Behead those who insult Violet

Behead those who insult Violet.

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What a forgettable character. Not even good enough to be a seasonal waifu.


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I'm sure it would be perfectly enjoyable series if it didn't look like a shitty instagram post.

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I'll be honest with you OP, violet's really grown on me.

the LN have plenty of porn material,but they toned it down in the anime baka...

I have determined this man to be the most optimal candidate to bear and raise my offspring with. Please say something nice about my chosen mate.

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>Behead those who insult Violet.
She usually does that herself in novels.

He is more autistic than Violet.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

A few minutes after the two entered the building, vicious gunshots and shrieks echoed like music pieces. Sounds of bursting flesh and breaking glass, cries of deathly agony. They were played in a timed harmony and went on repeatedly, until at last, the brutal pursue came to an end with a particularly lurid scream. The building that was the only source of light in the area eventually lost its gleam and its interior became completely quiet.

The world had finally regained its true form. It was a time of silence where living beings would fall into deep sleep.

“How dull.” Loading his pistol, which had gone out of bullets, Gilbert sighed and sat down on a sofa. The legs of the bodies lying on the floor were on his way, but he ignored them as there was nothing else he could do.

“Major, is something wrong? The mission has been cleared. There are no survivors.” Even in such a situation, the girl in question checked the corpses with a calm face.

Gilbert knew better than anyone that there was no need to accompany her.

“No.” As he let his gaze wander around the floor, the feet of a man he had killed came into view. Disturbed, he averted his eyes. “I am fine. You’re tired, right? Take a seat too.”

As he gestured to the sofa, she wavered slightly but obediently sat down. It was a strange scene – a man and a girl relaxingly taking their time in a room filled with dead bodies. The blissfully striking moonlight poured from the window and illuminated the two felons.

Enough with your sugar daddy fetish Baioretto-chan!

“Violet, there’s nothing you’re at fault for. It’s true. If there’s anything to be criticized, it’s the fact that you are by my side, killing people without hesitation for my sake. And the one to blame for all of this is me.”

Violet did not possess a sense of good and bad from the start. She did not ‘know’ what could be considered righteous or erroneous. She merely chased after the adult who gave her orders.

“Why is that? I am Major’s weapon. It is merely obvious that you would use me.”

It was because Violet’s words held no lies that each note of each one pierced Gilbert’s whole body. She was simply a tool for massacre, devoid of emotions.

“Anyhow… I’m the one to blame. I don’t want you to be doing this. Still, I make you do it.”

Regardless of how beautiful she was, regardless of how much the man by her side held her dear…

“To me, you are not a tool…”

…she was a doll devoid of feelings…

“Not a tool…”

…that wished only for orders.

At the unbecoming attitude of spitting on his shoes, Gilbert remained expressionless while muttering, “You should watch your language as well.”

With a quick action, he held down the gatekeeper’s rifle in one hand, simultaneously sinking a fist into the other’s stomach. He then pointed the rifle to the top of the groaning gatekeeper’s head, hitting him with it. It did not end there; the instant the latter fell onto his knees, Gilbert landed a kick on the side of his face with his military shoes. A large amount of blood and a crowned tooth spilled from the gatekeeper’s mouth. Gilbert glared coldly as he shouted in agony with yelps and grunts. His ruthlessness had increased from thrashing the man’s profile.

“Disappear. I will use a gun next time.”

The order was for them to murder all of those in the building. They were not inside of it yet. He had let the other live due to mercy. However, a few seconds after the man fled, the girl accurately shot his head with her gun as he ran away. The hand of the man that had been shot held a hidden revolver.

Gilbert briefly told those who were uninjured to “not overstep the boundaries” as an implicit form of scolding while giving them permission to go outside. In the end, the number of Special Force members that had remained in the dormitory was small. Violet’s slept in her room, which was the only private lodging instead of a shared one.

“Major. Major, you don’t have to.” As Gilbert headed for her room with a tray of dinner, one of the local division’s members nervously called out to him. “I will carry it.” the young man said while offering to take the tray, but Gilbert shook his head.

“It’s been said a few times before, but since some of our personnel wound up coming back as corpses, this is my job.”

“Eh, ‘corpses’…? Were… they killed by that woman? Is it… Violet?”

“That’s right. Well, when we asked about it, we were told it was because they were guilty of actions that would have unavoidably resulted in their deaths either way…” although his explanation was indistinct, anyone not disproportionately naïve could understand the implications in it.

“Is that why she’s getting a room for herself?”

This animu is too good.


She looked abysmal. Her white cheeks had scratches from the pieces of stained glass. Her battle clothes were torn apart. She was covered with the smell of smoke, wet with the blood of enemy soldiers, and her breathing was disturbed, as if her physical strength was at its limit.

“It’s just the two of us. We might be killed.”


Gilbert’s shoulders also heaved from fatigue. “But this is an order: no matter what, don’t die.”

“Yes, I will definitely live and protect you, Major.”

“Good girl.”

——You’ve really… become able to speak so well. You’ve grown up. You are… not an ‘asset’.

“But that’s my line.”

Ultimately, Violet wound up allowing a lone young soldier, who shouted as he rushed in, to deliver a blow. Her scream was not audible. His saber gnawed through the base of her other arm.

It was an enemy with no fighting skills. In normal conditions, he would probably be but a young boy who had no connection with warfare and did not need to wield a sword.

Dropping the weapon he had stabbed her with and standing up, the soldier yelled. He eyed her from a short distance, shrinking back upon realizing the one he was supposed to eliminate was a young girl.

“You can…” blood dripped from her lips, “kill me… so please… don’t kill… Major.” Violet begged for Gilbert’s life. The flabbergasted soldier was reflected in her beautiful blue eyes, but she could not see him properly due to blood and sweat trailing down from her head. She could not discern what expression he was making.

“I’m… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it… I…” the soldier’s voice cracked.

“Don’t… kill Major.”

“I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!”

“Plea… se.”

“That’s not it! This…! I didn’t mean it!” the soldier shrieked as he fled.

After the declaration, the only thing that could be heard were the cries of the one in the receiving end. “I do not understand… I do not understand…” she complained through her sobs, “I do not understand… I don’t understand love. I don’t understand… the things Major talks about. If this is how it is, for what reason have I been fighting? Why did you give me orders? I am… a tool. Nothing else. Your tool. I do not understand love… I just… want to save… you, Major. Please do not leave me on my own. Major, please do not leave me on my own. Please give me an order! Even if it costs my life… please order me to save you!”

The child that primarily could not listen to anything other than ‘kill’ was wailing for him to make her help him. In place of reaching his hand out to embrace her, Gilbert could only mutter one sentence as his consciousness faded, “I love you.”

He could hear noises of someone coming from downstairs, but was no longer even able to keep his eye open.

The records of the girl soldier named Violet ended there.

Truly 10/10, award-winning writing. Bravo.

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So what is Violet going to do about this guy? What is going to happen next episode?

She'll write him a letter, of course.

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