Märchen Mädchen

New anime character setting revealed, left to right:
ロシア校  タチアナ(CV.小澤亜李)
アメリカ校 アンジェリーナ(CV.佐藤亜美菜)
日本校   日野さち(CV.田所あずさ)

>New anime character setting revealed
What? Anime original?

Man I really hope Häzuki is naked in the next episode.

She should be naked for the whole episode.

Freedom-chan's friend is cute.

i hope she cries in the episode

Characters from later novel volumes that would appear in the anime in later episodes.

I couldn't Häzuki, could you?


Are there anyone translating the novel?

The final episode should be her going full Cinderella but with the twist that only she sees the dress and to the rest of the school she is naked and the others confront her for it at the end for maximum bullying.

I'd be okay with that being next episode.

She is always naked in her heart.

Here's some naked girls.

We only want Häzuki


I want Ariko.

This show would be better if Hazuki was a JC

Doujins when?

Haduki is so small and thick. I really want to roughly use her as my personal onahole, fucking her senselessly and making her cry until she breaks as I fill up her tiny womb.

Why is Chyna so cute?

Please kill yourself

Ample growth rates and two big economies.

The daughter of my mum's husband Hàzuki is very cute

I wish for NTR where the smug American fucks one of them while the other is forced to watch.

wtf I hate America now.

Sun Wukong/Journey to the West would beat all other Origins if this show was about actual historical/cultural powerlevels.

Literally i love you


I hope she's telling Hazuki how beautiful the moon is tonight.