Made in Abyss

I love this show's visuals and worldbuilding - but, does it ever get any less pedo?

It gets worse the deeper you go. The latest chapters in particular are nothing but fetishes.


You need to go back, normalfag.

>on a blue board


Good job, OP.

Fuck off, newfag.

That would instantly destroy the whole point of the show. It would just be another boring adventure manga.
Also, I want to put it in my girlfriend, Riko-chan.

Shut up Natt

nah, i love it

Can we stop posting threads with that bait in the OP?

Are you the abyss? Riko only cares about the abyss.


she's the best girl in the hole

>hand not fucked up



Maruruk~! Don't forget to come to my room after the supper for delving lessons~

>complaining about this on any board

You have to go

This is pure gold.

(gone sexual)

Been catching up, decided to do some fan art of best girl. No real context to it.


It can't get less pedo if it's never pedo in the first place.

why are real life lolis so disgusting by comparison? They're never thicc.

climbing the stairs GONE SEXUAL IN THE HOOD

>does it ever get any less pedo?

omg did you just...

can't you just...ugh

it's a CULTURAL thing user !

>real life loli
Lolis are only 2D.

>blue board
Anime-related things are allowed to be posted.

It's only as pedo as you make it, if you see topless Riko and pop a stiffy that's an issue on your end.

ch45 never ever

damn tsukushi and his damn excuses

I thought the same thing, after reading the manga I changed my mind. The studio did a good job keeping it tasteful considering the source material.

It does cut out the element of Riko caring about Natt seeing her naked, but doesn't care about Reg doing the same thing, but that never added much to the story anyways.

I'm in China right now. They have this stuff. Should I order it?
50 Yuan is about $8-9.


Forgot picture.

I didn't know boys could look like THAT

Sodesu, watashi wa Fluffzen.

I was right when I said Tsukushi would issue an apologize saying the chapter would be late.


Are you sure they're real and not fake? If they're real, but a couple and I'll buy one for you and pay shipping.

Because the real thing costs $80 instead of $8.

why is she crying?


Why the compression artifacts? Is that supposed to part of the joke or what?

It's all bootleg

5 minutes

>the child nudity is what makes MiA unique and enjoyable


why do you think

sadly, no

>Child nipple makes it pedoshit
If seeing a childs nipple was all it took to become a pedo, every decent father on the planet would be a pedophile.

Thus far none of the nudity has been sexualized by anyone but the pedos themselves. If you want to bash pedoshit go shitpost in PMMM threads.

She's not enjoying herself? But then why are her nipples erect?

Most likely, since it's not even out yet.

That z-axis is going the wrong way according to the right-hand-rule

The z axis just has to be perpendicular to the xy plane

it will get more pedo

It must be the cross product of the i and j unit vectors scrub. That picture has it backwards.


I will NOT marry riko under ANY circumstances!

>he doesn't want to be probed

thank god

Only 8 more days, bros!

why would I wait 8 days to be disappointed when I can just look in the mirror right now?

Why would you be disappointed at the new chapter? It'll probably be great.

8 too many

Please, Mitty. Don't kill yourself.

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I hope not

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Why do crossboarders come here and think it's okay to post Reddit frogs?


I will gladly go on my last dive to marry Riko!

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I like to imagine Marulk is canonically pudgy, and that Ozen teases him for being spoiled and pokes his chubby belly.


I'm not the one crying about images being posted on an image board

It's just a mouth user why are you so lewd?

Frogposting has never been welcome on this board newshit-kun.

>"loli spilling noises"

Oh my, did they decline your janitor application?


What makes you think it'll be out in 8 days and not 18? Or 28?

Because I predicted Tsukushi would make an announcement saying it won't be the 10th.

Amongst other predictions.

That's on that maymay faggot scanlator, not MiA

predict what happens next chapter if you're so great!

Maa-san almost dies
Mud girl gets a hair cut and new clothes
Faputa gets angry
Riko gets into trouble

>>"loli spilling noises"

is it really a prediction if you just watched the stream?

It's a prophecy.

It is known.

Do you think Nanachi tried to make better food with EVERY ingredient available anons?

What does Mitty taste like?


What's the cutest made in abyss image?

Anything with Reg, of course.


Well excuse me motherfucker

This one

Or this one

Do any of you know about the net terminal genes?

Go to seventh level than turn right at the flesh vagania.