Tatsuki just confirmed Kemurikusa anime is coming
Everyone rejoice!

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Has anyone seen the talkshow?
What did they discussed?

I hope it's not as boring as the original, it's easily my least favorite Tatsuki work.

>those proportions

I hope this means he's not reusing the Kemono Friends character models again like he's been doing in his Twitter shorts.

Well, there goes the sales of that season.

Looks cool from that pic

Everyone's rejoicing on the comments

Who the hell cares? Where is my KF S2?

It's kill user

The original short was not into my liking because it was just so generic.
But whatever.
People would buy his stuff no matter how awful anyway.

Though I am hoping that he won't break everyones trust and still care about the quality

He needs a longer project to really dazzle the way Kemono Friends did. But I agree it remains to be seen whether KemoFure was lightning in a bottle or not.

Seriously hope it's not 100% super serious all the time like the short was, Tatsuki has a nice sense of humor and without it shit would feel bland.

>not Kemono Friends
Thank god.

Everyone on Sup Forums is having doubts because of the new genre
Meanwhile, everyone on nipland is celebrating just to see him again

I quite liked the original short but some people expecting Kemono Friends 2 might be be disappointed when it comes out.

The hero worship of Tatsuki is stronger in Japan.

dat ass though

Yeah, I'm sure that a lot of people would be missing out the old comfy style and feel alienated by the shift in genre
Like how when Trigger went from Sup Forums style to generic anime in that haremshit few years back.

Either way, people would buy Tatsuki out of pure obligation and to spite Kadokawa.

I'm still hoping that he is just buying time to construct a better story for a Keifuku anime though. That shit has a lot of comfy and supernatural charm

Next date to mark in your calender 24th March AnimeJapan. Kemurikusa event.

It's an anime adaptation of this

Presumably with an actual budget and whatnot.

It looks cool. I think it'll be good. It also looks like it has a bit of comedy worked in in the form of a comic relief character.

I'm hoping someone will sub it now we have an official TV anime announcement.

I wish to see more Hentatsu girls

I doubt they will be in anything other than shorts if anything again.

irodori on stage.

Thats the entire studio, isn't it?

yes, that's Irodori.

I think left to right its Fukuhara, Tatsuki, Yoshihisa Isa and Yuko Shiromizu.

What did they discussed?
Any spoiler on the new anime?

Don't they have like 10 animators?

>Yoshihisa Isa and Yuko Shiromizu.
I feel obligated to know who they are and what they do on the studio

Isa is the animation director for Kemono Friends, he quit the games industry to come work professionally with Tatsuki on Kemono Friends, previously worked at Intelligent Systems, met Tatsuki at university.

Yuko Shiromizu is a background artist, she was art director on Kemono Friends, looking at her credits she has previously worked at pretty well respected background art studios like Bamboo and Ogura Kobo.

Neat. Hope to see more of them

Some other pictures from the event.

Think this is the character from デスメタルさやかと仏滅 not sure though.




Didn't know there was a gril in irodori

>Don't they have like 10 animators?
10 animators are Yaoyorozu, Irodori is just Tatsuki and his friends.

I doubt they employ 10 animators all the time. Probably just freelancers for the show as and when they need them.

Good to know that Tats is still an ass man. Looking forward to what will come out of this, hopefully it will turn out well due to more than just his popularity.

Back on trending.

I was honestly praying not to have this confirmed because I found the original video quite disapointing due to the poor writing.
Now that it's here, I just cannot get hyped because of the blatant change of direction from the comfy Kemono Friends and sureal Keifuku into a dystopian action series..which is obviously far from their studio's strong point. Like, come on, these guys could barely animate the KF OP and they expect to deliver fighting scenes?
I cannot help but imagine the result becoming akin to Berserk-tier of animation

I would watch it but I am still keeping my hopes low.
Fite me

You know Japanese?

is that really surprising?

KemoFure had action scenes though.

No not really I just want more information about the show. If you do know then can you tell us the characters names and give some more information about the setting and all of that then?

I'm a different user, but I'd like to know this too.

Why is everyone so hesitant about this?
I'm excited!

I'm really hoping someone with the capability will be interested enough to subtitle it now the announcement is official.

Because Keifuku was shit

Because there is a male character or because they wanted Kemono Friends 2 probably.

The original is not that good but it was 6 years since then and tats learned a lot so I imagine it would be better.

Because it is just so different and homesick.
Even if it turns out to be bad, I am still going to stick around because the threads consists of actual mature people

I liked it, and so did a lot of the old KF fans.
Again I think a whole lot of us have moved passed that already. People who still want KF 2 have accepted that that won't come with Tatsuki.

I can't moon. Which is of this is the Tatsuki one?

I don't mean Kemono Friends Season 2 literally.

I mean an anime that is going to be like Kemono Friends.


ur shit

I can't speak for everyone but I was expecting his next big project to not be like KF, so I wasn't disappointed.
But, the best parts of KF weren't any one thing, remember. It was tons of little subtle things that I'm sure he'll incorporate into this well despite the genre.
Plus it's way too early to tell anything.

Report from the second show, appears like it says they said they have something else other than Kemurikusa they aren't announcing yet?

Please be Keifuku
Please be Keifuku
I fell in love with that girl and her world already

Anyone else hoping to hear Sandcat compose the OP for this anime?

Yes. But don't create false expectations for yourself already, user.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was, after the recent success of the DVD sales people are probably competing to fund a TV show.

So what is this? Should I care? The visual looks nice so I'm interested

Kemono Friends director's new anime
Yes you should care because it is a guaranteed best seller.
No you are not interested at all because it is
a cheap 3D anime

Next TV anime by the director of Kemono Friends.

If you liked Kemono Friends you should care.
Same director.

Thanks, hivemind.

I'm with you, it looks fun, and even if the action animations are shit the landscapes will be good.

no thnx

Ok, bye user!

forgot pic

>People who still want KF 2 have accepted that that won't come with Tatsuki.
It will be made by Polygon Pictures :^)

It does not matter who makes it.
If it is not Tatsuki, then the fans would never support it

I can't figure out:
is that thing a finger pointing at the sky, or a person with a really big ahoge?

Watch the vid provided on this thread

It's her hair, look at the OP image.

Is Tatsuki straight?

He's animesexual

Just that pose feels very Ikuhara.


That vid is so weird
What were this people smoking before KF?

Smoking memes and niconico culture.

Come on, there are people who pretend to like a shit game with nothing but the opening to it, I'm sure there won't be any lack of followers for this thing, especially when it from Tatsuki.

If Tatsuki was doing that on purpose that is super meta.

Thinking about it they probably just used his mannerisms as reference for her poses.

It's really far-fetched, the pose doesn't match and the pink girl is Fukuhara, not this guy.

Actually there is good reason to think its Isa not Fukuhara. His name on irodori is 平安. If you put 平安 and たつき together you can get hentatsu.

Pay attention to oni Kaban's horns. There are two numbers on them.

Indeed there are.

I think its more likely they copied Tatsuki's mannerism for her now if its not coincidental though.

Fukuhara doesn't wear glasses, does he?

Though it might not be settled until they both show up in cosplay.

Was there anymore info besides the announcement? Or are they going to tell more in March?

No he doesn't definitely think the pink haired one if supposed to be Isa now.

Fukuhara look like a chad and isn't a 4eyes nerd

Apparently they have something besides Kemurikusa that isn't being made public yet.

I wonder how a tiny studio can work on two things at once, considering KF took 500 days to make.

They probably aren't working on the other thing yet properly pre-production kind of stages. Like Kemono Friends they got involved with that project in 2014 the anime didn't come out until 2017. In that time they completed 2/3 other seasons of anime. Two Tesagure and one of Minarai Diva.


Do we even know that this is a Yaoyorozu thing and not irodori acting independently?