So was she autistic?

So was she autistic?


>azudai 2018 adaptation
>sakaki is a twitter gravure model who only follows cat accounts

Autism does not mean "any introverted or quirky behavior", so probably not.

They wouldn't really do this right?

Remember to avoid swineflu vaccines, Sup Forums

what happened to the lesbian that wanted to enter those sweet autistic pants?

No, but Osaka probably has ADD, and Tomo probably has ADHD.

She grew up too fast. She and Chiyo could switch bodies, and everything would be fine.

They might both be happier...

Fuck you

All catfags are by default autists.
t. Proud pitbull owner

Daily reminder Koarin slept with Sensei for better marks

God I fucking hope not. Social media shit is the lazy man's comedy, just wouldn't work in a series like Azumanga. One of the best things about it was the time period it was set in.

That said, Yukari or Nyamo? I'm going to go with Nyamo on this one.

Who's that?

Yukari, I want actually intelligent kids.



I want to finish this show but it's too slow for me.
Pic unrelated

You are slow, user

What would a date with either Nyamo or Yukari be like?

wasting money and time in return of sex that cannot feed your soul

That's why I like Tomo

>What would a date be like?
I don't play those vidya games.

Slightly rotten milk

i would fuck her big autitstics

Locked in Kimura's sex dungeon.

At that stage, it's only the taste that's bad. You could still drink it for nourishment and not get sick. You could also still bake w/ it, and knock out any bad taste w/ heat and sugar.


No, she was just lonely

Yomi best girl. This is a fact.

I'm pretty sure you're alone in thinking that, user. No one likes that cold, sour girl.


So what happened with this anime that caused Azuma to block a Yotsubato adaptation? Was done pretty well

Next to Sakaki, she's probably the most normal girl in the whole series.

>Yomi, Sakaki and Nyamo are my three favourites

I wonder what this says about my taste.

Pros: Owns car, stable job, self-reliant, fun at parties, exciting in bed
Cons: Lazy, physically abusive, bad with money

Pros: Motherly, encourages you to do your best, positive outlook
Cons: Compensates for lack of personality by being kind of slutty, but is also bland and unenthusiastic in bed. Nags you all the time.

Osaka did nothing wrong

>was in Osaka last month during my first trip to japan
>azumanga was right, they really don't wait for the light to change before they start crossing the street
>mfw anime taught me a real stereotype

>Exciting in bed

Any evidence to suggest this? It's been years since I've watched the series but it was always Nyamo who was always the more perverted one.

>Sakaki VA use Sakaki character voice for Chisato sensei from Shinmai Maou no Testament
My dick almost exploded when she moan at the sex scene

She's also Medusa in F/SN too. I knew there was a reason I loved her.

I liked the doujin where the events as depicted in canon are just occuring in Osaka's head and in reality she's stalking the girls, tearing Chiyo's hair out by the roots and stuff and in the background Kaorin's being sexually assaulted by Kimura but it's still played for laughs somehow

eh, Yukari just seems like the type
Nyamo's certainly experienced, but idk about actual perversion. She's such a straight-laced person it's hard to imagine her taking charge or being unselfconscious.

She also did Otome-chan in Otome Dori.

It's confirmed then. Asakawa is the most perfect woman ever.

Well yes, of course she was. Better put her on SSRI before she starts acting weird around all of us NORMAL people.

Explain this picture.

Pick one, you bonkler

A little girl stuck in a body of a sex bomb

Reminds me how sexy that one internet ova Osaka prototype was.


So you actually want to be a cuck then?

No. She was cute.

Not even a contest

>Lazy, physically abusive
Is it weird that I consider these pros?

>daft punk Osaka
How long as it been since it was made? 13 years? 14 years?