Me holding a handkerchief

me holding a handkerchief

JC are better

OP pic is heaven.

Me watching PUBG stream from my iPhone.

me with the cat ear on the left

>tfw no yuri sleepover with Sup Forums and /u/

Me showing my butt to the camera, because I just love showing off.

You're the cutest one in the room.

That's rude with the other girls.

me getting molested by a twintail

Me sucking on the dic...I mean banana.

I'm the one next to her and I'm nervous because I was confessing. A confession that you rudely stepped all over.

me with the braided hair

That's not a handkerchief.

Is this the roleplaying thread for gay men?

but gay men do not like cute girls

Yes. Is that why you're here?

No, this is

Eh, aren't you all pretending to be little girls? What about and his love for bananas?

I guess you could say that I like gay men, yeah.

It's not gay if user is a little girl too.

Lesbianism is a thing, but I don't think any of you are girls. More like old men.


You cannot go around accusing people like that if you do not have proof, mister.

Why did they ask little girls to pose naked?


I know you guys very well, mister old man. Well, nevermind that, I just wanted to say hi.

these make me envision some kind of a weaboo sistine chapel with these pictures painted on the ceiling

Hello to you.

>just want to have a fun sleepover with yer m8s
>that one person that wears see-through negligee and makes everything awkward for everyone

She's going nopan too.

Thank you. Thread reported, blah blah. This thread doesn't count. Bye now.