Holy Grail War

How does this end?

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Who's the master who summons Artoria?

That´s a pretty interestin one, although i think Light+ Gil de Rais is the duo to beat here, but in the end Gilgamesh will take the Grail because you literally can´t beat him when you aren´t Shirou Archer

In a One-on-One tournament Lancer would surely win but that´s not how the HGW is actually about


Lelouch wins because he can asspull the hardest.

At full power Taku alone can solo everyone aside from maybe Gil

>Anybody defeating BASED JETS

Lmao they better hope Lelouch runs out of mana otherwise CHADCELOT will run rampant over those idiots.

Explain the ending of Fate/Zero then.


I mean Gilgamesh is the only winner of Zero since he got himself a real physical body as a servant, Saber jobbed as always, i dont really know what you are trying to point out to be honest

I think Lelouch is probably the dumbest of the bunch which is saying something but if he has geass he can win easily.

lelouch, kira and Takkun have actual superpowers, it's not really fair

Either give Akagi a different servant or give Diarmut a different master, their personalities clash so bad it makes it impossible for them to win. Akagi would want to have Diarmuid stab the competition in the ass when they're taking a shit but Diarmuid wouldn't hide in a toilet... but Cu would.

>literally can´t beat him when you aren´t Shirou Archer
Cu would rape Gil with literally no effort.

Well his skillset is still useless against Gil since Gil would just spamm ancient weapons to counter gaybolg, and as stated in a one-on-one tournament lancer would win easily thats right, but thats just not the case in this series

let's do it for the hell pf it
No problem with their personalities, Takkun may try to do some perverted stuff, but he is a coward at heart. Saber never betrayed anyone in her life. If takkun can't control his powers, they are going he is the first to die

Low chance of betrayal since he may actually come to respect Yuji, but he would need to work his ass to keep him alive since he is probably the third weakest and least smart of the bunch

0 chance of betrayal, low survival rate for Akagi. Mr Deer is not really a good servant and would lose to anyone but Caster and 100faces. While Akagi is probably the smartest and the luckiest, he is second weakest character

Sorandloli- DUDE
A bit problematic relationship, because they would probably try to manipulate Iscandar to follow their weird plans, while he wants a more direct approach to the battlefield. While they are pretty smart in their world, having 0 powers or physical skill and going against people that are smarter than them will be their downfall, even if Alex doesn't' fuck them over somehow

Terrible matchup, huge chance of backstabbing from both of them. Light hates Caster more than anything on earth, even if he is a psychopathic killer himself, he would try to get caster killed just to teach him a lesson and trying to get a new servant. The only hope he has is DN the shit out of everyone else

Lelouch has a weak body to begin with, lancelot will probably drive him to his limits. The only way he has to win is Geass and using Lancelot+ command spell in 1-2 battles

While Johan may be Hitler reincarnated or whatever, he was never really presented in Monster like a great strategist or something like that. We were told to by anyone else, but I really can't remember he doing jack shit to prove it, other than cosplaying as his sister. Also 0 magic, but may come back when you least aspect him


Holy grail war is the gamble. Akagi wins.

At the end of the day, they're not much use save for particular situations.

> Deer not really a good servant
lol what

>he is probably the third weakest and least smart of the bunch
>least smart

If you didn´t notice in terms of pure strenght lancer is easily number 2 if it wasn´t for berserkers hella retarded physical strenght

Shiki killed all the servants while doing night patrol.

Assuming the deathnote works on servants either caster, berzerker or assassin win

assuming it doesn't its going to be much closer and quite likely going to be Lancelot who gets it

general compatabilities




berzerker>saber/ Berzerker = archer (comes down to set up/field of battle)

archer > rider/caster/saber/assassin(IE)

stats mean jackshit

vs saber
vs Gil
gate of dead
vs Iskander
killed by chariot, not even need IonianRM
vs Lancelot
weapon stolen and killed

and if we count Cthulu too he is the second weakest
you are right, I was forgetting Takkun was here
second dumbest (more like because anyone is literally a genius in their canon, but it's the same here)

hes painfully mediocre at best- specializing in 1v1's and lacking the kind of monstrous power/NP's the other contestants in the war have

the only servant weaker than him in raw power is assassin (if caster summons Cthulhu its at least a mutual kill in casters favor) and since he lacks the kind of bullshit he needs to compensate for it hes rather fucked

Is the other way around, user, Cu is immune to projectiles, it doesn't matter if they're ancient weapons made of god's poop or a rusty knife so Gil's one trick is useless, also he's a human so the chains of bullshit aren't specially good against him supossing Gil could even catch him. Also Gay Bulge is faster than time so he would do Gil before he can finish summoning Ea.

Archer is a faggot, Lancer is the real counter to Gil.

>also he's a human
he has divinity B- same rank as Gilgamesh- hes the demigod son of the sun god

admittedly PFA renders him good against Gil, but canonically he loses that fight (he has no answer to Ea/Enkidu), albeit after a 12 hour fight

Who is 2nd top?
I can't tell without the clothing or environment. Face and hair too generic.

Johan win. EZ AF

If even Kirei won it all starting with Assassin then you know who will win.

Fuck off.

Can death note kill servants? Light would win. Just hole up in casters NP, which requires the other servants to use their NP to defeat, at which point Light just death notes them
Since there's no red man, GG

the issue is things like magic resistance (saber/Gilgamesh) and the MAD nature of the greater cool

>Light uses Death note
>MR lol
>Shinigami gets teared a new one by every Servant

>Geass gets used
>Mana and circuits lol
>It does fucking nothing

Saber should win here by default if she has Avalon, otherwise Gil takes it

>Saber over Gil


Takumi from chaos head

why should i read it when they clearly invest much more time,money and passion into their animated series bruh?

>MR lol
If Death Note works like MEoDP, MR won't do shit

Akagi is the smartest and have biggest balls, so he win.

Fuck off secondary
Cu canonically got beaten by Gil in one route

but do they? im not exactly in the know about DK but dont the shinigami spirits kill the person?

>half-assing one of the most important scenes in the story
>skipping half the fucking plot
yeah sure is a lot of passion

Only he's allowed to win any tournament in anime and manga history otherwise sales might drop.

i mean if i would´ve just said that they invest like a crazy huge amount of money in just animation, that still would be enough to be said. I mean it certainely has something to do with passion since like max. 5% of all anime ever created, looked that visually pleasing, you don´t invest that much money without fully dedicating yourself to a franchise like that

He didn't even win the first tournament he was in you idiotic spic.

What, I'm sorry I can't hear you
Did you say 'Yes let's have Goku win all the tournaments'? Glad you're on board.

If Gilles can use his crystal ball to find out the other masters' names and faces, the game's as good as won.

Also if Lelouch geass'd Lancelot to not die, how hard can Lancelot asspull to survive like Suzaku?

Archer, rider, caster and berserker have more oportunitys to win, i think it depend in the matchup

the crystal ball doesent give names, it just shows images

Wrong, Light and Gilles will never get along; Light will just kill him.


No, they just die in whatever way you want written in the book. Heart Attack if you don't specify but you can easily suicide them.

Geass would probably also work on everyone with maybe the exception of Gilgamesh.

>While Johan may be Hitler reincarnated or whatever, he was never really presented in Monster like a great strategist or something like that
You must be joking, it's not because you don't hear what is on Johan's mind that his strategies aren't shown. Literally every arc explains what Johan's master plans are. Not to mention we saw him talking a guy into comitting suicide

You could have picked anyone on this list and you chose the worst

Young Akagi literally can't lose, but then again he probably wouldn't be much interested in the grail war and drop out early to play the games he likes.
The same goes for the two poorly written fags from NGNL.

>, they just die in whatever way you want written in the book
but why is what im asking, what is the effect the book has that does the killing

MEoDP severs the persons life strings and induces death through that, Gae Bolg/Zabanya have a magical curse involved- what does the book do?

>sora it's at the lowest tier because plothax somehow shiro is at SSSSSS despite being the exact same shit

You are an idiot.

But it doesnt. MEoDP is tied to omnipotence dear secondary, Death note does shit against master or servant.

>Geass would probably also work on everyone with maybe the exception of Gilgamesh.
Read the fucking VNs holy shit.