Has this surpassed K-On?

Has this surpassed K-On?

It hasn't even surpassed anne happy

Anything could surpass Anne Happy your bait isn't even funny.

no and it never will

Rin >> Azusa

How can it surpass the original when it can't even surpass the clone known as Sora Yori?

has it closed out 2 flawless seasons? get back to me after it has and then we can compare.

That's a mouth made for cocks right there.

Everything surpasses K-On.

no, buns.

In terms of what?

Moe anime has never and never will be good


Not even close.

Yuru Camping in Europe when?

K-On's didn't get good until the second season. Mugi practically didn't exist in the first one.

K-ON was only good in the first season because that's when it still felt like a Kirara manga adaptation. Season 2 we started "really feeling that writer change" and director too. That's when it went down the shitter and turned into generic Kyoani romcom #309 but without the romance.

It's too comfy to surpass K-On.
There won't be Tenshi ni Fureta yo moment in Yuru Camp to surpass K-On for me.

Mugi still didn't exist in the second season
>but m-muh half a episode shared with Ritsu

Camping is the thinking man's hobby.

It's not even the best CGDCT this season

LMAO, no.

Season 1 >>> season 2.
Fuck Azusa, and fuck Yamada.

>"really feeling that writer change" and director too.
Ishihara supervised season 1, but season 2 was all Yamada. She's an overrated tramp. Fuck her.

>fuck Yamada.
I wish

I want her.


She's ugly as fuck. What's wrong with you?

>hating on yamada
what happened to Sup Forums?


No. When people compare their seasonal SoL shows to Yuru camp instead of K-on! you can consider it to be surpassed but personally i don't see that happening. What makes K-on so memorable are the emotional parts at the end. Yuru camp isn't going for something like that so
It will probably be remembered as just a really strong SoL show instead of a timeless classic.

I haven't seen this and even I can say that it didn't.

Which Yamada are you?
Does she sound like Ai Nonaka?

This, dammit. S1 was so much livelier and didn't take itself so damn seriously.

>thinking S1 was better than S2 in any way, shape or form
What the fuck happened to Sup Forums?

This. The Light Eskimo Club is closer to K-On than Yuru Camp, although I like them both, in all honesty nothing compares to K-On though, which is a masterpiece

>b-but muh azushit hanging around with random girls and doing nothing the entire episode!!!

K-On fucking sucks.

I want the K-ONs to fucking suck me

Yes, but don't say it. We all like to have fun pretending it has some worth.

Both are shit

Antartica is just a regular melodrama that happens to star some cute girls, it's not a comfy moe slice of life CGDCT masterpiece like Yuru Camp.

at least K-On! got a s2

>fuck Yamada
>not Yoshida

>What the fuck happened to Sup Forums?
Are you confusing Sup Forums with Sakugabooru, by chance? K-On was all right, but it wasn't a religious experience.

You clearly haven't been on Sup Forums very long.

Why does it need to surpass something? why can't it be great by itself?

Yui got that gas the kikes race war now thing going on

I bought these headphones after watching K-On!.

Go back to your containment.

You made this thread again? Just how fucking mad can someone be at the fact that people like something they don't?

No, Yuru Camp is just your typical above average SOL than comes around every couple seasons, it's nothing special and will be completely forgotten within a year.

No, it's just new outdoors cgdctshit that Kememe faggots latched onto.

How could this ever happen bros, we rested on our own laurels and ended up being BTFOd by a mere clone

S1 was perfect. S2 dragged on for too much and started feeling like a chore after a while.

It's fucking shit so no.

K-on defined and perfected the cgdct subgenre. A mere copycat could never surpass it.

I like it better. K-On is really overrated.

Hidamari Sketch was first and it is also better.

Hey look, a thread for all the wannabe anime critics and reviewers. I hope you get many likes and subscriptions for your videos.



Well Yuru Camp is a camping show about cute girls camping.
K-on is a music show about cute girls eating.

It gets a few extra points for staying on topic.