Murata is streaming

Next chapter is 58 pages.


Screenshot for reference.

>that block

Garou is fucking badass

Yeah this is a really cool looking panel.

Is there a way to send a pet iguana to murateR?

Insane reaction time.

I guess this is the moment when Garou kicks the shit out of him.

More monsters confirmed.

Murata is a fucking god, that panel looks so good.

Like I expected, jellyfish is joining. ONE didn't give him hatred against Garou for nothing.

Maybe he got a more impressive form? Because he looks really pathetic compared to Senior.

Was Tareo caught?

Garou's angered expression seems to imply so

Someone fucking Stop Murata. He's Mad man....

Now he's gonna kill.

Kill yourself.

The fight is quite long.

So that's page 54.

Garou does that charged kick against Ripper and Bug God on page 38 or 39.

Wait, is it?

Well fuck, then we can forget about the idea of getting the full fight and limiter dialogue in a chapter. Even 58 pages isn't enough?

Caught up with original comic, feels so good. Better than Murata's fillers.
Can't wait when Garou breaks his limiter.


This is the one time I'll agree that Murata shouldn't stretch out the fight.

Murata turned on the audio. Calling Garou kakkoi again.

>I'll make a man out of you.mp3

Do you guys think I can fly to Japan and ask Murata to keep me there while he draws? I promise I won't disturb him, except maybe for a couple requests such as tattooing a naked fubuki on my chest.

Such a strict dad.

This stance is something new.


And Murata turned off the stream.

Can it be?!


Will he use 'THAT' technique?


That's just another strength of the king stance, it has zero openings but it looks like there's loads of openings, but each one is a pit for an attacker to fall in.
King is thinking 3 moves ahead in his stance alone

>King is able to copy techniques without even being there to witness them
>Garou has to actually be there and fight them to copy them
King >>>>>>> Garou

>58 pages in 5 days
>have to work on BttF as well
>not to mention he's 2 volumes behind in bonus artwork

he's not making it

King must've seen that move in some fighting game. Lel.

he probably already worked on BttF this week, hence why he made no progress between Sunday and Friday.

Can Murata complete 58 pages until Friday? Or will the chapter be released next week?

That's something I'm wondering about. I don't know if I failed to read meticulously, but it seemed like Garou never got a chance to see the combo attack in this version of the story. He wasn't there when they used it against Elder.

Step 1: go to japan.
Step 2: Buy iguana.
Step 3: Shove Iguana through murateR's letter box.

That was a different attack. Garou was double teamed / combo'd by Bang and Bomb like in the comic.

He's literally going to combine their martial arts into one.

So basically, he's going to invent Cross Fang Dragon Slayer Fist himself.


Tareo runs away, but I assume he will get caught by the PhoenixMan squad.

>It's a Garou fighting chapter

I think it's just jellyfish who is there. Bug God and Ripper were already asked to follow, jellyfish sneakily went as well because he probably wanted to kill Garou himself for the punch.

Rhino and someone else might be there as well. There were monsters interested in "eating" Garou at the HQ.

RR and BG might also be forced to summon backup or they came along and captured Tareo. Limiter narration was rearranged judging from the storyboards that Murata showed on stream. The lines explaining what the limiter is (Garou killed Senior on that page originally) are merely the beginning of the fight and Garou fucking electro-kicks RR and BG when Genus talks about breaking the limiter with sheer willpower.

Is Garou the cutest autist ever?

I'm so glad ONE didn't give him a loli as the cliche edgelord partner, the fact that he actually sees himself in the ugly kid and wants to help him for that reason is a refreshing take.
Ugly kid's older qt sister marrying Garou when

I think he’s just protective of (normal) kids in general.

>I'm so glad ONE didn't give him a loli as the cliche edgelord partner,

“I won’t forget what you did yo me””

Daaaamn ONE, foreshadow in chapter 57

Which is why people have been calling it ever since.

>Mureum if you want to split hairs
>Lucifer and her master from Beelzebub after everyone stopped reading it
>The entirety of Zeon at one point

Murata is treading on dangerous territory with all this martial arts hype, which is legitimately more entertaining than basically anything Saitama does.

>more entertaining than basically anything Saitama does
Actually Saitama does nothing.

Will murata be able to pull off the best moment in all the webmanga?

Oh shit, wrong pic

It'll look even cooler.

Based MuraCHAD

Also Accelerator

Also Guts

That happens in 2 chapters.

The chapter after next weeks(supposedly) is when we will finally see Hobo and Fuhrer Ugly appearing in the manga.

This ONEfag still lying.
ONE is a faggot and a shit writer, kiddo. Murata is a GOD.

Are you retarded?
First of all the combo wasn't even the one used in the webcomic against Rover.
Garou already seen the whirwind cutting fist and he already knows water smashing so he just have to combine the 2 on his own to use both. He doesn't need to see it getting used at the same time.

>ONE is a faggot and a shit writer
Absolutely right.

Is Goro the most irredeemable piece of shit character of all time? Even Ledouche was redeemed at the end of the season 2. This Goro is responsible for the deaths of millions of people in OPM world. I don't get how could anyone like this character.

I don't think dine&dashing causes millions of lives in damages.

Unbelieveable! We were all having a good time and then this guy comes in and makes a post like that!

>Putting multiple heroes out of commission while monsters are rampaging aren't putting the lives of normal people in danger.
Garyfag in a nutshell

Don’t reply to baiter fag with his retarded condition. Like, at all.

I think you forgot this

>shit writer
than why are you reading opm , it's still one's writing

Murata is streaming again.

because of good art and motion.
What story are you even talking about anyway? It's clear here that people don't even discuss the story because it's shit.

Badass page.

I think the tense vein indicates Garou is going to pop some blood vessels in his left eye as well. Both of his eyes will soon look devilish.

We don't discuss the story anymore because it was already discussed to hell and back years ago.

We all know what's going to happen you idiot. And the webcomic hasn't been updated in more than a year.

>Both of his eyes will soon look devilish.



What kind of conditioner does he use


This page looks fantastic.

>the perspective
>The detail
>The 3D
>The shading
>Garou's perfect physique
What a madman

I can't believe Yusuke Murata is fucking dead.

the blood of his adversaries

he shall be known as God from now on


God bless Murata



Entering the stance.

How can I do as thin lines? I'm always amazed how small some of these pages are considering how small details they have. Like how the fuck do you draw a face in 1 square centimeter area.

Has Murata worked on Volume 16 yet? The anime staff probably still need some extra work to prepare, given Murata said they may be cutting the tournament arc to two episodes.

You are most likely using pages half the size he does.

>Like how the fuck do you draw a face in 1 square centimeter area.
Convert time you've spent reading manga and watching anime into practicing drawing.

Oh, I always draw on A3. Wouldn't even dream of doing anything less than A4.

Murata said Garou is nice guy again. Our guy.

I think this is the "I don't like your attitude" panel. Seems like the middle finger got changed.

Happy Meal Time did its due, nice seeing his bloody eye is getting into character development since the hair are done since forever