Why does Sup Forums like her so much?

Why does Sup Forums like her so much?

Fat tiddies

She's alright, but she's not Yuki__.

But Sup Forums dislikes her.

i like meat but i was under the impression that majority Sup Forums disliked meat

We don’t

She has the meat

There are people who likes meat?

did something happen to make Sup Forums hate meat?

Alice is best Nakiri best girl best character

Nikumi is a good girl though

>sexy brown girl
>likes meat
>is super girly sometimes

10/10 body
short hair

How can other girls even compete?

I think most of us can agree she should win at the end.

I just like American flag bikinis.

Meat best girl for my dick.
Alice best girl for my heart.
Erina best girl for my fist.

so much truth in one post

Are you blind?

Secretly wanting to be gangbanged by 20 men at the very least

My nigga.

Cannibalism doujins when?

>bra is star spangled banner
>skirt isn’t
>no “don’t tread on me” flag

Fucking terrorists get out of my country

she's hot and wants to be fucked by the main character(who is the character the audience is most-likely to identify with)


I never thought meat was especially hated or loved on Sup Forums. There's a small number who dump on her, and a small number who love her, but there doesn't seem to be the same passionate hatred or following some other characters get

>delicious brown
>dem titties
>dat niku
>carries a knife on her leg
What's not to like? She's perfect as is!


Japanese popularity poll bandwagoning, and the fact she was expelled (which is also why they've turned on Alice)