Shounen manga about a dishwasher that prides himself on being the best in the world

>shounen manga about a dishwasher that prides himself on being the best in the world

Could this potentially work?

You'd need him to have a big goal, at least one rival, power levels, and the chance for a tournament arc of some kind.

Yeah, I could work with that.

What about a series about a bunch of characters that are the best in the world at a range of mundane tasks?

A person who's job is washing dishes, or an anthropomized dishwashing machine?

in the end, he realizes it was all a dream, his delusions - he will be a loser forever, it cuts to him hanging from a rope via silhouette

A person that washes dishes.

make it a sport. we could talk after that.

He has to make nationals first



How would a dishwashing tournament even work? Who ever can clean the most dishes? The cleanliness? The shine?

I use a secret blend of washing up liquids to leave the least residue and speed up drying

As someone who was a dishwasher for 4 years out of high school, and got damn fucking good at it, I'd watch.

The main character is a college dropout who chose to take a dishwasher position at a local pancake house. He was studying chemistry at the University of Tokyo and was top in his class but dropped out due to stress. He chose the dishwashing job because all he really wants is an easy life free from stress. His job thinks he's a loser until one day they witness his dishwashing cleaning technique and realize his genius. He uses his math and chemistry knowledge to analyze and wash dirty dishes.

There's a Josei about a woman who wants to be the best department store clothing section shop floor attendant there is that is basically that already.

there are machines for that and they've been around since 1887

No, it's all technique and YAMATO DAMASHI for hte MC, but other ones use Secret Chemicals from brand dishwasher liquid corporations, who are the real antagonists.

That makes it even better:
Those that stack dishes and cutlery in the machine fastest while still allowing dishes to be washed well by the machine are the winner, that's what TOP LOADER is all about.

What you do is invent an international restaurant competition in which Grorious Nippon has never been able to triumph because they're let down by poor scores in the hygiene category. The romantic subplot involves a female chef, the villain is American and power escalates through the challenge of ever more tricky to clean dishes.

Japan Nationals arc, Olympic pre-qualifiers, Real Foodie Olympics, Underworld illegal cuisine arc, International Swine Flu Outbreak save the world through cleanliness and nutrition arc where all the heroes and villains team up.

One of the arcs will be about MC becoming faster and more efficient than washing machines.

His sponge is rotating so fast! Check his rpm on the Scouter!!

>He gets the idea for his spinning sponge technique from watching fidget spinner videos on JAVtube
>series becomes an instant hit and outsells One Peice

the moral of the :
rich people cannot survive without poor people

>americans use machines while the honourable japanese use spirit and technique