How can other girls even compete?

How can other girls even compete?

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I want to kiss her massive forehead.

By having an even bigger forehead.

By having better taste in boys.

By being the girl who inspired her design.

I tried to draw her, in a slightly more cartoonish style.

She needs more doujins than the three she has.

They can't in term of forehead length.


What's wrong

she looks uncanny like one of those disgusting barbie dolls, it's the eyes that are unsettling me

user is posting a image to illustrate that he wants to please himself.

I want to impregnate her.

by what method?

mating press.

What's her end game

The forehead is magic.

mating press.


Spinning piledriver


>calling others cancer

>Nagotoro is pure blushing maiden
>Takagi is pure slut
Makes sense.

dumb forehead poster

Nagotoro doesn't seem to pleased with the situation though. Seems like she failed to grab the man she loved, and lost to clearly superior woman.

>no one made a screencap of all the (you)'s when it was first posted


Nobody has one, I'm guessing? Man that would be a kick to see

who is this


This bitch is so ugly

yeah! Fuck you nagatoro san! Takagi is the new bully queen!

But smart

Some japanese girls get surgery to get sexy a forehead like Takagi's

Shge needs semen on the forehead

Don't worry she gets dumb later.


by black men

Will Takagi ever be as into anal as Iori is?


>QT azn gf material
>pays ridiculous money to look like filthy white thot
>literally was her life goal to look like the überwhore
Two fucking nukes weren't enough, lads

Marriage and child birth does that to women. The only way to remain smart is to remain celibate.


Yes? It kinda does since they spend all their resources on the parasites instead of self improvement

tips fedora