ITT: We trivialize a character's struggle with muh

ITT: We trivialize a character's struggle with muh
>muh waifu


>muh humanity
>muh emotions

Muh suffering

>muh lady

>muh shitty thread
>muh I'm a faggot

Muh future kingdom

>muh edge
>muh board culture

>muh friends
>muh arm

>Muh nickname

>muh brother's debt

>trivializing OP's struggle
How could you

>muh no gf

>muh democratic principles

>muh waifu

I almost forgot about that shitty show.

Fuck you.

>Muh club

You pos


>muh nichijou

>muh friend

>muh waifu
>muh brothers
>muh waifu again
>muh adopted daughters sister

>muh godhood


>muh boo fucking hoo my dad never loved me

>muh head

>muh dream

>muh doka

>muh tits

>muh emilia

>muh waifu

Muh senpai

>Muh Darling

>muh humanity
>muh concept of love


>muh gambling

...actually, that's not even trivializing it. It's literally ALL she fucking cares about.

>Muh nice girls


>muh muh



>muh penis

muh fish

Good one

That is not trivializing, that's her entire character

>muh cuckoldy

>muh doka
>my way of senshado

>muh dick

>muh britain

>Are you muh muhster

>muh britain

Isn't she more of a
>muh organization

she always goes on about queen and country though. she makes it very clear she is subservient to the queen

>muh freedom

>muh ash

You know that you have failed to understand one of the most well known characters of one of the most well know anime series of all time right?

Shinji wants self justification, (or if you prefer a way to justify himself, )not his father's approval.
Gendo's approval was just a way for Shinji to justify his sense of self.
This was kind of explicitly stated more than a few times

If you're going to use a Shinji image in this thread it should be accompanied with
>"muh existentialism"

But I guess that's a little 2deep4u

Be glad that you chose a male character otherwise I wouldn't have been as nice as i was to a subhuman retard like yourself

>anything evangelion

>muh humor (female VA)


>muh humor (male VA)

gonna make this a new copypasta if it already isn't one

>muh ika-san

>muh city

>muh Amazing Grace


His problems really are petty.

This is a good thread

>muh legs

>muh Hikki

How sweet the sound

muh bag

>muh gambling addiction

>muh patricide
>muh collective martyrdom

OPM is a comedy/parody, so one should not expect deep problems to begin with. That being said, his problems are bigger than you think. There are many philosophers who have discussed the importance of challenges and conflict. A life without them will mean that you cant enjoy life as the feeling of actually acomplishing feats through effort is non existent.

>muh head

too soon

muh penguin-san

Goddamn you Evafags are always the ones ruining the fun and can't handle your shitty show made fun of.
Have a fucking laugh for once.
Then neck yourself.

This should be the new Linux logo.

>how to ruin fun: the post

>muh griffith


Does this remind you of anything


Someone edit this and replace all the roses with crumpled used tissues.

>muh autism

actually, that summarizes most of the characters



>muh bullying

Wait no it's

>Muh strong opponents

Fuck. You got me.

>muh revenge for my dad

>muh Sonic

>muh quve

>muh ria

>muh symbol of peace


From left to right
>muh pacifism
>muh digimon
>muh dad

>muh eternal struggle against backgrounds

>muh right hand

>muh guts
>muh castle