Dragon Ball Super

>Tragic backstory
>Life of redemption
>Anti evil-doer

Jiren is the most complex character in dragonball history. This includes his wicked design.
Also a El Hermano cameo next ep? That head shape tho.

He's basically batman

I hope he wins though, fuck goku

He's like Superman if Superman was an alien


>Cuckdroid 17 is dead
And he went out like a bitch as well, with everyone telling him he wasn't strong enough. Pathetic

>alternate universe dbs
>youve been following Jiren and his story for years now
>youve seen his buddys like toppo and dypso for years now
>they get eliminated by a bunch of geeks
>Jiren is left to fight alone vs thise 4 geeks in an unfair battle
>you realize Toriyama is gonna let those geeks win and all those years of supporting Jiren have been thrown down the shitter fir a shit show and arc
what do?

Why would they outright put in the title "vegeta falls" ?

is he basically a Z fighter without any companion, in a cruel and blood thirsty universe when even little ayylmao aren't safe? When Goku was touching Bulma's vagina Jiren was fighting for honour and vengence.

Jiren is so bad ass

>Gohan doesn't get killed
>Manages to eliminate the guy while being eliminated
>His kids are his own

Looks like CHADhan wins again. Also new bread found.

You're assuming a DBS from Jiren's perspective would be any better. It's still the same people and everything behind the project.

That was most retarded and cliched backstory ever. But low iq spics are jumping with joy like monkeys, kek

>But low iq burgers are jumping with joy like monkeys, kek

More like when Jiren was losing his friends Goku was busy rampaging as an ape

>The virgin watch your family die
>The chad kill your own grandpa

17 is fucking MVP of everything.

where are my VegeCHADS


>gets a single plotdump as backstory

> 19:46
You're from asia, right?

Fucking toei recycling scenes from the original pride troopers series and putting a filter over it for jiren's flashbacks

but what if the evil doer was actually Goku Black?
doesn't this make Jiren exponentially more bad ass?
>le gay ass ozaru

Character Development Vegeta receives in DBS;
>cares even more for his family and puts them first
>looks after Bulma while shes pregnant instead of training, sacrifices his personal time to make her happy and safe
>is more dedicated than ever to uphold his honor, word and promises
>is aiming to receive the most powerful wish balls in existence so that he won't break his promise
>is going to use the wish balls to resurrect the people killed in this tournament; another selfless act and shows just how much Vegeta cares for others

Character Development Goku receives in DBS;
>IQ has lowered by 30 points
>is apparently so retarded that even the main cast don't know what has happened to his intelligence
>laughs after Universe 3 is erased in front of him
>doesn't know the birthdays of his own sons
>has outright admitted he has never kissed his wife (what the fuck?)
>wants to use the wish balls to fight big strong guys or resurrect a genocidal space emperor

Why is Vegeta not the main character yet? He's the most popular character in Japan now too and that's a literal fact.

>succesful career as a scholar
>has kids that are actually his
>wife is the daughter of the most known man in the world
>got knocked out by taking his enemy down with him
>got his cock sucked by the entire team for doing so well

KEKdroid 17
>works alone in some shit island taking care of animals
>takes care of another man's kid
>wife is some literally who
>killed himself
>not even Beerus praised his sacrifice

Looks like CHADhan wins again baby

Goku is the Jiren of U7 but he still trusts people

>Anti evil-doer

CHADhan is next in line bitch.

>the bruise so swollen it blocks his eye
does anyone else thinks this looks hilarious?
Vegeta looks like he's in the final round against Ippo and about to get hit with the ultra reality warping dempsy roll

Vegeta was really good since his conception but the amount of amazing character development and best boy-ness on Super is the only good thing that has happened through the run of this show.
Toriyama or Toei or someone went full senile with Goku. He was much more mature than what people give him credit for in DBZ and even DBGT.

Goku's personality in Super is closer to the manga. Blame Funimation for making Goku smarter in Z.


>does anyone else thinks this looks hilarious?
it always looks awful

So this evil-doer is stronger than Jiren right now?

>This includes his wicked design
Jiren probably has the worst design in the series. The art style doesn't really help the fact.

Definitely, he's just turned into a x10 happy go lucky idiot in Super.

pic very related.

is there any other episodes in all of Dragon Ball that they've ever done this? I lost my shit when I saw it

they look like some kind of nigger gang

Come on, Vegetabros and Gohanbros should be friends. Our characters actually care for one another.

This is bad! The opponent can still see out of his other eye! This is the worst possible matchup for the kid!

Wow, Jiren's backstory turned out to be fitting to Jiren's design.


ok let's speculate on this
the evil doer is
A. Goku Black
B. A demon from U11 demon world
C. Jiren's Father
D. Belmond

He was always a happy-go-lucky idiot.


this is at least a gag character so it ain't so bad

Its fucking Belmond disguised

True Vegeta is part of the CHADforce.

Cuckarot is the true enemy.

>he wuz alwuyz dum

God this show is boring

>El Hermano was real all along
What the fuck?!

Oh fuck I hope it's Belmod

Frieza wasn't protected and nobody gave a fuck that he didn't show up on the bleachers. Jiren's gonna lose because everyone realizes the stupid space lizard is double dead.

Don't worry, Vegeta is going to survive this! He will save Bulma and Cabba!

not all the time, Goku used to get serious when it was appropiate. Not even talking about the american dub because I didn't watch that thing
When he arrived to Namek he was actually trying to protect everyone. When the Saiyans arrived he rushed to his friends. He was looser with the safety of everyone later on but even then he was trying to take responsability over his own selfish decisions and was aware of himself being selfish

>buu fixes the retarded stamina issues in this tourny because he can heal goku and vegeta
>buu is already quite powerful so he most likely wouldn't have any power scaling issues
>buu has an interesting moveset so his fights will be more entertaining than ki blast spamming and atatatata
>buu can sharingan other people's abilities, could lead to some fun encounters
>buu could have some emotional scenes over food, Satan, his dog etc

>instead we get OHOHOHOHO who literally achieves nothing
>has not one single interesting fight
>jobs 4 times in 4 fucking episodes
>is going to amount to nothing in the overall story

Frieza being added to the tournament was a fucking mistake.


I think it's because most of the super-arcs portray meme threats, unlike Z where every villain wanted to destroy the earth. He was more serious against Beerus and Zamasu, and the writers never tried to hide that the tournament of power would end with everyone getting ressed anyway. But i do miss the "let me handle it" goku moments like when he tells Gohan to fuck off to earth in namek, considering how weak SSJ Blue is in the anime, he kind of lost that leading man role.

>speculating on dragon ball super
I think we're all getting ahead of ourselves
1. doesn't matter + never revealed
2. will get mentioned as generic badguy that Jiren later pounded and forgot

^those options are more in line with super

>literally achieves nothing
>is clearly going to be the one that wins the tournament for universe 7

god fucking damn I really wanted to see skinny buu fuck shit up

>tfw you hate this show but every now and then they have a really hype moment that makes you come back every week trying to regain that rush of adrenaline and excitement
last time I got it was when Goku fired that Kamehameha to Kefla's face

So because Vegeta is stronger than Goku right now do you think that he’s gonna be the next GoD of U7

No one cares about your falseflag you fucking retard.

>vegeta black will never be a thing

>Frieza still fighting and still not eliminated

fucking based

I wonder if they are unable to write a story that writes around "dude, use Buu to heal you or get you out of this situation".

Yeah that moment was so exciting! Man, I REALLY THOUGHT GOKU WAS GONNA LOSE THAT FIGHT! There was so much tension it definitely felt like Goku was so close to being eliminated! That was an epic fight because he did a big blue kamehameha and it was WOOOOSSHHH and wow that was so amazing, ive never seen a kamehameha dat cool before

>Vegeta against impossible odds in DBZ
>proceeds to job, cries like a bitch, KAKAROT SAVE THE DAY PLS
>Vegeta against impossible odds in DBS
>never gives up, finds the time to both train to the fullest and taking care of his family
>literally the only character who has rekt a GoD on screen

Super has many retarded flaws, but their handling of vegeta isn't one of them.

probably we will know more in the movie

He's been beaten by all three of the antagonists.
He's pathetic

If anything, Frieza's been degraded to nothing more than a plot gimmick

>Almost indestructible
>can heal
Face it, he was too OP for ToP.

I hate everything about Jiren besides his design desu.

I kinda like the simplicity of it, he's just a buff as fuck ay lmao alien. It does it what it needs to, which is to make him look bland and intimidating.

CHADforce assemble.


>more evil Vegeta's

you know, what's more upsetting about this show is that they plant the seeds for some cool shit and then they never deliver
>"this is shin golden freeza"
doesn't even matter, he does nothing special
>here's Gohan dealing with emotional issues of beating a man who fights for his family like himself
doesn't matter either
>here's El Grande Padre and he's apparently very strong
show ends in 5 episodes, it's going to be nothing
>here's Jiren, he fights for justice
story so generic even naruto fans blushed

>almost lost to majin vegeta explosion
>kid buu was annihilated by an earth powered spirit bomb
Jiren could probably 1 shot punch Buu. GoD Toppo would fuck him up to. As would Kefla. And Hit. And Dyspo. And probably even Golden Frieza.
He isn't that fucking strong, we've seen him get dominated by Kid Buu before, he can't do much if the other opponent is way stronger than him.

No one cares about Gohan user.

That "plot gimmick" is going to win the tournament.

If he comes back, he'll end up with a saiyan girl we haven't seen yet.

Frieza is just a sperg who exists for comedic relief.

>Vegeta blanco is closer to canon than Gohan blanco

pedros can't get a win

calm down Jorge

I care, GODhan always wins baby

>I kinda like the simplicity of it, he's just a buff as fuck ay lmao alien. It does it what it needs to, which is to make him look bland and intimidating.
So you like Anilaza too then?

If you had watched the dub, you would've known that Funimation took a lot liberties with Goku's character. They made him a lot smarter and heroic than he was in the Japanese version.

For example: Goku made Krillin spare Vegeta because he wanted to fight him again, and admitted it was selfish of him. Funimation made it about Goku wanting to redeem Vegeta and how if Krillin killed him he would be just like him.

>implying he’s not going to be with Kale

Will his character arc be incomplete/ruined if he gets eliminated next week? Will his wish still come true? Why is he getting left in the dust once again when he's the most popular character in Japan?

It's Raditz Black

Why is Vegeta such an asshole? It's getting really annoying at this point how he can't have any decency towards his teammates.

>17 saves his dumbass after he charges Jiren and gets btfo
>Stupid android! I didn't need that!

Go fuck yourself, Jobgeta. Can't wait for him to get btfo next week. All this "character development" and he's still acting the same as he did back on Namek.

yeah but we are not talking about that so I don't get why you bring it up

Nah he’s had plently of development desu

Frieza was already a mistake in the movie, because it gave way to retarded things like 17 going toe to toe with Blue Goku. I mean if frieza who wasn't even SSJ tier could become stronger than SSB without KK, it gives way to characters that were much stronger than frieza to suddenly become op, even if they were meme threats in their arcs. The fact that they used it instead of Buu makes them even more retarded, as at least it would make sense for Buu to have limitless potential considering he was kind of the original god of destruction.

Nah, three some with Caulifla and Kale.

Only the worst shitposters in these threads care about Gohan, you literally can't refute this.

if it was goku black, jiren would've killed him on the spot.

he was still a kid

>17 currently trending on twitter
>Even normies know who the true best boy of this arc is
Feels good lads

Daily reminder this episode proved that 17 is at least SSB tier.

Jiren doesn't kill

>i didnt need ur help
Do you know what a personality front is? Do you actually have a brain?

>all this vegeta talk from the haters

Living in your heads, rent free.