Classroom of the Elite

Are we living in the Age of Gyaru right now? A mob character became the MC main love interest on top of getting the most screentime in recent arcs. Is this straight Yuzu a miracle?

Kei a best.

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ProtoKushida was a bitch?

Why is she a straight Yuzu? Are you talking about Yuzu from Citrus?

>Are you talking about Yuzu from Citrus?
yes he is
>Why is she a straight Yuzu?
Because both have Ayana Taketatsu for VA and both are hot blonde gyarus

Horikita is still best girl.

Get a room and please leave. This thread is a non-shitpost zone.

Cover girls are just dying. Megumi, Yoshino, Kei, the list will only keep getting longer.

Ooohhh shit

She is the main heroine and is the titular girl. She would have been on the first cover if the author didn't troll around to be meta funny.
Her chance of winning is 10% at best
Exception to the rule

Basically Yuzu with different hairstyle and sexual orientation

I wouldn't put Yoshino there

whats the latest translated ln volume guys?

latest completely translated is vol 4.5.
the translations have for a while been focused on vol 7.5 so in about a week, the lastest completely translated volume will be 7.5.
afterwards vol 5 translation will start

She's way too cute. Easily the best looking Youkoso

Tachibana begs to differ

I wouldn't say it's easy. She wins because of her unbeatable proportions, not because cuteface. Or rather because of the combination of both. But damn if all girl designs aren't hot as all hell.

Post her picture and I'll be the judge

Ok I'll take back my "easily" comment
She still resides at the top of the mountain. Her predatory look, her genki personality. Holy shit, this girl was designed to make me diamonds

That outfit is a sin!!!

For Sudo.


Absolutely necessary

she's beautiful but her character personality is generic af, not until the revelation of her darkness of course

Well, there are quite a lot of Enjo Kosai Touyama Nao's characters

How can she get screen time if it's in a light novel?

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Best girl.

What will be the sex between them? Vanilla?

Pure Vanilla.

Darkness devouring each other.

Vanilla, defloration, virgin

Their eye contact conversations started in 5th volume so it's a staring contest!

Never was

Can the stares take their clothes off?

The eye contact started back in vol 4 with the darkness stuff. Everything was foreshadowed
>Karuizawa's darkness. Her pupils. They overlapped with him.
>Those who choose to carries their darkness with them are ATTRACTED. And then, devoured upon by one another.
>And finally, those who carries darkness, will envelope the other's darkness with themselves.

So basically they'll do it in the warehouse?

The age of gyaru was the 90's. It will never be topped.

whorikita a shit

50% is keen on learning stuff. bet there will be a lot of kinky, passionate sex once they've been doing it for a while

Kei best girl. Nobody can even compete.

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I agree

Looks like Kei when she see MC looking on another Girl and confront him?

I hate Kei and all the attention she’s getting. I hope this is just the author setting her up for death.


I can see it happen. Set her up to make people like her and then kill her off to cause a change in MC. A character’s death won’t have any impact if you don’t let the readers warm up to them.

Yea sure dude

it's time to read Kei vol 4 SS


I don’t like Kei either but you have to pretend to like Kei here or they’ll hang you.

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There is literally no reason to hare her. You can not like her, but why hate her.

It's the same as yesterday and before yesterday. They want to achieve 600 shit posts with 50 people.

Why is someone saying they don’t like a character considered a shitpost?

>Why is someone saying they don’t like a character considered a shitpost?
>I hope this is just the author setting her up for death.
>Set her up to make people like her and then kill her off to cause a change in MC.
This is not that type of story, so these kind of posts wishing for the death of a character are clearly shitposts. If you can't see that, then you are part of the problem

Haha I love Kei too. Kei is great.

恵 a best

Brainlet detected. A death of a character isn’t a literal death. It means they stop appearing after an event.

Ok, so you are the shitposter. I wish you are killed off from these threads, I'd rather have threads not reaching 100 posts than human garbage like you trying to turn this into a daily 600+ shitposts thread

It won't happen with Kei regardless. Her Vol 4 SS tells us that she will be around till the end of the series so all this talk about Kei's death is pointless and a waste of time.

Let’s all get along now Keifriends.

Death seems very unfitting for the story as it's been so far. Although, there is room for that in scope of Ayanokouji's character, either in backstory or in current story -- he is capable of killing. But the only people befitting being murdered would probably just be his father or other White Room kids if they enroll. Meaning that he might have to kill them to defeat them.
Also, but I'm not truly serious about this, Arisu's heart problems make her very killable. Like, if he can get her to do remotely strainous physical activity, she'll die.

I could say the same for you. I’m getting tired of every thread being all about how Kei is the best. If you just want to circlejerk a character go to reddit and make a subreddit for all your circlejerking needs.

If Kinugasa really wanted a impactful death, Horikita would be the one
>first cover girl
>class D leader
>make Manabu regretting being so cold to her
>detective arc
>50% using that to expel Kushida

This sounds like a good mystery arc

Every thread has a X is best girl. Kei has the most because she's had the most attention in the LN recently and is the closest to 50%, it's not hard to figure that out.

Stay tired.

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How about you take your own advice and go to Reddit if best girl posts trigger you so much.

Yeah Imma have to agree with 168359048. Before 7.5 came out I think Ichinose had the most "best girl" useless posts for a while. It started to annoy anons too. I dont really mind the posts themselves but sometimes it starts shitposting. It will subside soon hopefully

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I'm going to be dumping part 1 of the Each Individual's Way of Spending chapter of volume 7.5 now. It's a long one and it's around 80% translated right now. I'll post what I've finished so far, then give me an hour or so to translate the rest and I'll post them too. In any case, I'll try to finish off part 1 of the chapter entirely tonight.

The 24th, it's now Christmas Eve. Today and tomorrow, even as they busy themselves, couples will be spending time together in happiness. On the other hand, for the majority of students though, it may be a day that has nothing to do with them. However, since Christmas Eve will be occurring equally for them as well, I am slightly interested in their way of spending it.
In the early morning, I left my room before 7 o'clock in the morning. Strangely enough, today I have promised to meet up with men on two separate occasions. I had called out to one for a meeting and the other invited me for said meeting, how bizarre.

As I left the dormitory, the entire surroundings had turned white, and made me think of a full-fledged winter.
"So it's something that piles up like this".
The power of nature truly is amazing. Snow was still falling heavily from the sky but according to the forecast, around 7 o'clock it is due to stop falling, so it should stop soon.
Perhaps because the coldness was highlighted visually, but even though the temperature was not that different from yesterday, strangely I felt chilled.

I should consider using gloves and mufflers already. Of course, prior to 7 o'clock during the winter vacation, most of the students were still sleeping in.
"It's cold".
On the bench near Keyaki Mall, naturally there was no sign of anyone. After wiping the snow off the bench, I sat down there. Around the time the snow stopped falling, that man appeared.
"Don't go around calling someone out this early in the morning".
The one who spat that out was the leader of Class C, Ryuuen Kakeru. No, former leader. And with a sharp glint in his eyes, he glared at me.
"I wouldn't be able to call you out here if it wasn't a time like this with no one around".


It's true. Look:

"That's for your convenience. That has nothing to do with me".

It was understandable that Ryuuen would curse like that. Certainly, the one who would be inconvenienced by someone witnessing is meeting, is if I had to say, me. A variety of rumors.....or even if not, there's no avoiding a troublesome rumor spreading around.
"So? What business do you have with me?".
"I was thinking we could gossip. If I said that what would you do?".
"Hah. That's a funny joke for this shitty, sleepy morning".
Even though it was still early morning, Ryuuen understands well the risk I'm taking.

He's never even once thought, from the start, that this conversation held no meaning.
"Speaking of which, I saw you yesterday. And also, elsewhere, I saw Ishizaki and the others".
It also served as evidence that Ryuuen had indeed resigned as leader as he had declared. I cannot rule out the possibility of it being faked, but after seeing Ishizaki and the others, that's not possible. In the first place, there's no advantage to them in making it seem that way to me.
"Are you happy that you were able to prevent me from dropping out of school like you intended?".
"I was impressed. Even though you're alone now, you didn't end up secluding yourself away inside your room".

"I'm free to do whatever I want wherever I want. Or, do you succumb to anxiety whenever you see me? Because you don't know when, with what timing, I'll decide on revenge".
"And I'll regret it then, huh? That I didn't expel you".
Ryuuen places a leg on the bench beside the one I'm sitting on, and boldly sweeps the snow off it. Then, he firmly sat down on it.
"If possible I'd like you to hold off on that. It's for the sake of a peaceful school life as well too, but it's also a bother to fight against you".

(Continued. This is pic related scene)

Stop shitposting already, Horikitafag. Nobody cares about your autism.

If I play along with Ryuuen's methods, it'll tire me out more than necessary.

Beaten down by his persistence, I can imagine the state of the ones who had fallen under Ryuuen's umbrella.
"Then don't call me out. You're wasting the miracle of me coming out like this".
Let's leave the small talk at this and cut to the chase. If I mess up the timing clumsily, then Ryuuen will leave this place without mercy. Not only that, but the continuation of the rooftop may even occur in that case.
"Regarding the rooftop incident back then, I was thinking I'd like to add something".

What are you thinking of now, is what Ryuuen is probably thinking. Especially if I'm going to analyze his defeat, it's certainly not something that would be pleasant for him. However, it is vital that I explain to him the parts he missed while conveying the facts to him.
"That place was where the decisive judgement occurred, Ryuuen. Probably, if you had been alone there, even now you'd be obsessing over the rooftop incident and you might have been able to fight me again".
But, Ibuki, Ishizaki and also Albert were also there at that place with him. It is also a fact that this was one of the main factors that caused Ryuuen to hasten his decision.

If the situation had aggravated, the riskiness rises proportionately. In the worst case scenario, there is the possibility that it won't end with the responsibility being shoved onto Ryuuen alone. Not just that instance, he made his surrender after seeing ahead of that. It was a hand worth playing. Of course, I manipulated him into doing that but as far as living up to expectations go, Ryuuen has high potential.
"Truly, you're a bastard who's screwing around, I'm amazed at the lengths you go to in taking that attitude of condescension towards your opponents. I thought doing that was my specialty but when you do it like that, I'm going out of business".
"I was only telling you the truth".


"I don't even have to think about how saying that benefits you. It means it has something to do with the fact that you even used Ishizaki and the others to stop me from dropping out, right?".
I had expected him to catch on if I properly carried the flow of the conversation but it seems like the prospects of that are dim.
"You and your craftiness. Do you think I'll still make a move?".
"Move? What do you mean?".
"Don't play dumb. I'm talking about you trying to make me strike at other classes. If not, there's no reason to keep me around in this school".

If I don't use Ryuuen, his existence will be nothing more than an impediment. He chose to drop out on his own so if I had left him to his own devices that would have been the end of it, it's easy to think that.
"Is your motivation not coming back? Aren't you the type of man who enjoys conflict?".
"Even if I crush Class B or Class A, as long as you remain, there's no meaning to any of it".
There's no meaning. That's quite a definitive statement.

"What? Has your spirit been broken that much by just one defeat?".
As I said that, Ryuuen's eyes lit up with an emotion that resembled slight anger.
"Shall I go on a rampage here then? If that's what you wish".
"I said too much. Please forgive me".
If the matter with Ibuki, Ishizaki and the others didn't exist, I would have probably already been beaten up and sent flying.
This man here doesn't know fear.
Then, he learnt fear.

However, even so, Ryuuen would probably coolly stand up and fight here. He has more than enough potential to move forward even as he feels terrified. Of course, this only applies if he remembers to move forward and mature without dropping out of school.
"We've already settled the score between us. From now on, I won't bring up the incident on that rooftop. I promise you this is the last time. Now on top of that, let's talk".


I hate all gyaru characters but Kei is ok. Mostly because she doesn’t act like one.

Of course, Ryuuen won't believe mere verbal promises. At the very most, this is just being done pro forma, words meant to console him.
"Suspicious. Even if we continue this conversation, it's pointless. I doubt anything beneficial to me can come from this, I'll be taking my leave".
Perhaps his discomfort index has risen, but he moves to leave.

"Not necessarily".
I stopped Ryuuen, who made a move to get up. The act of attempting to leave too, looking at it from Ryuuen's perspective, may be a strategy meant to draw out my words. It was precisely because he had thought something was up that he left the dorm this early in the morning. He probably had no intention of going back empty-handed in the first place.
Then, without looking at me, Ryuuen sat back down.
"You're free to interpret what I'm about to say in any way you like. However, from now on, don't you think it'll be boring if simple battles continue on endlessly?".

Towards me, who kept on continuing with the riddle-like questions, Ryuuen seemed frustrated but immediately replied.
"Simple battles, you say?".
"Class D beats Class C, then beats Class B and finally beats Class A. Then joyously, Horikita and the others become Class A. For a story outline, it seems like the popular, easy way out. But, what I'm saying is that we don't need to be hung up on such patterns".
If this were a simple, adventure action picture, we may have properly struck in order of weakness. However, this is reality. There is no such thing as a sequence when it comes to battles.

We're free to start attacking from A or B. It is not out of the question for us to join hands with C, who happens to be our enemy, as well.
"Interestingly enough, it seems starting from the 3rd semester, Class A will be attacking Class B. While the enemy's attention is focused on Class B, it's possible to take them from behind and in one stroke, collapse Class A entirely".
And this would no longer make it a pointless conversation for Ryuuen.

"How credible is this information?".
"I don't know. I'd say it's 50-50".
I have to take into consideration the possibility that Sakayanagi may simply be bluffing.

If I'm reading this from the standpoint of her personality, nine times out of ten she'll follow through with it though.
"If this is reliable information, then it can be said to be a good chance. But, I thought you Class D guys have a non-aggression pact with Class B. It's good and all to strike at Class A but while you do that, Class B will be crushed. Ichinose cannot possibly beat Sakayanagi, you know".
"I don't care about who wins and who loses. I don't plan on getting involved".
"So you're just going to let her fall without helping?".

"If she destroys Ichinose for me, it saves me the trouble. Class D may be able to rise up to Class A without effort. And besides, if it's Sakayanagi, she may be able to expel some of them. It's about time I learned what sort of penalties will occur if an expulsion were to happen".
"There's a lot I don't like about this. You don't have any ambition to aim for the upper classes. Aren't you acting under the mentality of not wanting to stand out?".
"That is true. However, there's no inconvenience for me if my surroundings were to act on their own. If we can automatically rise up to Class A, I don't think that's a bad deal".
By surroundings, of course I mean Class A and Class B. And also Ryuuen.

"So you'll just be observing without doing anything?".
"There's a problem I need to clean up. There's still a troublesome existence left in our class".
That existence is a person Ryuuen knows very well. There's no need to even think about it, the name of that person came out of his mouth.
"Kikyo, huh? Certainly, for you, she's a troublesome one. The way this school is set up, if you have an enemy on the inside, there will be a fair amount of limitations you'll face".



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To deal with the protuberance in front of my eyes. Those were my honest thoughts.

There's no longer any need at this point to pay heed to rising up to Class A as well as expulsions occurring within the class but the problem is that, in Kushida's case, the one she's targeting is Horikita.
As for me, since I did something reckless during that rooftop incident, I can no longer make an enemy out of the former student council president Horikita Manabu. As long as he's still enrolled in this school, if his sister Horikita Suzune were to be expelled, that man probably won't forgive me.
In my school life, I'd like to avoid lighting up yellow signal lights.

"A few days ago, Kikyo called me, you know? She asked me when I'd attack. Unfortunately, at the time I was engrossed in my hunt for you and I didn't respond to her but ever since she lost during the test, she's been vigilantly watching out for an opportunity and she doesn't seem like she's given up desiring Suzune's expulsion. Kuku, she's quite an interesting woman".
"If you had used Kushida, you could have dealt a damaging blow to our class, right?".
"If I had wanted to attack Suzune or the class, there was no better material to use. But to crush someone like you who's indifferent about your class, Kikyo is far too weak".
Certainly, if it was an attack against me, then Kushida is greatly insufficient.

"What're you intending on doing? Even if you can temporarily suppress it through the use of medicines, as long as the cancer isn't ablated, it won't be entirely gone. Not even that, it may even metastasize to the other organs, you know?".
Eventually, those organs will decay and die.
"I've already reached that conclusion. There's no need for discussion".
"Hmm? Then let me hear it, Ayanokouji. How exactly are you going to completely suppress Kikyo?".
"Do I need to answer that?".



"Whether this turns out the way you want or not, depends on that answer".
As though he were enjoying himself, Ryuuen laughed slightly. But perhaps the pain in his mouth is still present, as his smile instantly disappeared.
It's gotten slightly colder. In this season, staying out too long and getting your body chilled is not a good thing.
"Class D, starting from the 3rd semester, will rise up to Class C. However, in all likelihood, we'll be dropping back down to Class D. Why? Because---I am going to get Kushida Kikyo expelled".

"Kukuku. Kuhahaha!".
Ignoring the pain, Ryuuen roared in laughter.
"You truly are a terrifying man. So you're willing to lose a battle in order to win the war. This school is chock-full of useless small fries you can't even get rid of under this troublesome school system. Yet even knowing that, you're going to get her expelled, huh?".
Of course, things aren't that simple. As long as I don't possess the materials required to expel her at present, it will end up having an influence on the contents of the next exam. The presence of a worrisome existence is also a fact.

"Alright. This is more like it, Ayanokouji".
"Are you convinced now? There are things we can cooperate on without having to join hands. Don't you think so?".
"Kuku. You've entertained me with your anti-Kikyo talk. But, me going along with your cajolery and thoughtlessly attacking Class A is a different story".
"I do think it's possible though".
"Don't even bother. Rather than go at it with someone else, I'd rather go for you".
It seems some vigor has returned to the eyes he's staring at me with.

Even after learning fear, there was still a glint in Ryuuen's eyes. Our eyes met.
"Ayanokouji, it seems like you're intent on manipulating me even if it requires force, but I have no intention of fighting".
"So it seems".


Pointing out Kei shitposters isn't shitposting. Try again.

It appears he's firmed his resolve. Ryuuen seems intent on completely disappearing from the front stage. Or perhaps he'll continue making moves behind the scenes.
"Ryuuen, let me give you one advice. Your plan of adhering to private points is not a bad one. However, it is also a fact that it is flawed. Even if one or two people can win out, to raise the whole class up through it is impossible".
"That Ibuki, she spilled the beans huh?".

"It's not like she spilled it. She just asked me if it was possible to save up 800 million".
It's not hard to imagine that it was a strategy that Ryuuen was attempting to carry out. And the fact that this strategy has no chance of succeeding is something the history of the school lays out.
To save up an estimated amount of 800 million private points is very unrealistic. I had thought Ryuuen was attempting to execute a strategy of saving up points either for himself only or for those close to him as well. He only let go of those private points on the rooftop because he had been intent on dropping out, and once he had chosen to remain enrolled, I had expected him to begin acting again to save up private points.

However, judging from Ibuki's state, it appears Ryuuen had been saving up private points as part of a strategy to allow his entire class to win out. Certainly, by existing as a tyrant, there is a need to provide appropriate compensation in return, but at the end of the day, he could have made such a thing null and void. Because such a clear promise to do so, should not have remained behind as a record in the first place.
"Or could it be that you were only pretending to be saving up 800 million?".
If he's been deceiving even Ibuki, then this conversation will end with this.


Starting meta shit for no reason other than wanting to antagonize Keifags is shitposting.