And go

And go.

Evangelion, Madoka, Utena.



No anime exists you retard.

Everything popular


Anime in general.

Darker Than Black season 2
00 movie

So people can stop thinking of anime as anything other than pure entertainment

Evangelion so Anno could be buried finally.

Anything E7-related except original TV.


Chuunibyou after season 1.

Every single one where they sexualize children

anything that sexualizes children under the age of 18
anything that sexualizes children under the age of 14 needs to not only disappear but the animators producers and directors and anyone responsible for it's creation need to also disappear forever


>Bakemonogatari ceases to exist
Sasuga user

Dragon Ball Super



did the bad man touch you in the no no place brah


Angel Beats
Eromanga Sensei
Every generic harem ever
Every battle harem ever


Fucking a person above the age of 16 is legal in most countries.


I thought the more vapid isekai wouldn't defile anime and the only ones that are adapted are the "good enough" ones

Every single one where they fail to sexualize children.

Kill yourself, american prude. I really mean it.

oh god this

franchise is dead, quit trying to resurrect it


An anime adaption of Dungeon Meshi

Children are inherently sexual beings, user.

none, i require bad anime to exist so that i can look down on people who like them.

spot the child sex offenders, you people don't deserve to live on this planet


Every anime where teenagers, instead of being horny and cock/pussy hungry, shown as extremely shy and embarrassed of anything that touches sexual themes.

ecchi/lolicon should both be removed as a genre
also, japan should keep western viewers in mind more

all yuri/yaoi and anything yuri/yaoi-bait

One Piece, simply because it's popular.


the industry wouldn't survive

All of Keyshit

One Piece because it's the only thing holding up Jump and I want Jump to die.

If you don't want to fuck 15yo girl, you have sexual disorder and need to seek the doctor help and that's a medical fact.

If you guys didn't clench up so tight whenever i slip it in I would have stopped fucking you up the arse years ago

It is your reaction that makes me want to keep forcing myself up into you even though we both know it's 2deep4u

Stop being such a little tease
This post is your fault for acting like you want me to force it into you

Just imagine having a mind so dirty and spoiled that you refuse to believe there are still sane people who don't want to sexualize everything they see.

That one show that we keep pretending to not exist.

I enjoyed it back then, but I played/read the doujin VN afterwards, and realized what had gone wrong.
Fuck JCStaff. And it's also a shame what has become of TM/Nasu.


>all these westerners crying over underage girls in anime when the biggest waifu war of all time is between two 14 year olds

>That one show that we keep pretending to not exist.

Cat-eared Imako?

Did you get lost on your way to reddit?

>not knowing where the name Evangelion actually comes from

I'll give you a hint:
Radio Eva and Evangelion radio are very different things

Every single anime where they sexualize women.

Naruto & Dragon Ball

fujo pls

Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball


Fate shit
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Yuuki Yuuna

One Piece
Dragon Ball

Animes with cringeworthy MCs like Lelouch and Light yagami.

>Oh look I am such a super genius , take a look at my ridiculously convoluted plan that is as retarded as it is convoluted.

Dragon Ball
Darling in the Franxx

Every single anime where they sexualize octopuses.

Wonderful, now I know what shows I will watch in the near future. Thanks everyone.

What did Dragonball do mate? At least super I can understand.


Dragon Ball
Code Geass

If I had to name one positive character trait of fujos, it's that they wouldn't say garbage like that.
They do the same shit with men the other way round all the fucking time, so they cannot complain.

>muh reddit
Retard Sup Forums was never about degenerate shit newfags like you are trying to turn it into
Now fuck off to retard

fuck off to reddit

I swear man nu-Sup Forums is pissing me off



Detective Conan

kemono ponies


They are also capable of a lot of fucked up, inhumane shit. If it's in their nature it doesn't mean it should be incouraged.

look at the newfag trying to /fit/ in.
>s-see guys I am telling them to go back to Sup Forums
>am I cool yet

Implying it isn't the americans that get triggered by naked skin

But violence is a-ok

Berserk. The new ones. Movies were fine but after those...

My Reddit Academia
Kemono Friends

Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball Super

The world would be so much better if anime just didn't exist at all

I'm sure we would find some other depraved activity to waste our youth instead

Any of Minami-Ke beyond season 1

Literally none.

All anime.
I want to be a normalfag so bad.

Boku no Pico.

Every WSJ adaptation.

You know you fapped to it, at least a few seconds.

Just stop watching this trash. It will never bring you true happiness. It only turns you into a socially unacceptable person.

You can be a normalfag and watch anime. It's rare but it can happen. So rare, that I've never seen anyone pull it off but I heard about someone who did.

>I wonder who could be behind this post
>Check Sup Forums
>Half the threads are e-celebs and the board is filled with utter normalfaggotry
At the times like this, i wish furries were still on Sup Forums plaguing the site.

Early /m/ shows, and to extent sentai.

I would if I could.
It's true that it doesn't bring me true happiness, but nothing else gives me even that fake temporary happiness I get from anime.

westerners should kill themselves and fuck off from japan forever

unironically this


I'd erase Himegoto, but it's probably just a childish pet peeve of mine. Erasing Madoka sounds like it'd bring a more significant change.


Yuri on Ice

It really marked an influx of terrible person into "anime fandom".

What is wrong with Madoka ? Someone explain