Yoshi is live. Spoilers for 109 galore.

It's 110 actually.

Right. My bad.

It's fine, yoshi fucked up and he just corrected it.

Flute can (probably) be fixed too. Rejoice!

Looks like needle got a hug for fixing Kiriha.

I'm a fucking retard.

Sketchy Kiriha a cute.

Who's going to fix flute ;_;

Madarai is done.

I hope she gets dicked later as a reward.

I can't be the only one who absolutely isn't happy with "how" this was done or

Almost everyone is mad or sad about this but

Im sure Kazuya carried fixed Kiriha as a good luck token to the battle and the curse rage-mode did something.

I can't wait for her to get revived, then dropped immediately because Kazuya feels like keeping her around is cheating on Kiriha.

I wish Kiriha had stayed dead.

Really, the mistake was killing her off in the first place. It only got made worse by trying to force a mediocre girl into relevancy and having a tournament arc. Now the manga can be good again, even if the justification is kinda hackneyed.

>Kazuya must kill his Mom and Azami
>Kokuri dead
>Kiriha dead
>Kyouka (flute) dead
>somehow Kiriha has revived due to needle tsugu and curse powers
>some people are mad about this
Go read Berserk, holy shit.


>after the combat and resurrection both are exhausted
>Oriobana ask if he can put energy directly inside them

I was wondering how Kazuya will handle killing his partner with his own hands but then Kiriha just appears out of nowhere. Really anticlimatic.
But it's Kiriha, so I can't be too mad. Also why the fuck does everyone have their names start with K? Kazuya, Kiriha, Kyouka, Kukuri, Kokuyou, Kanaka, Kasumi, Kazuaki

I don't like how it all went down, but I'm glad she's back
people aren't complaining about Kazuya not suffering more, if anything they are complaining about the execution

I think the execution is fine. Maybe we're losing impact due to reading ahead with spoilers.
With no spoilers I would have thought
>oh no muh boi Kazuya
>poor flute
>shit, this is gonna go south
>get rekd dude
>Flute can be saved too
>Kazuya finally finds some reward after all these chaos


How to make god tier manga by Yoshikadu:
-Doodle the outer lines.
-Draw the rest of the fucking spread.

I didn't expect the resurrection to happen mid match.

This. Mostly of manga readers are gonna react like that.
Streaming was a mistake.

> mid

Not mid. She ends it.

>Streaming was a mistake
Not really, you're not being forced to watch it and the author can do whatever he wants anyway.

That still counts as in the middle of a match. I didn't expect her to be revived while fighting Madarai.

I think I would be ok with Obi coming back if she forgot everything and Kazuya went full Punished Snake killing flute and then essentially "raping" Kiriha in a rage using her for revenge thinking she would be ok with it, until realizing how fucked she got after beating wiskers fuck. Idk I just feel as though there needs to be consequences for Kazes actions.

How do you imagine it? He just toughens up, kills Madarai on his own and then, what, after the match Kiriha just shows up and, like, hi, I'm alive again. Would be kind of anti-climatic don't you think? The way it is now is pretty cliche but at least it has some drama.

What was the last episode we got a live translation? I think I missed one or two.

You aren't, I am absolutely disappointed with how this is going. I wanted to believe the author had moved past the weak writing from the first volumes but it seems like it's still that bad.
I don't even want to follow up.

It was proven that ascension(evil) wasn't enough, beating him with normal ascension would be way too boring. I hope for a threesome ascension Kiriha-flute-Kazuya and become 10th sigil or something like that.

Thay way they will have something to work on and improve the next years until is time to fight mom

I don’t want kazuya to kill azami.

This is just a reality check.
We wanted to believe that Yoshikazu was some kind of exception and that his story telling was going new and refreshing places but the reality is that he is as bland and predictable as every other mangaka out there. The true is that Tsugumomo only has the art going for it and I guess that's ok.
RIP excitment

Anyone that thought Kiriha wouldn't come back was only delusioning himself

It wasn't on whether it was gonna come back or not but when and how

Well, yoshi needed a pinch to bring her back, this is his chance or else we'd need another arc to just to revive her.

why not a whole new arc for it? What's the rush?

You really should've seen it coming when he kept carrying her remains with him. I thought she was going to get ressed with the magic stones kanaka has, possibly with kukuri and not just with a fucking needle.

Maybe he feels it's been too long? It's been 3 years since she died.

i remember it being said that tsugumomo could be willed back to life and shit, kinda like the beginning of the manga. or maybe im just fucking wrong.

>you're not being forced
God you really have autism dont you?

You're the one complaining about the stream, not me.

>What's the rush?
She died around chapter 70, and we are on 110. the main heroine has been dead for almost 33% of the story.

I would be fine if she never returned, if she had to remain dead, thats ok. But if she had to return, it was about fucking time, it something it took too long for her to come back.

Yeah amazing isn't it? Every tsugumomo can be resurrected after death now, as in death stops existing. As in nothing has suspense any more, its just a manga about a teen guy beating the shit out of everything because thats his birth right.

>death stops existing.
Except for normal people and Gods. How soon we forget.

>I wanted to believe the author had moved past the weak writing from the first volumes
The writing has always been the worst part of the manga. People like to pretend it got better, but it was always shit.

Reviving Kiriha now seems like a desperate attempt to save this awful arc. I wouldn't be surprised if sales have seen a significant decrease since the tournament started.

She'll be revived too. If she was going to stay dead they wouldn't have left her body frozen in time.

That looks traced.

It may be a lot of time in the real world but it hasn't been that long in the manga
Hell, what character development has occured since their deaths? besides the manning up, nothing
I am not saying she should have stayed dead, but holy shit do a revival better. This is just so fucking boring.

>This is just so fucking boring.
This is a pretty good description of the whole manga. If the art wasn't as good as it is hardly anyone would be reading it.

You guys are unusually bitter today.

Saltiness of those who made wrong predictions and now feel foolish.

Too much faith placed in the author, we forgot this is manga

I knew Kiriha wasn't going to stay dead, but the way she is being brought back is retarded.

Its insane how Yoshi streams spoilers from chapters so far into the future, its just horrible. Why does he do this? Does he just not care about fans and considers this series some deadweight he just has to live with?

that's way too edgy, bit an amnesic kiriha arc with basically the reverse situation that at the beginning of the manga and with flute having to deal with her feelings about it would have been much much better

This faggot again.
You know that nobody forces you to watch the stream or read these threads.

As if this doesn't apply to anything made by humans

>nobody forces
Go take your meds you autist.

>Does he just not care about fans
Correct. Nobody cares about you.

Have you considered he might be streaming exactly for his fans who want to know what happens next even a bit sooner?

Well he clearly doesn't consider the story to be worth a damn to anyone. The tournament arc went on for 1.5 years and ends with the lamest resurrection imaginable, just throw it in the trash.

Maybe Yoshi should just cancel tsugumomo now that everything is just meaningless nonsense and start stream himself drawing porn pinups or possibly playing video games.

He could do that kizuna ai thing where he can pretend to be a little girl with a voice changing software and facerig.

>baww something isn't exactly right to my liking, make it like I wan't it!
You sure sound like spoiled entitled fuck

You could drop the series and stay away from the threads. Problem solved.

If you're that salty, why even bother staying here where you're clearly unwelcome? Just fuck off.

Now that children who are unable to discuss ideas have made their contribution adults are free to take their turn.

why are you so goddamn mad? just stay out of the threads you retard, holy shit

Have you paid at least a single yen for his work?

Oh you mean buying a crunchyroll subscription? Isn't that the only way the series is monetized in the west?

Creators don't get shit from licensed stuff.

Or buy nipponese copies from Kinokuniya.

106 TL when?

Usually takes a few days after raws are posted.

I think people are overreacting a bit about Kiriha's return, this much was practically expected when it was revealed he had Tsugumomo making powers.

I don't think most people are mad that she's back. They're mad about how she came back.

Don't see how else they could have done it. The god shards wouldn't work since then he'd have to face his mother without Kiriha, and that was not gonna happen.

>don't see how else they could have done it.
With some creativity or proper pacing
It hasn't even been a year in the manga since she is dead and the only development that Kazuya got was how to improve his molesting abilities
Her death was shocking and nobody actually expect it, to give it closure by resurrecting her in the middle of the fucking tournament just as he loses another friend is god awful, more so since it suggests that he can just resurrect the other friend.
It's like that other user said, if Kiriha can't die, then nobody else can. They will bullshit something in. Sure as hell Tsumogo can't die now.

>It's like that other user said, if Kiriha can't die, then nobody else can
Well yeah, and of course Kiriha can't die, especially at this point in the story. Welcome to fiction.

>It's like that other user said, if Kiriha can't die, then nobody else can
Only retards thought Kiriha would stay dead.

Finished 110 first page.

Its acceptable if it takes a lot of effort and great pain to resurrect her, what did it cost to ress kiriha? Nothing as far as I can tell. It was just free of charge and out of nowhere.

I would have preferred an arc dedicated to reviving her, but don't expect reviving anyone to be hard. He still has to revive Kukiri and the mom.

At the very least, since it's proven Kiriha specifically can be revived, Kazuya won't have to feel as much guilt for needing to "kill" Azami as a way to defeat his mom.

And the slave faction also doesn't need to feel bad about killing or enslaving tsugumomos. They can just be put back together and the tools are like brand new.
Isn't it nice how nothing matters.

>Step 1: Draw some circles
>Step 2: Draw the rest of the fucking obi

in a way that doesn't come as a massive asspull that goes out of its way to basically stomp flute's development and training. why even bother developing flute really? she's a third wheel now



It just keeps happening, eh?

>if Kiriha can't die, then nobody else can
They better. Can't lewd the dead.

I mean, I already expect this on shonen - there are no stories in shonen that do not have one asspull per arc (at the very list). this is marked as seinen. can the japs simply not be good writers AND be successful?

You really need to go to writer & illustrator pairs for a good story in a manga. Humans achieve greatness by specializing after all.
If someone is a good writer they're more likely to make a LN than a manga. Anime adaptations based on LN's tend to be better as well. Just last year we had konosuba, monogatari, youjo senki, then theres overlord and SSY.

Good stories in manga tend to correlate bad art, like Gatsu no lion and Houseki no kuni because the author spent less time drawing in their lives.
Point is if a manga with a single author has good art thats surely going to mean the story is going to be awful.

>in a way that doesn't come as a massive asspull
But it was set up since the start of the academy arc.

>You really need to go to writer & illustrator pairs for a good story in a manga.
There are plenty pair who fuck up even worse than single authors. Just look at Ohba and Obata.
>Anime adaptations based on LN's tend to be better as well.
What are you talking about, you can count good ln-based anime with the fingers of oine hand. Is this bait?
>Good stories in manga tend to correlate bad art, like Gatsu no lion and Houseki no kuni because the author spent less time drawing in their lives.
Oh, this is bait. Sorry, didn't notice it it from the start.

What about bersek?

miura wrote himself into a corner decades ago so we get 6 chapters a year where nothing is happening plotwise.
Also his style of really intricate art isn't that impressive to me, there needs to be a balance of clarity and story relevance and information content which is absent from a lot of miuras work. Its just intricate without telling the reader anything.
Why do you even reply? eh