>5' 3"
what's with japan making animes about tiny little boys

5'3" isn't tiny you asshole.

Shorties are cute.

I'm barely taller than that

Guess how I know your height.

He's 21?!

ASEAN general?

still taller than me

5'3" is a fine height for a girl, you qts have nothing to worry about ;o

i'm a man

you're a boy

tiny little baby "man"

Manlets are the in thing in Japan now, they managed to make shortness a selling point.

Do you post on /fit/ by any chance?

debased gay man

well yeah how else did you think his younger sister got married.

When is he gonna fug the diner chick.

As a bi-man myself i agree.

It's tiny enough that you're a manlet to manlets.


they can't relate to non-manlets

there's manlet and then there's 5' 3" "tall"

Average Japanese male height is 5'7"

>4 inch difference
that's like saying a 5' 5" actor is fine because the average american is 5' 9"

>the average american is 5' 9"
This can't be right.

I'm 6.0.

As much as anime wants you to believe it, America is not all giant white and black dudes.

5'3 is like 1 in 500 short. It's about as normal as being 6'8. Any way you want to look at it that's a tiny human being.

you mean tiny "human being" surely


t. 5' 3

why the fuck is Sup Forums not calling the faggot that is OP?

Man people have too much time on their hands

The only time Sup Forums users put in any effort into any post they make, it's to embarrass someone.

Trying to impress other males online is kinda gay

Geass was good because I am 6'4 and it's easier to self insert. Otherwise it's pretty depressing.

Fuck off and kill yourself.
wew lad

tiny little boys getting mad over tiny little things

Don't take it too seriously, it's a running gag on it, with Zapp teasing him constantly on his size.

>tfw 5'3"

kill me

zapp is 5' 10" lol, he should be more worried about himself