would fall quicker. Most likely no Reuntal Rebellion either. Oberstein would still question why Reinhard keeps Kircheis around. Terrarist plots also could be discovered sooner.

If only.

While we on logh topic, could anyone tell me what's happened to this dude? Did he die or not? Last time we saw him he was dying from wounds exactly the same moment when Reinhard called the truce. The next episode the wasn't called amongst casualities, but wasn't shown amongst survivors either. It infuriated me, because he was the second most important person in Rosenritter. Maybe it'm more clear in books.

probably dead then

literally who?

What was his endgame?

>not instantly recognizing every secondary logh character
Linz, he was Shoenpopf's right hand man. He lead Rosenritter after Walter got other work on Iserlohn.
They could at least name him with Mashengo and others then. He was nice enough to draw Julian's portrait


Then maybe Reinhard wouldn't have lost every fleet battle against Yang.

I tend to think that Reinhard wouldn't even clash with Yang that much, with Kircheis around. Kircheis was benevolent and not bloodthirsty, he probably would appeal for peace between FPA and Empire. And of course he would never let Reinhard to do enything so vile as letting a child being kidnapped just to get a cause for invasion.

What was the Terraist plan?

>put Fork on a ship
>inform Yang that Fork is coming
>blow up Fork before Yang can make contact
>with Yang's trust earned, freely board Yang's ship
But why bother with that extra work?
>put nobody on a ship
>inform Yang that "Fork" is coming
>blow up "Fork" before Yang can make contact
>with Yang's trust earned, freely board Yang's ship
This would have worked just as well.

But they still had to kidnap Fork from hospital, so Konev coud take the threat seriously and transfer it to Yang. And if they'd blow up an empty ship, they had to deal with keeping crazy Fork somewhere with them.
If you had a choice to blow up or not to blow up Fork, what would you choose? Yes, exactly.

Kidnap Fork, kill Fork, then blow up an empty ship. Giving Fork too much freedom could work out poorly if he zigs when you expect him to zag.

In which episode does Yang and Kircheis meet?

Well, maybe they just took some precautions in case if fake Empire ships won't be fast enough and Yang's crew will suspect that Fork's ship is too quiet. Also, while it's not consistent in the series, it's implied that that armed ships can't fly and operate without a fairly big crew, that's why every battle takes so many casualities.

I think you're not working this from a mindset of a group that's been scheming and dealing for a long ass time. Keep in mind Terra cult is also behind Phezzan.

wasn't kicheis the only one to actually beat yang fair and square, but couldn't capitalize on it because of circumstances? he always came off as an incredibly skilled commander who simply never had the mindset required for it because he was doing it all for reinhard and annerose aka the blandest woman in existence.

Kircheis fought off Yang during Alliance Invasion, but he would be against invading Alliance. Yang Wenli said himself that with Kircheis around achieving peace would be easier.

Siegfried "fry everything with zephyr particles till victory" Kircheis

I'm more interested in what would have happened if Oberstein had defected to Yang after he conquered Iserlohn.


Yang = Kircheis
Julian = Reinhard

same shit different dynamic
if he was still alive they would still win everything forever just faster

The Reich turns into USSR, paranoia of murder and shit gets big, its likely Obs will get the alliance head to nominate Earth as capital if they win to get Terraist suport for terrorism. Its likely the Empire loses its gallant attitude and starts straight up aiming for a genocide campaign in response.

Oberstein would never do that, everything Yang stands for is against his vision

>Julian = Reinhard
Wait, what, in what way Julian is Reinhard? Im genuinely curious. The only common thing they had is bout being extremely talented from young age

He would fall into depression after rainhardo-sama dying from illness

Oberstein would never have corrupted Reinhard, Reuental wouldn't have gone traitor, the war would have been won in half the time with half the casualties, and Phezzan would be annexed and put out of the game sooner rather than later.

Prisonner's exchange between the FPA and the Empire after the FPA invasion by Fork get BTFO I think.

I wonder why they don't build their armours in a way that you cannot hit trough it with a fucking axe. You should be able to make relatively light axe-proof suits even with today's technology.

His penis would fall into Annerose's gaping prostitute vagina and breed a whole baseball team's worth of friends for the new kaiser alec.

Its the same thing as what would have happened if Yang accepted Reinhards offer for becoming his fleet admiral. They would have reformed the empire and there would have been peace after that. But:

Zu jeder Zeit, an jedem Ort, ist das tun der Menschen das gleiche!


It's Schönkopf. Literally: Beautyhead.

>Zu jeder Zeit, an jedem Ort, ist das Tun der Menschen das Gleiche!


Can't wait to see how this perfection of a man will be depicted in the upcoming remake

Most fearsome alliance soldiers name is Prettyface

I see no lies

Peace between the Empire and the Alliance.


Isn't that what entirely defines both of their characters tho?

talented, romantic, driven. blond-haired, bishounen as hell

Only thing that was keeping Julian from winning like Reinhard was the fact that the more laid-back Yang was in charge.

>annerose aka the blandest woman in existence.
fuck you, I bet her pussy nectar was incredible.

>Kircheis just hit to disarm the guy while random guard takes the hit instead
>Peace is made on the space because Kircheis keep our emperor calmed because he is the voice of the reason
>show ends in 30 episodes now

Wish we had a "remake" with the same plot but Kircheis never got killed and this changed everything.


Realistically speaking, was he actually better than yang?

Yes and no, Yang "no blacks on my ship" Wenly relied way too much on his enemy having an adrenaline rush and ordering all ships to pursue them into an obvious trap even if they had more ships and back up coming to finish him off, Kircheis was always calmed and smart just like Reinhard how do you trick someone that actually cares for his own fleet into charging a half defeated fleet just to rank up more kills? one time reinhard had yang almost defeated but he used a minefield trick and the emperor (sick already) ordered ALL the ships to go there leaving his guards alone and breaking such a perfect formation.

Eh, I'd say the word defining Reinhard is "ambitions". Julian didn't have one ambitious bone in his body, he could let himseld being berated and insulted in front of woman he liked.

Well, if the new adaptation will run out of budget maybe theyll go this way. It'd be a win/win, both of best boys are alive and no more 100+ episodes in the new style.

>What if he had lived on?
Then Wahlen, Bittenfield, Poplan and Kateroze would die. Kircheis had to be sacrificed so other gingers could live.

Yang wants stability and peace with as few deaths as possible.
Oberstein wants stability and peace with as few deaths as possible.
This is in contrast with Reinhard, who wants stability and peace achieved with as many deaths as possible, and the galaxy permanently stained with the blood of dead soldiers as his legacy.

Imagine Oberstein working for Yang, publicly obeying Yang's weak and toothless orders, but secretly doing the dirty work behind Yang's back to ensure that Yang never fails.

but it will ruin LOGH forever with that new style and fujoshit.

>and fujoshit
We've always had fujoshit, youngster. Go find some other bandwagon to hop on.

>ober the oberstein joins Yang
>first thing he does is plan the murder of many people on the high senate.

Wiki says he's alive

well yeah we had a lot of fujo stuff but that was /cm/ tier instead of /hm/ tier.

I find it hard to believe that Yang would ever agree to something like letting Westerland get nuked. Oberstein is absolutely a "ends justify the means" sort of person, Yang is principled to a fault

Most of the time they hit the parts that aren't armored, at the joints.

Yang would immediately give the order to stop the new shit, but Oberstein would plan ahead and give him the wrong timetable.
>"Oops it happened earlier than we expected, kakka."

Cry me a river about new style

He probably wouldn't even tell Yang about it ahead of time.

Yang's definitely not listening to Oberstein if he tried to pull the same stunt he did with Reinhard. Oberstein likely wouldn't even tell him in the first place in a similar situation, since Yang would obviously tell him to stop the nukes

>Random screenshots are comparable to the promotional material they use to showcase their new design.

>by the way kakka the empire came and i ordered everyone on the frontlines (first planets) to fall back and take all the food from the civilians and made it so the empire drain their resources
>i also let the president get killed

I want to believe yout trips of truth, but wiki is done by fans, they could do mistakes

New designs still makes me want to kill myself. I want their fluffy hair back.

The truth behind new spiky hair. is that it's easier to render in 3D models.

But that's husbandofaggotry, user.

Oberstein's evil plan would be to run a write-in campaign without Yang's knowledge which elects Yang as High Council Chairman.
>I'm sorry, kakka, but the petition was submitted 5 hours ahead of schedule.
>I'm sorry, kakka, but an anonymously-run PAC cannot be investigated under Code 47, Section 128 of Ba'alat Starzone law.
>I'm sorry, kakka, or should I say... kakka.

Would waifufaggotry be any better?

So in the end, was Oberstein death a result of a bad miscalculation or was it some sort of a elaborate suicide to atone for his sins? I guess he knew that without the Blond Brat in charge his career is basically over.


But seriously, Basugay sameface is retarded. They could have gotten a better character designer for a big show like LOGH.

Oberstein's death was a perfect closure to his keikaku. He made sure to use Reinhard to got rid of everyone who would harm stability, then he waited when the only last person in the way of stability, the Reinhard himself is going to die. Then Oberstein realised that there is one more person in the way of peace and order - the Oberstein himself, so he took care of that too.

What a dreamy Yang you got there

It was more like sacrificing a pawn to stall some time while Reinhart dies due to illness and not because of some shitty terrorists.
Also, he mentioned something about being alive is not the only way you can be useful before, IIRC

So his last way to spoil Reinhard's mood was to rub him of easy and heroic death, forcing him to fade showly for several hours mumbling like a retard. Bravo, Oberstein!

He's the most handsome man in the universe alright.

Every time I see this picture it warms my heart but then I remember that Magician never got to met the second most handsome man in the universe ;_;

I can't believe that I'll have to endure the same pain again while reading the novels, and if the new adaptation ever gets there, even a second time.

I'm pretty sure I won't shed a tear over nu-Yang, but who knows

I cried bitch tears when it happened despite being spoiled and couldn't go back to watching LOGH for 3 weeks. I can't trust myself either.

Why didn't they have the same type of epaulettes as the previous fleet admirals?, it always bothered because they looked like they belonged to a dress instead of a military uniform.

but julian was driven because of yang. before yang died, he worked hard to support him, and after yang died, he worked hard to support yang's legacy. by himself, he wouldn't have had reinhard's level or drive or ambition.

Messy hair is part of Yang's charm though. Why doesn't Frederica just worry about fixing her own hair? It's the worst hair in the galaxy.

Unironically left is better

I liked Yang even more after learning why he keeps his hair that way. Speaking of Frederica's hair, the only redeeming thing about the new designs will be that no one will have mullets.

What makes me mad is that this was in the "past" according to author. He had already had in his mind how the future would be like, but iirc his editor told him to write about yang&reinhard since it seemed more interested than the future parts he wanted to write about.

I hate him for not continuing the timeline, it ends so abrubtly imho, yes saga of reinhard and yang ends but damn I'm curious about what was going to happen next.
bloody hell, nearly forgot about him, how great was the cast and even small cameos had personality/traits/habits to them. Thats why the show seemed realistic to me.

But that's the era of legends, and after it is the era of history. If you continue the story into history then legends and history will become mixed up. Too much of the legends will be trusted and too little of the history will be believed.

He'd have curbed Reinhard's autism. Definitely no war after Barlat.

He keeps referring to what future historians say about the events in LOGH, so I'm curious about the future too. I wish he wrote an epilogue-like story about it, for example a peek at one of those future historians. The story about Yang investigating a past event in the Gaiden was interesting; I'd read something like that with the roles changed.

Sorry english is not my native language, maybe couldn't explain myself clearly. But at first he was supposed to right about the post reinhard-yang period anyways, he included yang-reinhard only as a backstory at first, similar to the sirius vs earth war that we heard about in the middle of the anime.
But his editor convinced him to write about yang-reinhard instead.
So the post reinhard timeline is already on authors mind, he just refuses to write it down. Thats pisses me off, I want an epilogue damit.

Based Guen Van Hugh coming through. Just try and stop him.

I got what you meant. An epilogue would be really nice to see how the legendary era affected history in the end. It doesn't need to (and probably can't) be a lengthy saga, but some sort of short story would suffice.
Editor-san looks like he knows what he's doing though. I can't bring myself to blame him for prompting Tanaka to write about those two.

Reinhard would have gone on to be extremely experienced in anal sex

Im watching the prequel ova's right now, and im loving every second of them.

What's the story behind his hair?

Just a reminder that in the novel, Rainhard gave the order to let Westerlands be nuked. Anime made it more ambiguous to have Rainhard save some face.

>watching the prequel ova
Don't do this unless you've already watched the main OVA series.

>no one will have mullets.
I alredy hate the remake, but now it can just go and die even more.

Because all of military uniform was chaged after Reinhard crowned himself. Not just officers, the whole army. He maybe was a brilliant warrior, but his taste in fashion is questionable.

He normally preferred to keep his hair short, but one day, some superior told him to cut his hair. He went full grumpy and refused to cut his hair and has had an unruly head since then.

Female mullets are hot, fight me